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Friday, June 10, 2005

and while im at it...

I don’t know where the initial reviews for episode three came from but it is just as much the big steaming turd that the first two were. Me thinks their might need to be an investigation into ol George Lucas and the Star Wars Machine's connection to payola. Lucas did make two monumental steps toward making a better movie but came up way short on creating anything that half way resembles the significance of the original trilogy. Step one: Lucas left out child actors. Nothing was more irritating than sitting through Jake Loyd as young anakin miracously piloting a flyer and then leveling a whole planet of droids by aimlessly pushing button on the dash while spinning in circles. This is only exceeded in irritation, by an adolescent Bubba Fett in episode 2 cheering on his father with wails of "get em dad". Step two: Lucas left out jar jar binks. Without getting into specifics/spoilers (for those of you still wanting to see this flick), this movie is still chalked full of the computer animated characters that are hard to watch. These characters range from cute and obnoxious to completely out of place and obnoxious. And it seems in Lucas’s mind more light sabers equals more awesome. There was a time when evil had dignity. Vader could cause asphyxiation from across the room without so much as lifting a black gloved finger. He never had to belittle himself to a light saber duel complete with triple black flips to defeat a pair of infantryman without enough credibility to find in the credits.

I was doing some thinking as to what makes the originals so great and this is what I came up with: In the original trilogy the protagonist doesn’t get the girl. His best friend does. In fact he learns that not only is the girl way out of his league but he never really had a chance with her anyway. And for even thinking that the two of them could be an item he should feel dirty and ashamed. Now that’s a story line I can identify with.

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