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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Heres the post youve been waiting for; the super indie in the know post. Thunderbirds are Now! one of the biggest up and comers in the scene have agreed to a Lincoln show after much persuassion and convincing by close sources to yours truly. The show in question is to be played at the 9th st Basement Sunday June 26. The Basement, a hangout that was reserved for 50cent after parties and the like, has recently been bringing in smaller acts to compete with the likes of knickerbockers and duffy's. Coincedentally The Thunderbirds are Pitchfork's poster child and are highlighted in this week's weekly feature. The band was last through the area in early april and played an amazingly energetic in your face show at O'leavers. Curious? Links to media and after show thoughts here.

this info is so fresh it hasnt even made the band site yet.

EDIT: Thunderbirds will be in Omaha the next evening at Sokol for those of you unable to make the trip to Lincoln.

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