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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Thanks for Having Me

I just wanted to start off by posting a big thank you to you kids here at Heavy Soul for having me as a guest blogger. I hope to be the voice of indie rock and keep you kids in the know with all the happenings happening just under the radar and keep updated on record releases, area shows, and other indie related what not. ive always wanted to be a blogger and now thanks to your generosity my dream is to be a reality. bear with me as i learn the ins and outs of blogger.


that being said heres my pop culture link for the day. from the people who brought "you're the man now dog" to the internets comes vader on wheel of fortune

Not more indie rock! I say we let Marvin and the MIB just duke it out over indie rock rights and call it a night. Just joking. Good to have you aboard Marvin, but don't you dare talk shit about the Faint or Neva Dinova.
For everyone that is wondering, "hey, who's this Marvin cat?", it is a friend of mine and a couple of others on the blog. Marvin is a man of many hats, but I happen to work with him at a local watering hole in Lincoln.
And wow, that Vader thing is hilarious.
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