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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Thunderbirds are Good Houseguests

Sunday eve we traveled to the 9th st Basement to meet up with our favorite up and comers the Thunderbirds are Now! After sharing a cig and some small talk about fellow Detroit music it was decided that Tan! would stay at my brothers place where conveniently we had had a sortof employee party earlier in the day and so had a case of blue uv and bacardi O, 6 stocked coolers of bud, old e 40's, red bull and 180. After a short stop at the bricktop we gathered the troops and made the trek to Benny's where we drank like rock stars til the sun came up. Im sure that everyone in attendance had a great time and even Maggie made a mix song using the bands garage band software. Hats off to Howard and his horse shoe abilities. The band let themselves out the next day actually folding the bedspreads and what not. Now! thats chivalrous. Thanks for throwing us on the list in Omaha. We ll see you in Chicago at Intonation.

still havent heard em yet check em at myspace here

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