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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Future Leader of Husker Nation?

Shawn Watson recently accepted an offer to become tight-ends coach for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Some may see this hire simply as a nice addition to a staff that is clearly on the rise. Or is this hire part of a bigger, more complicated plan?

Here is the thing you must ask yourself about Watson: why would a former Big XII offensive coordinator and former Division 1AA head coach take a position as a tight-ends coach? Maybe he just needed a job and didn't have any other offers. Oh wait, he had an offer to be the offensive coordinator at San Diego State. Sure, it wasn't a glamour position, but it was more prestigious than tight-ends coach (even if it is at a school like Nebraska.) Maybe he is just a guy that is past his prime, who is content to take a lesser role for a few years before retiring. Wrong again. Watson is a young guy who is highly thought of by virtually everyone who he has come in contact with. So I ask again, why take this job? The answer? Maybe, just maybe, Callahan has already whispered his exit strategy into his ear.

Realistically, Watson isn't going to be promoted since Norvell is firmly entrenched as the offensive coordinator (which Callahan reiterated just a few days ago). So that begs the question, why are you working for less money, under a "lesser" title? The answer may be because he has reason to believe there is a great chance to take over the whole program some day. When I hear things in local papers which proclaim that Callahan is Watson's "mentor", it gets my attention. Just think about this: Callahan wins a Big XII title (in the next three years), returns the program to respectability, and exits (for the NFL) by giving the program a new, young, head coach that can lead the program for the next 10-15 years. Callahan leaves smelling like a rose and Watson gets his head coaching job. Or in other words, 1+1=2.

Granted, very little of this argument is based on actual fact. However, the argument is centered around one central premise: being head coach of "Husker Nation" is not Callahan's dream job. Rather, it was a job opportunity for a man who had very few to choose from. This job is merely a huge step in restoring his image as a man that is capable of leading an NFL team. Although I have criticized Callahan heavily from time to time, I do feel that the program is making progress. I hope he sticks around and wins multiple national titles here. The only problem is, I know better. Even coming off a mediocre year by Nebraska standards, his stock is already beginning to rise. The fact is, it's only a matter of time before he gets back to where he wanted to be all along- The National Football League.

It's an interesting theory but I think it's pretty far fetched and maybe we are reading into this a little to much.
NU TE's coach vs. OC at San Diego St....I think you'd struggle to find to many coaches who would agree with you that going to San Diego St. is the better job there, i have no proof as to what he was offered there but my guess is that the NU offer was still a higher paying offer. Watson just had a ton of connections (Callahan, Coz, Gilmore who he coached with the year before, big xii recruiting, etc.) to leave for a program that nobody gives a damn about.
by the way...who is D2?
David Duval. . . so Seger, I think.
i'm an idiot...welcome Seger to the wonderful world of blogging.
Ol' D-squared may be on to something. But, lest we forget that young Mr. Watson would not be here if not for the departure of Scott Downing.
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