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Monday, January 31, 2005

Baird Has Why Can't I

At what point is it OK for me to give up on the Royals. The Brilliant Allen Baird is stating again for the second straight year that he is working on cutting the team salary by 10 million. Why would a GM ever want to cut payroll by a quarter to a team that lost 100+ games. This youth movement excuse that I have been promoting for the past 3 years is wearing thin, who the hell are these guys, and why is it once the new talent starts to shine, KC is more than willing to dump them for a Jake Buck, or Juan Gone. And now we have Sweeney starting to cry. . .note to Sweeney don't bitch about playing on a losing team where it is questionable if you are even on the team (125 games over three years) It is almost February and the Royals are already out of the horrible AL Central Race, and since the loss of Randa this offseason, I can only think of three reason to watch to 2005 campaign the first being Greinke, this kid will have more demons then John Daily by the end of the season, the triumphant return of Lima Time to the K, the last is a the guilty pleasure of watching Ken "Hollywood High" Harvey I love everything about the guy, from his TJ-esque back side to his over exaggerated swing. Yes 2005 is shaping up to be a bad season, but if you don't have your humor what do you have.

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