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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I love the Doc

So tonight Husker Hoops face North Texas (who is actually a pretty solid basketball team and already has some good wins) and Doc wants the Bob packed...check out these quotes.

"I need a lot of help from y'all," he said. "We've got to get people in this place Wednesday night. No question, this is the best team we've played this year."

Tonight's opponent is North Texas, not a name immediately associated with basketball prowess.

But the Mean Green, 14-14 last season, is off to a 5-1 start, including road victories over Charlotte and Rice and a home win over Tulsa.

"North Texas will be better than anybody who has come in here," Sadler said. "It will be a tough, tough ballgame. We'll have to by far play our best game to have a chance to win."

If that doesn't say "Suck It Creighton" with a backhanded slap to the face, i don't know what does. I love it.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

All aboard!

Everyone grab their tickets, because the train to Awesometown is about to leave the station. A group of heroes, super or otherwise, has joined to create not just an apparel company, but a way of life. But mostly an apparel company. From the creators of heavysoul.blogspot.com, comes hsapparel.com. Sure it's not a functional website yet, but aren't we all just works in progress? For those of you practiced in the art of digesting context, you've gathered that we will be selling apparel on hsapparel.com. And using your keen deductive reasoning skills, I'm sure you've put 73+73 together to deduce that we will be selling said apparel for profits. Profits that will fuel a lifestyle of activism and bipartisanship. And bar tabs. Mostly bar tabs. We've got some initial ideas, and they're not too shitty. Some have already been blessed with the debut joint, the Nebraska Nation t-shirt. In a vacuum free of bias, I can fairly say that it is the greatest single piece of clothing since the shroud of Turin. I've confirmed that with George W. Bush, who in turn had it confirmed with the big man upstairs during today's Cabinet meeting. Yeah, I was surprised, too. And speaking of the shroud of Turin, did you know that they charge, depending on the exchange rate, roughly twenty U.S. dollars just to see the thing. You don't get to wear it. Hell, you don't even get to touch it. The friendly folks at hsapparel.com will get you your very own Nebraska Nation t-shirt for 10 U.S. dollars, regardless of its relationship with the Yen, with which you can do what you please. Here are some suggestions: 1). Wear it. 2). Shred it and use it as dust rags. 3). Gift it in the hopes that someone will regift it to you later. 4). Use it for Lost watching parties or weekend slow-pitch softball tournaments. And the list could go on. My favorites is choice number one. I'll tell you what, you just check out the website on or around the second week in December and see for yourself.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Big Holiday Pickups

Houston picked up Carlos Lee and Woody Williams. I still don’t know what to think about the 6 year deal for Lee. I did read that he only has a no-trade clause for the first 4 years of the contract which is good cause I don’t think a man of his size will age that well. It is going to be fun to watch Berkman now that he has a legitimate bat behind him. Woody Williams is old and will need to stay healthy. He did have a good ERA last year though. What the Astros really need is for Pettitte and Clemens to not retire. If they come back there is no doubt in my mind the Astros win the central.

Another big pick up was done by yours truly. I managed to pick up a Nintendo Wii on the black market. It is freaking unbelievably fun. I’m not kidding, Emily has sent me two emails today talking about how much fun she thinks it is. The game comes with a demo disc that lets you play either golf, tennis, baseball, bowling, or boxing. I had more fun playing any one of those sports games than I have ever had playing a 360 game. In the baseball game you hold the controller like a bat and take a cut when you want your batter to swing. Say you have a swing similar to Gary Sheffield and shake the bat as the pitcher goes through his motion, your on screen player will be doing the same thing. And believe me, it is way more rewarding to hit a homerun by taking a hack rather than just pushing a button. In the tennis game, you hold the controller as if you are holding a racquet and when you do a forehand swing your character on the screen does a forehand, when you do a backhand your character does a backhand. In bowling you go through the same motion you would if you were bowling. So much that if you snap your wrist at you’re release point you will put spin on the ball. All the sports games on the demo disc are like this. In golf you hold the controller like a golf club and in boxing you literally are throwing jabs and hooks. Nintendo has hit a homerun with their motion censored controller and I don’t see how the X-box or Playstation will be able to compete. Slightly better graphics will be completely irrelevant if those other systems cannot find a way to match the Wii’s controller.

Monday, November 20, 2006

$136 Million!?!?!?!

I’m curious what all you Cub fans think about the recent signing of Alfonso Soriano. Excellent offensive player no doubt, but not the strongest defensive player. Is he really worth $136 million? That is $17 million each year for the next 8 years. When Soriano is 39 years old do you still think he is going to be worth 17 million? This is a guy who was barely an MVP candidate (he received only one vote and it was for third place) and the Cubs somehow thought that translated into $136 million. It’s mind boggling. The Astros reportedly were real close to signing Carlos Lee (a real similar player to Soriano) for almost half that amount about a week ago. I have a feeling they won’t be getting anywhere close to that 5 year $75 million deal they were offering now, thanks to Jim Hendry. Also, how does D-Lee feel about this? He is hands down a better player in every aspect of the game yet he isn’t even getting paid $10 million.

This signing seems really short sighted. The Cubs really need pitching but with all the money they have been throwing around building their offense, I don’t see how they can afford any top tier pitchers that might come available in the next 5 years. Do they have a bunch of young pitchers in the minors that they expect to make the leap? I have a feeling Soriano will be a great player for the next 2-3 years a good player for the following 2 years and then I really don’t know what you can expect from him after that. I highly doubt he will be deserving of $17 million in 5 to 6 years.

By the way, what happened to all the Cub fans? You sign 2 of the top 3 offensive players in this years FA market and don’t post one thing about it. When was the last time Mike told everyone how young Mark Prior is? I know the Cubs suck, but they have always sucked and that never kept you from posting about them before.

From Peter Gammons' ESPN bio...

"A gifted musician, Gammons' debut CD, "Never Slow Down, Never Grow Old" will be released July 4 on Rounder Records. With the assistance of a crack band of Boston rockers, Gammons trades in his typewriter for a Stratocaster and delivers a rousing set of vintage classics, originals, and rock obscurities -- all to benefit Theo and Paul Epstein's Foundation to be Named Later, a charity which raises funds and awareness for non-profit agencies serving disadvantaged youth in the Greater Boston area.
Gammons' vocals and guitar are featured, along with guests such as Theo Epstein, Juliana Hatfield, George Thorogood, Little Feat's Paul Barrere, Kay Hanley, and an all-star chorus consisting of Red Sox players Jonathan Papelbon, Kevin Youkilis, Trot Nixon, Lenny DiNardo and Tim Wakefield, former Red Sox pitcher Bronson Arroyo, and NESN broadcaster Don Orsillo. Get more information from Rounder Records. "

When the hell did this happen? How did I not know about it? WTF?!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hey Creighton....

Suck it!

NU: 73
(20) CU: 61

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Can anyone believe what O.J. Simpson is doing now? In case you missed it, he has written a book and is having a TV interview entitled "If I did it" In both, he talks hypothetically about how would have killed Nicole and Ron, if he had actually done it. Unbelievable. How can anyone think this is a good idea, and is not offensive.Talk about a huge middle finger to the families of the victims. It's not like they haven't gone through already. I understand that O.J. has a screw loose and is in need of money, but what I don't understand is how people are getting behind this thing. Fox news is airing the interview and a publisher called Regan Books is publishing the book. How do they sleep at night? I don't like Fox news to begin with, but this is just a disgusting display on their part.

Any thoughts?

Good News Kind of Day...

Along with the Ryan Adams announcement, I just saw that the Good Life is going to play a few December shows then head back into the studio in January.

Needless to say, I'm giddy about this one.

Our Boy

This website isn't working for me, but I did get this in my daily Rolling Stone e-mail today. This is going to be great.

RYAN ADAMS PULLS A ROBERT POLLARD, POSTS EIGHT NEW ALBUMSThe sickeningly prolific RYAN ADAMS is now streaming eight albums' worth of newmaterial over at his Web site, http://www.ryan-adams.com. Among the highlights:"This Is Shit," which features a punk slant and intros by Chuck Norris, and MCRyan Adams, a.k.a. DJ Reggie.

That was pathetic

Awesome Mike!
Lukewarm response from everyone else. So guess what? Blow me asshoels. I will bring a keg, a grill, two chairs, and hot dogs and brats.

We need the following:
1. Bottles of hard booze
2. More chairs
3. Keg cups
4. Ipods or CDs
5. Snack foods such as chips or pretzels
6. Hot dog buns
7. A football
8. Smiles
9. Another vehicle to park next to mine (thus more room)
10. A backup case of beer
11. Ice
12. Towels or napkins
13. Trash bags

that's all I can think of.
Come on people! help Pete throw a kick as Big 12 Tailgate party!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Big 12 Championship

Old school tailgate party. I'm talking a grill, kegs, the whole works down to KC. It's gonna be cold, the Huskers will be there, so will Heavy Soul Apparel "Nebraska Nation" t shirts.

Who's with me?

Monday, November 13, 2006

High School Hoops

Below is the text from an e-mail actually received from EZ-T this morning.

So today is the beginning of basketball season for us and we have 2-a-days all week…we go at 6:30 every morning and than again after school…Anyway the kids hate these because its just hell. Turns out this year we have a bunch of smoker, drinkers, and druggies on the team that we kinda hope quit…I am happy to report that this morning may have been a step in the right direction. The kids don’t even get to touch a basketball until wed because all they do is run and do defensive drills…I left at 7:30 this morning to come to work and by the time I left, 10 of the 35 little bastards that came out had already puked and from an email I just received 6 more puked before the end of practice and 2 have already quit….god I love this sh!t. thought you guys might enjoy that.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


...I will say that as far as Nebraska elections go, I am pretty pleased. 423 was defeated-I guess our great state does not want to be like Colorado at all (I am talking to you, TABOR). So was the effort to pass video keno (And no, keno, you are NOT community betterment). I am disappointed that the re-investment bill did not pass, but hey, who said that bills passed over one hundred years ago that are totally antiquated are a bad thing, right?


...I will say that as far as Nebraska elections go, I am pretty pleased. 423 was defeated-I guess our great state does not want to be like Colorado at all (I am talking to you, TABOR). So was the effort to pass video keno (And no, keno, you are NOT community betterment). I am disappointed that the re-investment bill did not pass, but hey, who said that bills passed over one hundred years ago that are totally antiquated are a bad thing, right?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Twas the night before Election Day...

...and I'm really looking forward to voting, monitoring things at work all day, getting off work, grabbing some 7 up to go with my bottle of VO, ordering one Vals' Special Pizza and hunkering down for some coverage on cnn and locally on Action Three news.

According to tonight's newscasts, the House is a question of by how much, and not if, the D's take control, while the Senate is about as close to a toss-up as possible. I'm trying not to get caught up in too much excitement at the prospect of the Democrats regaining some, if not all, legislative control as I know that the Democrats are usually all hype in recent times.

Regardless of what happens, it should be a special day and hopefully everyone gets out there. I'm legitimately excited. My endorsements:

Heineman for Governor, Nelson for Senate, Esch for Congress, Moul for Congress, Kleeb for Congress (a D 3rd district congressman? and it may actually happen? Fucking awesome!) No for 421 (Video Keno), No for 423, Kleine for County Attorney

Predictions: Dems take Congress by 6 seats, Senate is a dead-ass tie.

Go vote!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Nuts and Bolts

I just read an article on how it was a no-brainer to give Omar Vizquel the Gold Glove. What a bunch of BS. How can they say that? Adam Everett once again had an amazing season (defensively that is). The only stat Omar was better at was fielding percentage.

Omar’s fielding percentage: .993
Everett’s fielding percentage: .990

Are you kidding me? Due to Omar having a better fielding percentage by .003 he is the obvious Gold Glove? Is this the only stat that matters? How about the fact that Everett fielded almost a hundred more balls than Omar. How about the fact that Everett had the highest Zone rating by a national league SS in the past 6 years. (It could be longer but I couldn’t find Zone ratings of players before 2000. And if you don’t know what a zone rating is, it is the percentage of balls fielded by a player in his defensive zone.)

Other than fielding percentage, I couldn’t find one defensive stat that Omar was better at. Is fielding percentage the only thing they look at? What about double plays turned? Or a players range factor? Is Rob Neyer the only person who cares about theses stats? When two players have identical fielding percentages shouldn’t the voters be looking at some of these other stats?

I think Everett didn’t win the Gold Glove because he makes playing shortstop seem way too easy and Omar has a career filled with Gold Gloves. That being said, this obviously was not a “no-brainer” and I think Everett got screwed.

Friday, November 03, 2006

LJ Got Out of His Diapers and Into Herm's Wardrobe

I am assuming this is Larry Johnson's Halloween costume for this year. Either that or he is doing his best impression of Clinton Portis doing an impression of someone else. Then again, Portis created all of his characters. Whatever...just watch the clip.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

music note

I purchased the new Decemberists album "The Crane Wife" last week and it is really good. I know that not everyone likes them, so I am not suggesting everyone run out and get this album. But if you have a few extra dollars and want something different, you should give it a listen (actually two or three listens, it gets better the more you listen). To me the album was very diferent from their other releases. It is much more musical. The songs are still very much rooted in the art of telling stories, but it seems they payed more attention to how the music can tell a story. The type of music, which varies greatly on this album, really fits with the type of story that is being told. Many of the songs are more upbeat on this album as well.

Anyway, for what it is worth, I give the album two thumbs up.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm hungry

Just thought I'd keep The Man from shutting this blog down for dormancy.

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