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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Supersoak the Hos?

The MIB and I were hanging out with the kids this weekend, and much to our delight there was a song on our party bus with the lyrics "Supersoak the Hos" and at one point they chant that phrase over and over again.

Five short years ago, Nelly told girls to take their clothes off. Then, Lil Jon skeeted on people. Now, rappers are supersoaking hos. This is nothing short of extraordinary.

Edit: The song is "Crank That" by Soulja Boy (!). This is my favorite development of 2007 so far. Check out this link:

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

R.I.P., Goulet

Robert Goulet died today. Pour out some liquor.

In tribute, I am posting one of his hilarious ESPN College Basketball commercials from back in the day...not coincidentally, it is the Kentucky one. From back when Pitino still had a soul.

Today's the Day

See ya school!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

This might explain a few things...

What a bunch of pussies.

Monday, October 22, 2007

You're stupid, Husker Fan

Quote from the Big XII coaches' teleconference today:

Question: "What kind of adjustments could you have made?"

Callahan: "Oh, I think it's probably too technical for you, but I think in the broad spectrum of adjustments, just playing the quarterback a little bit better on the zone read in terms of the front assignments... I don't want to get into coachspeak, but there were a lot of things in terms of front adjustments that you have to deal with. I think our coaches were dealing with that to the best of their ability."

What is too technical about playing your safeties up, get more people on the line, and get some God damned penetration beyond the line of scrimmage, you asshole! Jesus H. Christ, anyone that played even just at the high school level in Nebraska knows how to defend the option, not to mention anyone else who grew up watching Nebraska football! Christ, most women over the age of 40 in this state could draw up a decent defensive game plan against the option.

He is just such an arrogant fuck; I feel like he is now openly mocking us, running around with his tongue out at everyone in this state: "Na, na, na na na, I've got a contract!"

Please, Sweet Baby Jesus, let this season end.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Yet Another Reason The Hold Steady Kicks Ass

Taken from a recent update on The Hold Steady's website:

"Don't know the air date yet. Look for Mr. [lead singer Craig] Finn as the guest on Kent Hrbek's fishing show."

That's right. The lead singer of The Hold Steady is a guest on an upcoming episode of Kent Hrbek Outdoors, which Kent takes him out fishing.

How are these guys indie critical darlings based out of Brooklyn, again?

I love this band.

A couple of other notes:

1. Download the free podcast from KEXP (in NYC), which is 20 minutes long and features some live THS tunes. Good stuff.

2. Some disappointing news: despite the pleading of the Omaha music community--mainly, GA Hill e-mailing the generic THS e-mail address--they are not going to come to town again this tour. HOWEVER, they are playing in Lawrence November 13th. Of course, this is a school night, but it might be worth it. Let it be known in the comments if you are interested.

Good news for the Chi-City Heavy Soulers--THS is playing the Metro October 30th and 31st. You lucky bastards. npgage, you better not miss both of these shows. You'll love 'em.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Desperate Times...

...call for desperate measures?

"I think you saw that last week with Castille and Helu. We're going to continue to do that and we're also looking at Marcus Mendoza a bit, he's been up with us this week, so there's a good chance we're going to see him the game, but I can't promise or guarantee that we will, but we think he gives us a spark and he's a different style of back." - Bill Callahan

Marcus Mendoza? So Bill, what you're telling me is that you're going to play Mendoza with FIVE games left in the season? Mendoza, a true freshman? REALLY?

I think this illustrates reason #5,342 as to why Bill Callahan simply cannot be retained as the head coach at Nebraska next year. His redshirt management is completely retarded. Yes, retarded. There is just no other word you could possibly use to describe it.

And this 5th year of eligibility the NCAA is considering adding on being used as an excuse is completely irresponsible and idiotic. How could you possibly say "well, the NCAA is considering a rule change, and I personally think that this rule will pass" as a reason to burning a kid's redshirt with more of the season played than not?

This is really frustrating. And I will offer a challenge to anyone that reads this: give me three--just three--reasons Bill Callahan should be retained as Head Coach. And you cannot include this mythical recruiting class as a reason.


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Thursday, October 18, 2007

January 12

Just wondering if anyone would think about coming to Iowa City for a weekend during college basketball. The basketball tickets go on sale in a couple of weeks and I thought it might be a good idea to see if anyone wanted to come here to watch Big 10 basketball. They play Michigan State on Jan. 12, Ohio State on Feb. 2, and Illinois on March 1st. The Illinois game is a bit close to spring training (are we going to Phoenix again this year?) so that's probably out, but I thought Michigan State would be a good time. MSU is looking at a top ten preseason ranking and Iowa (according to the local media) is supposed to be better than last year.

Well, just let me know if anyone is interested so I can buy the tickers soon.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Next Goldeneye

We are currently approaching a time in gaming that we have never seen. Halo 3 recently brought in $170 Million...in one day. In fact, it had sold well over a million copies before it was even released. Those numbers are blockbuster movie good. In fact, Halo destroyed the entire box office that week as a whole who only brought in $80 million which was the lowest October weekend number since 1999. Was Halo responsible? Probably some, I also think Ben Stiller had a little something to do with it. What’s really amazing is that Halo might not even be one of the top five games released this holiday season. Hell, it’s not even the best game in its genre this season. That honor will go to Call of Duty.

I haven’t waited for a game with such anticipation since 10 years ago when Rare released Goldeneye. Just like Goldeneye, Call of Duty 4 has been hidden, not gaining as much hype except from diehard gamers and fans of the World War II series. The game has moved past its WWII theme and now places gamers in “Modern Warfare”. The game doesn’t come out for another long 3 weeks but it will be what Goldeneye was for the N64. The buzz for the game is increasingly growing thanks to the first review for the game recently coming out and it receiving a perfect 10 out of 10 for its multi-player and a perfect 10 out of 10 for its single player from OXM. As one of the Beta testers for the game I can tell you that no game can touch the amount of realism and fun this game presents.

This game is the complete package from graphics, to sound, to game play. The death scenes and animations are nothing short of spectacular. Kills in CoD are usually followed by “OH MY GOD, DID YOU SEE THAT!?” I had an opportunity to play the single player demo and it was the most frantic, intense game I have ever seen. It was non-stop action as I ran through a level that resembled Black Hawk Down. Rockets flying over head, grenades, snipers, helicopters, covering fire, night vision, flash bangs, missiles, tanks, and absolutely huge gun fights.

The single player game is easily good enough to make this a must buy but there is also an insane multi-player. Play against, or team up with up to 16 players on a reported 16 maps. Surely everyone on the blog remembers how much fun Goldeneye was with just 4 players, imagine 16, and imagine it in HD. Not only is there a ton of players, but the features are so smart and completely fitting. They have a kill streak feature that rewards players for not dying. For example, kill 3 players without dying and you are rewarded a brief radar which allows you to see your enemies location. Get 5 kills in a row and you are allowed to call in an air strike on the location of your choice. This might be my favorite. There isn’t anything like hearing the distant sound of F-16s booming thru the air as your teammates scream over their headsets “AIR STRIKE!” as everyone frantically rushes to the nearest building for cover. It is crazy fun. I am not even skimming the top, there are so many cool things, for example you can get critically wounded leaving yourself with just a few seconds of life left, laying on you back bleeding to death you can pull out a hand gun and go out in a blaze of glory, or turn the gun on yourself and take the cowards way out robbing your opponent of the full kill. The game is littered with fun little things like this that not only add to the fun but add to the realistic feel of the game.

The Goldeneye of next generation gaming arrives Nov. 5th.

Monday, October 15, 2007

In other news.

Umm, fellas...we're ranked number one and are defending national champions.

Your friends,

The Nebraska Volleyball team

In other news.

Dear Nebraska:

Dear Nebraska,

We're sorry for Steve Pederson. Hopefully since he got fired today, things will straighten themselves out. In the meantime, just remember that because he is from North Platte, it doesn't mean that we all suck. Don't forget that we gave the sports world Zane Smith!


North Platte

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Donald Says... You're Fired!

- We suck!

See Ya Bitches!

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Hey, Why Don't You Do Somethin'?

Help Public School Kids by Funding my Challenge at DonorsChoose

Talking about football and baseball while ensuring that the bar industry in Nebraska will NEVER be short on cash is fun and all, but by God, maybe we should give up a Friday night and do something to benefit society.

DonorsChoose.org is a great entrepreneurial charity organization that allows donors to pick and choose proposals from teachers across the country in need of materials and goods to make their classrooms a better place for students. I think it is safe to say that everyone that contributes to and reads Heavy Soul has a soft spot for education, and that none of us would be where we are without the wonders of public education (or private boy school education. Whatever.). So why don't you take $50 out of the $100 you would spend next Friday and give it to classrooms in need? Like they say: children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.

About the two projects that I picked...one I picked because it was not only the only cause in Nebraska, but because it dealt with photography. Between Napa and my little brother, I find this one of particular interest.


" I'm in the process of creating an invigorating, challenging, and inspiring curriculum for my DIGI KIDS. This is what I call the students using the digital equipment for the yearbook as well as developing their own photojournalistic portfolio.

Currently we have only 2 working cameras for over 40 students on the staff. It's extremely challenging to conduct a class project and teach the students life-long photography skills with only two cameras. This is a simple request, but as always, school budgets are extremely limited.

With more cameras, each student will get more hands-on experience, allowing us to stretch far beyond our current limits. Your donation will be instrumental in providing this opportunity to the students.

My project needs multiple digital cameras to capture images for the school yearbook and to create photojournalism portfolios. The cost of this proposal is $540, which includes shipping for any materials needed for fulfillment."

The other one is to fulfill the need for a inner city Chicago school be able to properly equip their football team so the kids that want to play can play.

I think they're both great causes, and everybody should donate what they can to help them out. Hell, even if it is $5, it is $5 more than they had.

So let's see if we can come up with $50 a man and help out some kids.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Black Saturday

Wow. That was--easily--the worst sports day ever. The Cubs and Huskers coming out with their backs to the wall, and...laying two giant turds.

It was one thing they both lost on the same day--in the biggest day in the Cubs' season, and second-biggest for the Huskers--and they both did so in the most stomach-turning fashion possible.

Both teams looked like they wanted off the field as soon as possible. In particularly Nebraska. Nice game plan yet again, Coz--giving up 606 yards to flipping Mizzou??? And from "offensive genius" Callahan--not even getting 300 yards NOR a touchdown against a team that has given up an average of 400 yards a game to total crap teams?

Wow, wow, wow. Just truly pathetic performances from both.

That's it, I'm done with sports. Until Kentucky starts playing basketball, anyway.

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Great Danny Woodhead Interview

Here is an interview with Danny Woodhead from CSTV. Great stuff, and nice to see the "NP" get some national pub. And speaking of uniforms:

1. North Platte's new uni's are, in a word, awful.

2. When the hell did New Balance start making team football gear? Is this awesome or not? I honestly cannot decide, though I am certainly leaning towards "awesome."

**UPDATE** ESPN College Gameday is doing a story on Danny this Saturday. Great stuff!

Anyways, on with the interview:

*EDIT* I was sick of this playing whenever you opened the window. I'm guessing you were too, dear reader.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Go Cub Go

Alright, quick preview of tonight's game:

-Arizona's starting lineup has faced Carlos Zambrano for a grand total of 8 at-bats. That's crazy. And their collective BA is .174, and have 3 RBI's against him. And that's good news.

-Geovany Soto is starting at catcher. Again, good news.

-Brandon Webb is starting for Arizona. Bad news. Derrek Lee has a career .500 OBP against him. The rest of the Cubs...eh, not too good, but whatever. D-Lee will carry them. Good news.

-I really don't have time to go much further in-depth on this. Cubs win 5-3.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cubs Clinch: A Photo Journal


Cubs Clinch!!!!!!!!

NPgage and Hales after the game and before more beers.



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Monday, October 01, 2007

Bill Murray and GA Hill...lost at birth?

OK, not really, although I wish it were true. Thanksgiving dinners and the subsequent drinking with Bill, Brian Doyle, and the rest of his brothers would be fantastic.

No, the reason being is because I saw this interview with him, re: the Cubs' chances in the playoffs. I couldn't agree more, Bill. Keep fighting the good fight.

By the way, I see the Cubs beating the Diamondbacks in four games. Also, here is how I see the playoffs playing out:

Indians over Yankees
Angels over Red Sox

Phillies over Colorado
Cubs over D-Bags

Indians over Angels
Cubs over Phillies

CUBS OVER INDIANS (Ed.: Thanks for the heads up that I am an idiot.)

Write it down, people! Unless it's wrong! Then don't write it down! Or, at least write it down in pencil!

On to the impromptu press session with Bill Murray...

Is this the year for the Cubs?

Murray: Yes it is.

How can you tell?

(Speaking in an accent ...) When you are a man, you will know. (The questioner was a woman.) You are not yet man. You are still young man. When you are a man, you will know. It's time.

Bill, there's a theory out there that the Cubs wouldn't be the Cubs if they win the World Series.

That's like saying you wouldn't be you if you were asleep. Isn't that exactly what it's like? I don't accept that (theory), because the Cubs have already won five World Series, and they are the Cubs. Would the Cubs be the Cubs if they lost the World Series? That's sick thinking. You've got to watch out for people like that. I should be watching you. Maybe you want to talk to me later about what's going on in your life.

Do you have a sense that this is the year?

Oh yeah, I think this is going to happen. I think the Marlins have been very brave and noble, and when they lose today, they're going to die with respect. They will be humiliated today, but they'll have earned everlasting honor for what they've done these last two days, and the previous three games. I feel very good about this thing, and I have all year. (GA Hill: Of course, the Marlins completed the sweep on Thursday, I just thought this was funny enough to leave in there.)

Do you let yourself out on the limb? Are you cautiously optimistic, or you on the edge saying "We're going to win?"

No, I'm very confident. There is no time for being cautiously optimistic. That's for losers. I don't buy that. I'm very, very optimistic. This is Game 159? Why would I be cautious now? Look at how I'm dressed. Do I look cautious? OK, that's it. I've got to go get a kosher hot dog. I'm sorry. And besides, these players may want to use this dugout.

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