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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Yet Another Reason The Hold Steady Kicks Ass

Taken from a recent update on The Hold Steady's website:

"Don't know the air date yet. Look for Mr. [lead singer Craig] Finn as the guest on Kent Hrbek's fishing show."

That's right. The lead singer of The Hold Steady is a guest on an upcoming episode of Kent Hrbek Outdoors, which Kent takes him out fishing.

How are these guys indie critical darlings based out of Brooklyn, again?

I love this band.

A couple of other notes:

1. Download the free podcast from KEXP (in NYC), which is 20 minutes long and features some live THS tunes. Good stuff.

2. Some disappointing news: despite the pleading of the Omaha music community--mainly, GA Hill e-mailing the generic THS e-mail address--they are not going to come to town again this tour. HOWEVER, they are playing in Lawrence November 13th. Of course, this is a school night, but it might be worth it. Let it be known in the comments if you are interested.

Good news for the Chi-City Heavy Soulers--THS is playing the Metro October 30th and 31st. You lucky bastards. npgage, you better not miss both of these shows. You'll love 'em.

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