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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pick Em

Post your Nebraska picks as well as at what time on Saturday night Ga tells everyone he loves them. Last week was my F-up, consider it off the board. NE 42 KU 14 Time of Emotional Mike 10:45

Monday, September 25, 2006

Public Service Announcement

As a reminder, the Heavy Soul open is being held this Sunday (October1). Please contact GAHill or The Deuce for details.

Public Service Announcement

As a reminder, the Heavy Soul open is being held this Sunday (October1). Please contact GAHill or The Deuce for details.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Week 3 NFL Picks

I'm dead even on the season. Here we go:

St Louis +4.5 over ARIZONA
NEW ENGLAND +6.5 over Denver
Jets +5.5 over BUFFALO
SEATTLE -3.5 over NY Giants
INDY -6.5 over Jacksonville
Tennessee +10.5 over MIAMI
DETROIT -6.5 over Green Bay
HOUSTON +3.5 over Washington
Pittsburgh +2 over CINCY
SAN FRAN +6 over Philly
Chicago -3.5 over MINNESOTA
TAMPA +3.5 over Carolina
Baltimore -7 over CLEVELAND (Go Browns!!!!) KW2 4 Prez!!!!!!!!
Atlanta -4 over NEW ORLEANS

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Winner by default?

What happened to the Husker predictions?

I say NU 45 Troy 17

Any predictions that come in after kickoff are null and void.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

There are movies on iTunes!

There are movies on iTunes!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
Overheard a little of this. It served as a nice musical palate cleanser. Played a couple of his dad's songs. I did enjoy the dude whose only purpose was to waive the Jamaican flag. I realized that it would be a good gig to be a Marley brother. You're pretty much guaranteed a spot in someone's band.

Remember this guy? Me neither. Redifining the term "flash in the pan." However, it was pretty good despite the fact that every song sounds fairly similar. Great hippie dancing everywhere.

The New Pornographers
As good as their newest album is, their live show is better. They were having some difficulties with their monitors to the extent that Neko Case sang a little diddy, "I'd give a blowjob for some more vocals in my monitor," in the key of A minor. Sound guy must've been gay. They opened with "Twin Cinema." I was happy. They proceeded to play every song I wanted to hear except for "The Jessica Number".

The Flaming Lips
From my experiences, if you've seen one show, you've seen them all. And that is a fucking great thing. I'm pretty sure he would be a great hang out guy. I'm not sure how you can't have fun at this show. Confetti, dancing Santas and female aliens. And seven foot tall, pot smoking Canadians my parents' age. That's old.

G. Love & Special Sauce
Caught a few songs. Reminded me of high school. Which wasn't so bad.

More rocking than I expected. Good for them. I'll definitely see them again in a smaller venue.

For a bunch of guys trying not to sound like Radiohead, they sound an awful lot like...well, um, Radiohead. Maybe they should rename themselves the Paplo Honeys or the A Kids. That being said, they put on a hell of a show. Loud. Smoky. Pretty lights.

I might need a support group too

Like EZT I was victim of something a few weeks ago. My support group will be V.S.S.M.B.S. (victims of seeing strangers masturbating at bird sanctuaries). I had been meaning mention it on here but hadn't fouind the time. I will also give it the mintue by minute treatment that seems effective (all times A.M. on tuesday)

5:30 - alarm goes off for me to get up and walk over to a bird sanctuary to take some early mrning photos.
5:39; 5:47; 5:56 - hit snooze
6:05 - get out of bed and gather equipment
6:30 - arrive at bird sanctuary
6:35 - ask if I have seen the Orange Bishop yet by some crazy bird watcher (birders are strang people)
6:35:30 - shortly reply "no" in my anti-social style. Think to myself "why do people talk to me, I am a bastard"
6:40; 6:45 - Be anti-social to more crazy birders
6:48 - find nice out of the way spot to kneel in the grass and shoot birds along a hedgeline.
6:50 - take a few photos of unidenitified bird
6:52 - see a guy walking slowly through the hedge looking at me through gaps in the foliage.
6:52:30 - see guy stop at the edge of the hedge less than twenty feet from me.
6:53 - try to ignore him, thinking he is another birder wanting to talk to me.
6:53:30 - see guy take out junk and start going to town on himself
6:53:15 - after realizing what I am looking at yell "Oh, come on, knock that shit off. Get the fuck out of here you freak."
6:53:30 - guy zips up and runs off.

Of all the things I thought I would see in Chicago and where I would see it, I never thought I would see a guy masturbating at the bird sanctuary. Apparently this happens there quite often and the CPD has been monitoring that area. My question is why was he out there before 7:00 on a tuesday morning. Not that it is more acceptable but I could at least understand it a little more on a Saturday night or something.

And people wonder why I am so anti-social when I am in the field shooting -- freaks, thats why.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Your official ACL Fest Review

As those whom I bothered this weekend know, I just got back from the 5th annual Austin City Limits Music Festival. And while my weekend was filled with too much drama for your momma, I will limit this post to just the music. Here goes...

Paulo Nutini
Wow. This 19-year-old Scotsman made me realize why John Mayer and James Blunt are so popular. If you're girlfriend likes those guys, play this for her (you'll have to wait until January for his album). She'll fall in love and you'll be able to keep your street cred. A very soulful young dude who congers up more Otis Redding and Jeff Buckley than those other two crooners. Bonus: He played a version of "Crazy" that rivaled Gnarls Barkley.

Ted Leo + Pharmacists
107 degrees in the shade. Pardon the cliche, but I was literally fired up. Political punk rawk. This guy amazed me when I saw him at the Pitchfork festival in Chicago and didn't let me down here. About three songs in, he started to lose his voice, so he said, "Fuck it. I'll leave what I have on the stage, even if it ends up as a mucous lining." Gotta respect that.
Bonus: Ted once again bloodied his head with his mic.

Okkervil River
The show was on a smaller stage which was fine by me. Smaller, more intimate crowd. Will Sheff's painfully warbly voice is why people don't like "emo" and exactly why I love the sad bastard. Sheff's either the funniest sad bastard or the saddest stand-up comedian. Great banter. The acoustics were pretty fantastic. Check out Black Sheep Boy.

Wolf Parade
Holy shit! I know I've been smooching these guys' bottoms since their album came out, but it was completely validated. By far my favorite show. The heat had broken at that point in the day, so I became Dancing Rick. I've always said that bands sounded tight without really knowing exactly how to define tight. Now I know for certain. My definition will begin with Wolf Parade. They sounded very crisp, like most artists do in the studio. Then they added a frenetic live energy that gave me a sonic boner. For your sake, for your daughter's sake, give these guys a good listenin' to.

Gnarls Barkley
Imagine Memorial Stadium on the first game of your freshman year. You've had too much to drink. It's hotter than a Gonorrhea piss. But you HAVE to watch the game, because you're a fan. And it's crowded. Very crowded. Like 75,000 crowded. "Crazy" was as good as you wanted it to be. "Gone Daddy Gone" justified my use of the song as my ringtone.
Bonus: Cee-Lo assured the ladies in the crowd that he would still respect them if they showed their titties to him and the band.

Ray Lamontagne
The least charismatic soul singer alive? Or is it that he puts so much emotion into each song that he can't show it? Option A is the correct answer. Don't get me wrong, his songs are beautiful, but just not a whole lot of energy. Oh well.

Cat Power & The Memphis Rhythm Band
Buttery voice. The good kind. The fattening kind. That voice. Haunting. She has a reputation of shaky performances. She hopefully shaked that off this weekend. Also did a great cover of "Crazy." Above all, Cat Power is hot. My new indie love. I want to be on her. And her hiney, it's quite impressive.

The Raconteurs
As good as I wanted them to be. Rocking. That's all you need to know.

TV on the Radio
I really wish that I had a better spot to hear these guys. Apparently, their new album is the best thing since sandwiches. Interesting, though. Actually, I don't remember much about this show.

Kings of Leon
Biggest disappointment. I wanted it so badly to be Awesometown. The first five songs were sloppy. And lazy. And drunker than I was. And the Nebraska game was on.

The Shins
Fantastic as per expectations.

Jose Gonzalez
That son of a bitch made me cry. Now I know what shoegazing is. It sounded so good. Just an Argentine/Swede and his guitar. And he is one of the most talented guitar players I've ever witnessed.

More later.

I'm starting a support group

called V.O.G.S standing for "Victims of Golden Showers"

That's right boys, yours truly was the victim of a very sick drunken act this past weekend. Let's play out the night in chronological order starting Saturday morning.

11 AM - EZT arrives at LAX after my plane gets cancelled the night before
11:30 AM - get to hotel room and pound 4 beers by noon that Gage and the Deuce put on ice for me
Noon- the Mrs. and EZT meet aforementioned friends at a local establishments for a beer and a jager bomb
Noon:05 - Mrs. EZT makes first of many warnings throughout the day that she doesn't want to meet "Roadtrip TJ" that day and that Gage, Deuce and myself should slow down a bit
Noon:06 - wife is ignored
1:00 - board Hummer limo to game...consume many beers and a shot of whiskey
2:00 - go to crappy alumni association tailgate with $5 beers where we all blow a shit ton of money
4:00 - Walk around tailgates and head to the game, Gage leads us to EZT's ex rat bitch for a gf's tailgate, she has no beer...not weird, i'm sure she still hates fun.
4:30 head into the Coliseum very intoxicated but sure that the Huskers are going to win..
4:33 - make numerous attempts to call my bookie unsuccessfully (good thing i was thinking the Husker money line was a good bet)
5:00 to 9:30 are boring and annoying mostly due to the game so we will skip that time period and this is where it starts to get good.
9:30-1:30 - EZT, Gage, and the Deuce do a number on a very large bar tab with the help of a couple other friends. 3 car bombs and about 15 RBV's a piece later we leave the bar and walk 8 blocks or so back to our hotel....very, very drunk
1:45 - Gage and Joel Williams properly execute the side-by-side puke in the bushes
2:00 - find random drunken husker fan passed out in the middle of hotel hallway
2:01-2:15 search frantically for marker to pimp the aforementioned...can't find one so i decide a pen will work, press to hard on kid's face and he wakes up, gives me a look like he thinks i just tried to kill him and scrambles off.
2:15-3:30 consume after hours beers and pass out next to wifey...gage passed out in a chair i believe and the Deuce takes the other bed...just a couple feet away from me
4:46 - wake to wifey yelling and screaming at me and the Deuce
4:46:33 - realize Todd-e-o is standing above me with wee wee in hand
4:46:35 - realize whole left side of my torso is wet and that the sheets are soaked
4:46:36 - realize from pissing sounds that Deuce thinks i am a toilet and that wifey is currently shielding the stream away from me with the comforter
4:47:13 - Begin to get slapped with high arm swing motion from Todd-eo, soon realize he is trying to flush me
4:48:00 - get my senses and with wifey's help get out of bed as quickly as possible and run to shower.
4:52 - come back to the room to find Todd passed out in his own piss bed
4:53 - wifey and EZT sleep in the other dry bed
7:00 AM - alarm goes off...yell at the Deuce to get up and get to the airport, don't mention the happenings of the night before.
7:30 Todd get out of the shower and gets packed up. Ask's Gage if he by chance dumped water on him after he passed out because he woke up in a wet bed
7:32 - wifey and EZT can't hold laughter any longer and tell Big Boi of the previous nights wanderings, reenact flushing motions.
9:06 - receive text message from the Deuce saying "Sorry for peeing on you"
9:08 - wifey tells me that she got a great view of Todd's package and that mine is much bigger
9:09 - realize two things, todd must be hung like a mouse and that i am very lucky i took the money shot instead of wifey or else i might not be still married.

And to think that many of you turned down the chance to be a part of all of this.

Please spread the word about my new victims group, i am sure there are many people out there that need some assistance in dealing with the shame and embarrassment of taking a golden shower from a good friend of yours or a random one night stand hook up.
Founder and Chairman


Can someone in the know get me the details of GA bachelor party. Either shoot me an e-mail or post it here. I am planning to be back but I need to know what time it is starting and how many days I need to get away from work. Gage, how and when are you heading back?

Game Planning, and other questions regarding Nebraska vs USC

Well, I've had 24 hours to digest Saturday's game. Thoughts:

-Bill Callahan's game plan. Obviously the most discussed and argued aspect of the game. Certainly during and after the game, the overwhelming reaction of myself and everyone else at the shower was "GET GOING!" It was incredibly frustrating and disappointing to watch us run dive plays the entire game. It was made even more frustrating when the one drive that we scored a touchdown on, Zac Taylor opened up the offense, threw to a tight end, and did a great job of moving the ball down the field. Where was this the entire game?

I understand that Coach was following the Fresno State model, but man, does that guy stick to a game plan. It felt like the 70-10 Texas Tech game again, only we kept running instead of passing. We had one scoring drive. We passed. We scored. We looked good doing it. Where the hell was it the rest of the game? What good is it to have an All-Big XII caliber quarterback and use him 16 times the entire game? What good is it to have a big play tight end, a big play wideout, and three or four great possession receivers and not throw to them?

It is so frustrating. Yet at the same time, the Lucky fumble after we came out in the second half and stuffed USC was crushing. So was Lucky's big run that got called back. And Taylor's fumble (we're lucky he didn't get a concussion on that play; I would credit the o-line for that fumble, not Zac). But why would we come up with the ballsiest play in the world--a fake punt pass, thrown by the punter, fairly deep in our territory--and follow it up with two straight running plays (or was it three)? Good Christ, you've got them on their heels, take a chance and throw it downfield. You let your punter do it with Todd Peterson-why not let your quarterback do it with Mo Purify?

-Where the hell was Cody Glenn? Oh, and Brandon Jackson is a good player, too.

-Where was Steve Octavian...again? Is this still class related, or is it health, or both? If it is class-related, I applaud the coaches for doing what is right. That said, I sure wish he would have been on the field the whole game.

-Why didn't we go with more zone coverage at the beginning of the game?

-The biggest thing was--and this goes back to the first point--Seger and I both felt that we played not to lose too badly. That is depressing and dispicable. I know that it was all part of the game plan, but the way we just ran the ball and didn't use any timeouts at the end of the first half--that felt like such a "hey, we're just happy to be here, and we hope we don't get beaten too badly" approach. This is Nebraska. This is a proud program. I think that most Nebraska fans would feel a lot better about getting beaten by 20-30 with us throwing our entire offense at them and taking chances as opposed to averaging less than 2 yards a carry and sticking with the gameplan even when we still only had 3 points that late into the game.

I also worry about a lot of harsh feelings in that locker room afterwards--Lucky not seeing the field again after that fumble, Glenn playing (I believe) one DOWN the entire game, Jax not getting any play, Octavian not seeing the field, Purify not hardly playing at all, Zac not getting to throw the ball...this is going to be a pretty solid test to see how well Callahan and the staff can keep this team together. He did it last year, through embarrassing losses, to see it all come together at the end. It better be that way this season, too.

USC was a chance to change the program. Let's hope it doesn't have a negative effect after all this.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

"Separation Saturday" Picks

Here we go...

-LSU @ Auburn: Auburn
-Michigan @ ND: ND
-Miami @ Louisville: Who do you think I'm going to pick? Screw Louisville.
-Oklahoma @ Oregon: I really hate Oregon--they always seem like a total fraud of a football program--but I just don't have much faith in Oklahoma this year. But screw it, I literally cannot bring it to myself to pick Oregon to win anything. OU
-ISU @ Iowa: It doesn't matter who wins, because they're all losers.

And, the big one:

Nebraska at USC

We've got a solid Heavy Soul contingent there--as noted earlier this week--and that is what is going to push Nebraska over the edge.

In all seriousness, I really think we have a helluva chance to win this game. Their secondary sucks as bad as ours, and Zac Taylor looks like an All-Pro since Kansas State. We've got great receivers that are going to catch the ball and get us first downs, we've got four great running backs, Matt Herian is getting open (after he catches it is a different story), our front seven is sweet, blah blah blah.

Nebraska 38 USC 31

Eat it, Southern California. You, your smog, and your insufferable celebrities can go shove it up your ass.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Sports Guy is a Dud

As an avid watcher of The Colbert Report, I knew Bill Simmons was going to be on tonight. DelusionalKCFan and I sat down tonight to watch. Apparently, we are both on the same level when it comes to The Sports Guy--his schtick got old and neither of us has read his garbage for some time. So, we watch the whole show leading up to his interview. We laughed our asses off the entire time. Check that. We laughed the entire time Bill Simmons wasn't on. It was as if he didn't understand the concept of the show. Hey, Bill, the show makes fun of the news--it doesn't report it. Colbert is not a hardcore conservative. See the gimmick? Our thoughts: first two-thirds of the show were absolutely hilarious. Last third? Crickets. Pete, tell us what you thought of your boy.

What's Wrong With These People?

Just came across three stories that are some of the weirdest I've ever seen:

A girl in Arizona hired an undercover cop to kill a girl who was on her boyfriend's MySpace page. The girl and the boyfriend weren't even romantically involved.

A 73 year old woman hit her 84 year old neighbor 37 times in the head with the claw side of a hammer. She was sentenced to life in prison, a.k.a. 1 month.

Two women in LA got signed on to two homeless dudes' life insurance policies. The two women then ran the two hobos over with their cars. They collected over TWO MILLION DOLLARS! How do homeless dudes have life insurance policies worth that much?

Finally, I really want to bet USC so I can hedge my enjoyment of this weekends trip. The only problem? The line has moved up to 18 and I can't talk myself into betting the Trojans when I think Nebraska can make this a game and USC had a hard time covering all last year. But I also don't think Nebraska can win this game. Pete, TJ, anybody; help.

Heavy Soul Poo Party

Here is what I have from the first two weeks. Go Skurz and the lock of the week is that there will be drama in LA. Both on the field and in the bars. USC 42 NEB 24. Deuce, keep the tab open!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My DVR has a boner...

Scrubs starts on Comedy Central this coming Monday, 9/18/06. 6-7 Central Time each night, with a grand marathon the following Saturday. Oh joyous day.



Monday, September 11, 2006

I've done it again

Thought you guys might be interested to hear my newest drunken injury. While fishing in Canada last week, I tripped on some rocks and fell and chipped my two front teeth. Add this one to the huge dumbass file. As you may or may not have guessed, this happened at night and I was drunk.

Other highlights included a float plane pilot sleeping and a different float plane pilot falling off a dock and into the lake, lots of fish, terrifyingly large (about 6 ft) waves when in a small aluminum boat and my new beard.

Help, please

I'm going to Saturday's Notre Dame-Michigan game in South Bend thanks to some very generous work affiliations. I consider South Bend to be the birthplace and Mecca of college football and couldn't be happier about this.

I know several Heavy Soulers have been to a game or two there and I'm looking for suggestions as to make my trip as enjoyable as possible. Any advice on tailgating, pre and post game bars, must-see events/landmarks, or any insight would be fantastic.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Colorado, Montana State, and Chadron State...Who Is The Best?

Well, Chadron State, of course!

A follow up to our buddy Mike Kramer at Montana State who declared last week that "it would mean more if I could beat Chadron State next week."

Well, Coach Kramer, hope you at least kind of enjoyed beating Colorado, because you couldn't quite get the job done: Chadron State shocked Montana State yesterday, 35-24, on the road!

Here's the not-shocker line:

Danny Woodhead: 215 yards rushing 2 TD

So, basically to reiterate what Pete said--Danny Woodhead is a better offensive player than anyone that plays for Colorado OR Montana State.

And another classic coach quote, from Chadron coach Bill O'Boyle:

“I knew they’d play hard and not give up, but I can’t honestly say that I thought we’d win the game.”


Oh, and as referred to below, Colorado lost again. Life is good.

Nebraska-USC Post, #1

I figure that there will probably be a lot of Nebraska-USC posts this week, as:

A) It is the biggest regular season game for Nebraska since 2001, and

B) Heavy Soul will be represented by three of our own: npgage, EZT, and The Deuce.

There is a whole lot that can go either way. One thing is for certain; either Nebraska keeps it very close or gets completely blown out. I don't see it any other way.

The thing that makes me a bit nervous? Just found the opening line in Vegas:

NEB +17.0

I don't know if they are just trying to goat people into betting USC, but still...17???!!? I still think NU has a great chance at this game.

Thoughts? Pete, especially? I don't always know what to read into lines, so feel free to edit and add on to the post.

I F'ing Love it...

Given the 14-10 CU CSU score I thought this was appropriate

I F'ing Love it...

Given the 14-10 CU CSU score I thought this was appropriate.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Week 1 NFL Picks

Before I get started, I should throw up a disclaimer that The Rod and I will be using this space weekly to pick every NFL game of the season. Also, the Rod is 1-0 after last night and, sadly, I am not. The Steelers are the Antichrist. Anyway, let's move on to the picks:

(Rod, the OWH inexplicably is missing from work and I still wanted to get these out today, I used the Sports Guy's lines. Let me know of any glaring discrepancies.)

Bills +9.5 over PATRIOTS
RAMS +4 over Broncos
Jets +2.5 over TITANS
BUCS-3 over Ravens
BROWNS-3 over Saints (game of the week) Go BROWNS!
Bengals +2.5 over CHIEFS
PANTHERS -6 over Falcons
Seahawks -6 over LIONS
Eagles -5.5 over TEXANS
JAGS -2.5 over Cowboys
BEARS -3.5 over Packers
NINERS +7.5 over Cards
GIANTS +3.5 over Colts
Vikings +5 over REDSKINS
Chargers -3 over RAIDERS

Could have been a Sad Day

For the past two years I have never had a issue accessing my Fantasy Football team from work. Yesterday I set my line up for the weekend. This morning the internet filter police banned the site. This would have completely ruined my weekend, except for the fact that tonight, I have a date with a 185 lb South Dakotan pig.

I am venturing in to new lands, Saturday I will partake in the preparations, roasting, and ultimate consumption at a hog roast.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Game Time

Ok, We need week two of Husker predictions. I will try to get the spreadsheet soon. NU 45 the other guys 14 for me

9:30 a.m. Thursday, Sept 7, 2006

Official time of death for the Heavy Soul?

Where the hell is everybody?

Monday, September 04, 2006

By the way...

I am not sure if you know or care, but since I redesigned my website a few months back I have actually been updating it monthly - posting a new featured photo each month and "recent additions" when available. It is pretty shocking since I had averaged an update once every year and a half prior to this.

Anyway, check out the new stuff if you get time. I am only updating the nature side, not the services side.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

farewell to a legend

This may be the first time tennis has ever been mentioned on the Soul (unless there has been talk of maria sharipova) but Sunday marked the final match of Andre Agassi's career. As a tennis player, growing up in the 80s and 90s I looked up to Agassi, he was a great player and splash of color in the boring world of men's tennis. Though he lost, Agassi's match on Sunday against German Benjamin Becker was great to watch. He battled through a sore back and against Becker, who was 3 years old when Agassi broke into tennis and had a serve that averaged about 30mph faster than his. Up until the very end, there was a feeling that Agassi might have some magic left in him. Ultimately he did lose, but proceeded to get one of the longest standing ovations I have ever seen. Agassi took his bows at center court and walked back to his chair where he proceeded to lose it. He cried for what seemed like an eternity (probably 2 or 3 minutes) all the while the crowd just kept cheering. He then walked out for a second bow and the crowd continued. When he was handed the mic to give a speech it took him probably 30 seconds to gain enough composure to talk. The whole thing probably lasted 5 or 10 minutes and was quite touching. I am not affraid to say that I had a few tears welling up.

Anyway, I don't know if any of you are tennis fans, but I just thought I would mention the retirement of a tennis legend.

Colorado...No Longer As Important As Chadron State

I know, I know--the first thing on the blog regarding the glorious first weekend of college football should be about the Huskers, and their dominating offense, their frightening secondary, how good our running backs looked, blah blah blah. But this quote ABSOLUTELY is my favorite college football quote of all time:

"This game wasn't about height, weight or speed. It was about belief systems and we found a way to get it done...It would mean more if I could beat Chadron State next week"--Montanta State coach Mike Kramer, referring to shocking Colorado, 19-10 at Boulder

This should be framed and hung in every Nebraska fan's basement.

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