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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Same song and dance???

Rumors have now started flying that Lane Kiffin is going to be one and done with the Raiders. The talk is he could be looking at the Arkansas job because of his father's history however, I think Nebraska has to be somewhere in this mix. The question is can we be walking down this path again?!?! Obviously there what ifs like is Al Davis going to let him opt out of his 3 year deal or does Kiffin feel Arkansas has to happen because of family history. All I know is it has to be another name in the pile.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wish list candidates

Four years ago, Cal's Jeff Tedford was a bit of a hot name. The Detroit Free Press' Michael Rosenberg thinks he's a very viable candidate for the opening in Ann Arbor. Why not here?

And for the love of technology, would someone teach me how to link this properly. I'm trying to add a little professionalism here.

EDIT: There you go, big cat.

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Just as a quick note to all of the people coming over from different message boards. If you just want to skip down to the good stuff, scroll down to the two posts directly below this one.

First of all, Heavy Soul is a blog written by a bunch of native Nebraskans, living in and out of state, discussing sports, music, pop culture, politics, etc. It's usually all for entertainment.

However, in the case of the coaching search, we do indeed have legit sources, and have been posted about it. We're excited to see so many people check out Heavy Soul--feel free to check out the archives and see just how many man hours that have been wasted by the several contributers to this site for (usually) each other's entertainment (and sometimes the readers of Deadspin and other sports sites, as well). We've been doing it since January 2005, so you've got some reading to do.

Thanks again for stopping by, and keep checking back--we'll update the second we get anything new to pass along.

--Heavy Soul

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Short Update...And A Bit More Of The Same

EDIT: From ESPN.com:

According to a source with knowledge of the search, Nebraska has whittled its candidate pool to two people and is close to announcing a new coach. Speculation centers on Buffalo coach Turner Gill as the leading candidate to replace Bill Callahan. A source close to Wake Forest indicated that coach Jim Grobe interviewed with Nebraska in Atlanta on Nov. 26. The source thinks Grobe has a good shot at the job. Apparently, LSU defensive coordinator Bo Pelini didn't knock A.D. Tom Osborne's socks off during the interview and doesn't feel good about it. The school will also interview Brian Kelly from Cincinnati and perhaps TCU's Gary Patterson.

This is not vibing with what we're hearing, obviously. We trust our contact quite a bit, so it means (obviously) one of two things: our contact is being misled, which we doubt, or ESPN is purposely being misled. Although I have personally always thought Turner Gill would get the nod, Heavy Soul is sticking with our source on this one.

Got an update today...sounds like nothing really has changed, although it is within the realm of possibility things could:

"Unless there are contractual snags Pelini will be hired. Therefore I won't say it's 100% because that could happen (although I believe that's already been taken care of and we will know Sunday or Monday once the SEC game is over and Bo can hop on a plane to Lincoln)."

"I will say this...TO is keeping quiet on any final decision he has made...even to those who have helped him in big ways with this search."

So there you have it. We're sticking with our source, although there is still a slight--SLIGHT--chance things could change between today and next week.

Stay tuned to Heavy Soul for the latest, and most up-to-date Husker info ANYWHERE!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nebraska Coaching Search Update

A few "updates" on the circus that is Nebraska Football right now:

**EDIT: It is now being reported that Tom Osborne is going out on the recruiting trail. This would seem to jive with what we are reporting here. I don't see why T.O. would be stopping his interviewing to go out and recruit if he doesn't already feel comfortable with who he has found. Perhaps it will be announced after the SEC Title Game. This would seem to make sense.

1. It is being reported by several places now that they are not, in fact, going to announce anything at the players meeting today at 4:00pm.

2. A contact for Heavy Soul is reporting that he has two very "plugged in" sources saying that Pelini is indeed the guy that will be the head coach at the University of Nebraska. However, working out the contract has been more of a challenge than they originally thought. So the reports that we have been hearing about knowing who the coach is by tomorrow may not, in fact, be true. We might not hear anything official on this until Monday.

3. The Sporting News is reporting that Jim Grobe from Wake Forest was indeed interviewed by Tom Osborne and Harvey Pearlman in Atlanta.

3. All that said, and as I elluded to in the phantom post about the Parker Executive Search firm, all this could be for naught. This is the firm that Minnesota used when searching for a basketball coach this past spring. Needless to say, NO ONE--including Kentucky--knew that Tubby Smith would end up at Minnesota. In fact, Tubby got on a plane (if memory serves correctly) the day after UK lost in the second round of the NCAA (AGAIN) and was announced that afternoon as the Gopher's new coach. The media found out maybe two hours before he was officially announced. An even more extreme example was at Iowa State last year. When ISU called a press conference to announce the new football coach, no one knew who the hell the hired. This search firm is very good, and very professional. There is a hell of a chance T.O. interviewed people in Atlanta that not only no one knows about, and we'll never know about.

Parker specializes in finding candidates that are available, and no one knows about it yet. I'm sure that if people would have known that Tubby Smith was interested in leaving Kentucky, a lot more schools would have called about him. Instead, Minnesota got him LITERALLY without even interviewing him.

And that is the other thing Parker specializes in: they find out everything a candidate wants out of a contract and how much the school looking is willing to put in it, background checks, checking on references, etc. They do all the annoying (and time-consuming) busy work for their clients. So even if they don't have the magic candidate that no one knows about, Osborne and NU could just be using their firm to free up time on their end to be getting other things done. Which makes sense. I have heard a lot of people on the radio and on message boards wondering "why the hell would Nebraska hire this search firm if Pelini is their guy and he wants to come here?" They provide a lot more services than just finding people to interview.

So there's our update...at this point, if you were to ask Heavy Soul, it would say that due to some VERY good inside information, Bo Pelini will be striking fear into Big XII offenses and officials come this time next year.

Stay tuned...

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Is Bo A Smoke-Screen? Or Is Turner?

God, this is fun.

So there have been people saying for a while now that Bo Pelini was in line to take over for the Nebraska Cornhuskers and lead us back to the Promised Land, 15-yard personal foul penalty by penalty.

But then there are those who say Turner Gill will be the man. How could Tom Osborne not hire one of his best friends?

Well, here are some interesting updates that I am coming across this evening. Who knows...

--It has been well publicized that Buffalo received an official request for permission for Tom Osborne to talk to Gill officially about the Nebraska job. Now, apparently Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported this morning that Monte Kiffen will come in as the Head Coach, with Turner Gill as Associate Head Coach and take over when Monte hangs it up in 4 or 5 years. Sounded suspicious to me, but now the University of Buffalo has said that Gill's end of the year press conference--scheduled for Tuesday--had been moved back to Wednesday. Now it is being reported that this press conference has been postponed indefinately.

I know there are contributors to this blog that either do not think this will not happen or hope it does not happen--or both. I don't have any idea as to what to think at this point. But it certainly is interesting. Between this coaching search and Kentucky's earlier this year, I don't know that my modem nor my marriage can take much more. The good news is that the Omaha World-Herald thinks this could be wrapped up by Wednesday, meaning I am sure that we'll all know who will be named sometime tomorrow.

So what's everybody think is going to happen? Put your rep on the line in the comments...I'll offer mine. Despite having very good information that says the opposite, I for some reason think that Turner Gill is going to be heavily involved in this process. Or Bo Pelini.

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Tom Osborne and the Mythical Parker Search Firm

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

It's Official...

...Billy C is gone and Pelini has been contacted.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Let the speculations begin!

Well, Nebraska's defense is looser than this one Houston Rockets Power Dancer I know. And the feeling in Billy C.'s gut must be the same as the one you get awaiting your STD test results--not very hopeful.

So let's get the ball rolling on who will be the next Captain Beefheart on the Big Red Express:

Joe Glenn, Head Coach, University of Wyoming

It's no secret that the Lincoln native and Pius X graduate has wanted the job since T.O. left. Glenn led the University of Montana to a I-AA championship and the University of Northern Colorado to back to back D-II crowns in 96 and 97, so he is no stranger to running a successful pass heavy offense in a cold weather environment. His first gig, AT AGE 27, was head coach of Doane College. Seems like he might have a bit of familiarity with the outlying states as well. From all reports, the guy is as likable as they come. They guy has been coaching for 31 years and is just 58.

Bo Pelini, Defensive Coordinator, Louisiana State University

After suffering through a defensive campaign in '07 the likes of which have never been seen, many want to see a defensive oriented coach come to Lincoln. Despite giving up 500+ yards today to Arkansas, Pelini has the pedigree to fill the role. Insiders say he would be interested in the job if offered. Says his family enjoyed their brief stay in Lincoln. And if fire and intensity was what was lacking from this year's squad, ol' Bo has heaps of both. Funny thing is, that may hold him back from being handed the reins of a major college program. Not the CEO type that many major programs are looking for. Has worked with national championship caliber teams in addition to working on the pro level. One other thing that is biting him in the ass is the fact that he's never been a head coach at any level except for an interim stint at Nebraska for the 2003 Alamo Bowl. Then again, he had never been a coordinator before coming to Nebraska. That worked out ok.

Turner Gill, Head Coach, University at Buffalo

Gill is in the second year of a five year contract at Buffalo. Despite it being his first head coaching stint, Gill has a developed a pretty impressive coaching resume. Served as Player Development Director and Offensive Assistant for the Green Bay Packers in 2005. Spent 1992-2004, or the Glory Days, coaching quarterbacks and receivers at Nebraska. He did spend a year at SMU in 1991, but we won't fault him for that, their logo is too damn sweet. The guy is a proven winner--undefeated as a starter in college, coached three national championship teams, coached a Heisman winner and a runner-up. Hell, he's led Buffalo to a winning conference record, which is more than can be said for a certain team currently hailing from the state capitol of the Cornhusker state. Obviously, Turner would be a fan, and more importantly, an Osbourne favorite. He's exactly the type of person that could assuage the bloodthirsty boosters and fans. Has NFL experience, albeit brief, that seems to lure big time recruits. Still has ties to Lincoln (a board member of the Lincoln Children's Museum).

Craig Bohl, Head Coach, North Dakota State University

I'll be somewhat fair and give this guy kudos for the only time I met him. August 1998, GA Hill and I are walking back to the frat house after buying some smokes. Some bald dude runs by and nearly makes me drop my cigarette. Before I can make fun of him, the dude stops at the crosswalk and starts doing pushups until the light says walk! I greet him with a "Coach Bohl." and he returns the favor, "Gentlemen." while glaring at the cigarette in my mouth. That was cool. But does anyone remember how badly we all wanted that guy out as defensive coordinator? He was like Julch, or Erwin Swinney, but he was the coach! Now what he's done with a school that just moved up to I-AA or FCS (defeated Minnesota, Ball St.) is impressive, but come on. This is the guy who started Pat Ricketts, Scott Shanle, and Erwin Swinney--three of my favorite harrassees of all time. He has a lot of the right characteristics (Lincoln native, coached here, has met me) that I'm looking for in a coach, but I would be severely disappointed if this is what Dr. Tom has in mind for the turnaround.

Tom Rathman, Running Backs Coach, Oakland Raiders

This admittedly would be a stretch, but T.O. has always referred to Rathman as one of his favorite players. Nebraska boy in his 9th year as an NFL assistant. Would definitely bring a dose of hardnosed mentality back to a program in desperate need of some. Won some Super Bowls with the Niners. Defined the big back role in the West Coast Offense. Was offensive coordinator for Tom Brady's high school team in San Mateo, California. Once a had a starring role in a Diet Coke commercial in the early 90's in which NFL players had to chug a 2 liter bottle in order to stop from melting. Would play strongly with the traditionalists, but may be too much of an NFL guy to smoothly transition back to the college game. Also, coaches for the Raiders. See Callahan, Bill.

Brian Kelly, Head Coach, University of Cincinnati

It seems like this guy is the It Coach right now. Rumored for the vacant Michigan position, Kelly is in just his fourth year as a FBS head coach. Spent three years at Central Michigan, turning around a program that few can locate on a map. Prior to leading the Chippewas, dude led Grand Valley State to back to back D-II championships. Is an offensive guy with a pass first mentality. Who cares.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Happy Thanksgiving from HeavySoul...

If you'd like to kill some time between football and turkey, check out Big Daddy Drew's special Thanksgiving edition of The NFL Dick Joke Jamberoo.

This may be my favorite thing on Deadspin. Actually, get rid of the maybe.

Here are my picks tomorrow in my annual quest to kick my bookie's ass on Thanksgiving, which is really what the holiday is about for me. Last year I got him good. Guaranteed 2-1 or your money back.

Packers (-3) over LIONS
DALLAS-Jets under 47
FALCONS (-12) over Colts (have they watched the Colts the last two weeks? This looks too easy)

Thanks for the Millions, Chicago, But I Have A Bandwagon To Catch

So it's looking like there's a good chance that Kerry Wood ends up with the Red Sox in 2008.

I would guess that he still ends up with the Cubs. He seems like a Chicago guy anymore, and seems like a loyal guy, too.

But if he were to leave for Boston because of money, it would be pretty disgusting. All the--literally--millions of dollars the Cubs have given the guy to NOT PITCH, and for him to turn around and bolt as soon as he's seemingly healthy? That would be incredibly disappointing. Despite the ridiculously bad luck the guy has had, and the overall negative impact he's had on the payroll, I've always really liked him and rooted for him to get better and live up to the promise he's always had.

That said, seeing the Red Sox watch millions from their payroll balled up in pain because Kerry's arm just fell off would be entertaining.

Have fun with that, Deuce!

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Last 10 Keywords:

The last 10 search engine keywords that directed people to Heavy Soul:

"David Caruso Calendars" (Google)

"Coach Callahan dippin dots" (Google) - was that you, Deuce?

"The Homy Inn 1510 North Saddle Creek Road" (Google)

"Beatles Brothers" (Google)

"Joey Ganz" (Google)

"creighton sucks" (Google)

"Heavy Soul blog" (Yahoo)

"Andre Woolridge picture" (Google)

"Why nebraska can't play creighton home and home" (Google)

"Nebraska Volleyball asses" (Google)

I would say that sums up the blog pretty well. Creighton sucks, asses, and David Caruso.

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Relevant Pop Culture Tidbits

1. Springsteen is playing the Qwest! With the E St Band! Tickets go on sale Dec 8 and the show is in March. This is the best Springsteen related news since the release of his excellent new album "Magic", and certainly better than when Steven "Silvio" Van Zandt was gunned down by the New York crew outside of the Bada Bing. His guitar playing is excellent for a comatose person, however.

2. "No Country For Old Men" comes out today, and by all accounts it kicks ass. Can't wait to see it. For those who don't know, Cormac McCarthy, the Coen Brothers, and Tommy Lee Jones are all involved. It really just screams "can't miss".

3. I thought this season of "Sunny" was uneven, but the highs were fantastic. "Nightman/Dayman", "The Gang goes Invincible", and "The Gang Dances Their Asses Off," and the one where Mac's dad got released from prison were probably the highlights for me. Overall, I would give the season a B-plus, simply because at least three or four episodes ranked up there with the best.

4. If you don't know already, the AVClub is probably the best site on the Internet. It's kind of snarky, but not too much, and the commenters are generally informed, intelligent, and hilarious. Great times, tons of new content every day.

5. Colorado 38, Nebraska 24. Callahan: gone. Nebraska 67, Creighton 59. The Doc pulls the crazy, southern-fried upset.

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Junk Mail

So every once in a while, I'll get an e-mail at work directing me to check my company junk mailbox. I wanted to share one of the subject lines:

"Make your boner something she won't tear her eyes from"

I have nothing else to add.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

From The "Well, That Took Long Enough" File:

SEC investigating InfoUSA Inc.

"The company said in a short statement filed with the SEC that it had received letter from the federal agency asking for documents about "related-party" transactions, expense reimbursements, other expenditures and "certain trading" in the company's stock."


You mean that you cannot use publicly-traded company money to buy yourself houses, cars, and Memorial Stadium skyboxes? And you can't fly Bill and Hillary Clinton all over the globe for nothing? You're telling me that it seems fishy when you give Bill Clinton $6 million of shareholder's money to be a "consultant?"

I've always wondered if/when this would ever happen. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy about it, either. Karma is coming to getcha, InfoUSA! You can only be shady and treat your employees like shit for so long before it catches up with you...

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Doc Sadler - Realist, Comedic Genius...or Both?

This was taken from Tom Shatel's column today, in reference to Dana Altman and Creighton wanting to play Nebraska twice a year:

"...Told about Altman's idea on Monday, Sadler said, 'I have no problem considering it, but we have to do what's best for both programs."

"...Sadler said on Monday, '[The Creighton game] is the 17th most important game, as far as I'm concerned.' Ouch. In other words, the 16 Big 12 games (including Colorado and Baylor) are more important to Sadler than CU. I understand his thinking. I'm not sure that Creigtonians will appreciate it..."

Well, tough shit, Creightonians. Because I'm pretty sure that Doc doesn't appreciate you trading your red shirts in for blue v-neck cardigans in the winter time.

I thought this line was hilarious, mainly because of this: what Sadler said is true. He's paid to win conference championships and make runs in the tourney (er, get to the tourney). So really, the Creighton game doesn't matter in a lot of ways. Preseason/early season games just don't matter in college basketball that much anymore. However, he could have said it in this way.

Instead, he took a nice little jab at Creighton. And I think that was absoultely intentional. Dana Altman, who is the basketball "god" in the media around here, is trying to push his weight around a bit here. Getting a chance to play a Big XII team twice a year does nothing but pad Creighton's tourney resume.

Playing Creighton twice a year--particularly at this juncture--does nothing great for Nebraska. They get to play a well-coached team twice a year, and could be looking at an additional loss or two for the first year or two of this. But does playing Creighton really get Nebraska ready for the Big XII? Does it really get them ready for the athletes and speed of their opponents they'll face the majority of the season? Does it help their tourney resume enough to play them twice?

Yes, I'm sure it does to an extent. But I don't think there is any way that it helps Nebraska as much as it does Creighton. So stick to your guns, Doc! Do what's best for Nebraska, not the Omaha World-Herald and Dana Altman.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Heavy Soul Store Updated

While Heavy Soul Apparel may be--*ahem*--still in its infant stages, we do still have a Cafe Press store. And because of that, we have updated the store to celebrate our recently discovered influence on the world.

You can buy the shirt here.

Things About Nebraska That Kick Ass

So on Unsportsmanlike Conduct today, they challenged their listeners to come up with a simple list: what in Nebraska is bigger than our football team?

(Thanks for the shoutout from Unsportsmanlike Conduct today! If you want to hear it for yourself, click here. It is towards the middle of the page on the far right. The one you want to download is "Nov. 19th Seg 10: Kevin and Mike'l Go to the Phones." It is about 10:15 into the segment.)

1. One coach can quit and come back to the delight of many, and another refuses to quit to the anger of all.
2. Three words: jacked-up trucks. (This is more for Western Nebraska)
3. Warren Buffett is more powerful than Scott Boras.
4. Speaking of gangsters, the Sandhills makes it very easy to make someone "disappear."
5. Same guy can leave congress seat, lose the governorship, and be appointed athletic director within 5 years.
6. We're not Iowa.
7. We are the only state to inspire a Springsteen album ("Nebraska") and a hit Kanye West song ("The Good Life").
8. Thanksgiving is officially known as "The Week after Deer Season."


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hell on Earth, NJ

I would like to nominate Newark, NJ as the worst fucking place on Earth. If you ever have a connecting flight going through this shit sty, you will know exactly what I'm talking about. This god forsaken hell hole has kept me trapped in airports for over 48 hours in the last 5 days. And I’m not alone in hating this fucking place as a Google search of "Newark Sucks Balls" brought back over 110,000 hits. But in all honesty, make sure you NEVER EVER have a connecting flight in Newark under ANY circumstance. I don't give a fuck where you’re going and what’s at stake, you don't connect in Newark. Unless you’re into flight delays and sleeping on dirty rock hard floors while scary cleaning people eyeball your carry on luggage. After spending over 24 hours in this place on Wednesday, I am again stuck here and approaching the 13 hour mark today. After continuously moving my flight back in 30 minute increments they decided to change the flight to 8 am tomorrow which is convenient because every hotel in the area is now sold out. Just like Wednesday, I am trapped and will be fighting off sleep to protect my luggage from the midnight monsters they call a cleaning crew. If I'm lucky and my flight doesn't get delayed again, I will be getting on a flight to Omaha in about 9 hours. Pray for me.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Warren Buffet Advises A-Rod...Because That Makes Sense

Well, who would have thought A-Rod going back to the Yankees would have such a distincitve Nebraska feel to it?

Rodriguez, on Boras' advise, opted out of the final three seasons of his record $252 million, 10-year contract on Oct. 28. The Yankees had said many times that if he opted out, they wouldn't negotiate because they would lose $21.3 million from Texas for the final three seasons that was agreed to at the time of the 2004 trade, money to offset the $72 million New York owed from 2008-10.

Upset with developments after he opted out, Rodriguez contacted [Warren] Buffett, and the investor told him to approach the Yankees without his agent, the Journal said.

To loosely quote Hova: "Nebraska...we run New York!"

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Friday, November 16, 2007

While the atagonizing is hot...

While living in Omaha, I remember how much fun it was to take shits on Creighton and her fans. They played the role of spoiled step-sister so perfectly, it was almost too easy to humiliate them for their faults. They were like the guys who took Beer League softball a bit too seriously. (Are two batting gloves really necessary?)

In all of the commotion of relocating to Central Iowa, I didn't even realize I was missing a nemesis. I needed one. Superman would have never had the opportunities to save the world if Lex Luthor wasn't trying to destroy it.

I soon realized nemeses aren't something you can just choose. They have to engage in unprovoked prickery. Iowa State didn't seem devious enough. Sure they've had some upset wins (I hate you, 1992), but good for them. Everyone has a place in their hearts for their country mouse cousins, don't they?

All of the frothing at the mouth that Creighton caused pointed me towards Drake. MVC? Check. Overpriced, small private school? Check. These guys were fitting the bill until I learned that they had a football team (a real live one!) named the Bulldogs. No way I can root against the mighty Bulldogs. Consider yourself lucky, Drake. I had a dozen years worth of heartwrenching insults headed your way.

University of Northern Iowa? They play in a dome. Pussies. Their logo also looks much more like a purple muskrat then a panther. Stupid. Notable alums: Kurt Warner, Dennis Burkle. Push. Burk Dog just saved you from ridicule.

Guess who that leaves? Yup. Iowa. The entire state.

Reason 1,503,718 why I love North Platte

I give you North Platte native Katy Byrne (make sure the kids are not around). Also motor boat therapy is the next evolution.

Also props to Mr. Ruiz for finding this. Enjoy.

You ask, You shall receive

Husker Basketball '07-'08

It's Doc-ball year 2, and i promise you all that Nebraska basketball is on the up and up. Doc is that good, I think you all owe it to yourself to take an hour out of your schedule sometime and go watch one of his practices (yes he opens them to the public). It's intense, it's exciting, and you can't help but come away from one not thinking Doc is the type of coach that will always succeed.......even at a football school. Add in the fact that outside of KU the Big XII is very average and the future looks incredibly bright. Did i mention that possibly the biggest recruit since Andre Woolridge just resigned (stupid NCAA clearinghouse or he'd be starting this year as well) and will be playing on the wing for the next 3 years. Roburt Sallie is going to be a stud, i'd go out on a limb and say that if he was playing this year you would have an NCAA tourney team.

On with the predictions..the squad looked great in the first half and poor in the second half against some school with a mascot of the Blue Hose....i shit you not, and came away with a less than inspiring 15 point win last saturday. Tomorrow, Alabama A&M comes to the Bob, after that you get to see them take on Norfolk State. See a pattern? Yes the non-conference schedule is pathetic (insert Creighton jab) and our RPI is going to be attrocious, but i think Doc put toghether this schedule to get some confidence and build for the future, but with this schedule it will take 10 conference wins to get to the dance, and boys that just ain't going to happen. This should be an NIT team, which will be a step for next year.

The Squad:
5-spot: Maric, The big Aussie is back for his senior year (only sr. on the team), will be dominant again and should have more shooters to take off some pressure than he had around him last year. He will get close to 18ppg and 10 rpg. He is far and away our best player and the team will go as he goes. Chris Balham is back again but still isn't healthy. Maric's main backup will be a JUCO transfer named Shang Ping. He's about 6'10 and has very good touch around the rim out to 15 ft, has a decent build but is not a banger. Will be a serviceable replacement and should give Doc more options to play with 2 bigs.
4-spot: This is a weak spot again this year. Ryan Anderson is a great player and ideally would be starting at the 3, but it again looks like he will star t at the 4. He's great on the offensive end and is a tough matchup, but extremely undersized and slow on the defensive end. Alonzo Edwards is a newcomer with a very high ceiling but hasn't looked good in the games so far. If he comes on it would be a great help as Anderson could move back to the 3.
Guards: Much improved this year...Sek Henry and Jay-R Strowbridge are both back and look to be greatly improved but the newcomers are why i'm excited. Ade Dagunduro (yep, Ola's brother) looks like a Div-1 player. 6'5, 190 and long. He's great defensively and is a slasher. Cookie Miller is a 5'7 bug in a jar, he should be the starting PG in my opinion. He's Charles Richardson, but much quicker. He's fun to watch and could be the key to a successful season. Finally their is Steve Harley, came in as the most highly touted recruit in the class but has looked fairly avg to this point. He's a great talent offensively but won't see the floor until he learns to play D.

Here's my fearless prediciton:
I'm saying 11-2 non-conference, wins @ Creighton and @ W. Kentucky but losses to 2 of these 3: Oregon, Rutgers, Arizona State
In conference i'm hoping for 8-8:
Wins - @CU, Baylor, ISU, Tech, Mizzou, OU, @OSU, CU
Losses- KU, @ KU, @ Mizzou, @ KSU, @ aTm, @ OSU, @ Texas

8-8 would get us a favorable seed in the conference tourney, 1 win there and you are looking at a very successful 20 win season and being on the tourney bubble but not getting a bid.

There it is boys, give me yours....

PS...Creighton sucks, Kentucky Blows

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A Blast From The Past...

So I thought I would follow up our discovery of how influential we are by re-publishing a couple of posts that were two of our most popular writings since we started Heavy Soul. I thought I would do this as it is basketball season again, and after a brief Dana Altman scare, Creighton-itis is back with a vengence.

It probably doesn't help that Nebraska was so bad in football, either.

Anyways, on with the show. First, the one that really started it all from Sambuca. This was posted on Huskers Illustrated, and created quite the firestorm on that message board and on this blog. It was written March 15, 2005:

West Virginia; Do Your Job...

Other than any Nebraska Football Game day, my favorite time of year, hands down, is March Madness.

So many teams, so many stories, so much fun. Seriously, is there a better time to sit in front of a TV for 4 straight days than this weekend?

I'm getting excited just typing this nonsense. This leads me to the subject of this post, which might have confused you. OK, here it is:

Dear Mountaineers,

My name is Sambuca84Proof, I am a 25 year old male, and a HUGE Nebraska fan. Over the years I've been fortunate enough to attend countless college sporting events at Nebraska. Let me repeat that for you WVU fans, I meant Nebraska, NOT Creighton. Please don't confuse. Nebraska has the football team that the whole state talks about year 'round, not Creighton. Red is the color that Creighton fans wear during the fall, not blue.

Growing up in Lincoln, I became a die hard NU fan in every sport. Most specifically in football and basketball. Over the years I took advantage of the poundings that the NU MBB team would lay upon Creighton. Year after year, Danny Nee and his group of athletes would wreak havoc on those slow honkies down I-80. It was beautiful. Then I went to college. Danny Nee got fired. Barry Collier took over, started recruiting average (not good) mid-major athletes, and Creighton started winning. Since then, my college basketball life has been at the satisfaction level of a below average mid-major school. (See Creighton: Tony Beroni Years.)

As you can probably guess, WVU fans, Creighton lives in a dream world. In Omaha, the MVC is greater than the ACC, Big East, Big 12 and SEC, COMBINED. Now that's hard to imagine. But if you live in Omaha, read the OWH everyday, live by the words of Dom Shittell, and praise former Big 8 failure, and current Mid-Major Savior - Dana Altman, imagining becomes easy.

So please West Virginia, I beg you. If you only win 1 more NCAA Tourney game the rest of your school history, just make it on Thursday night. Show the world what you're made of. A big east school, playing top notch teams all year long. You crazy Mountaineers can single handedly shut the door on the hypocrisy of Creighton fans. Well, at least until next season starts.

Thanks & Sincerely,

Proud NU Basketball Fan

God, that pissed people off. Then there was this one, that also seemed to hit a blue-blooded nerve:

Where Do You Stand?!? (February 3, 2006)

In anticipation of the big matchup between Creighton and Drake tomorrow night, I thought I would get something off my chest:

I hate Creighton.

I'm serious. It is one of those deep, passionate hates. The "makes blood rush to your head and impair your judgment when you hear the name" hates.

Why do I care about Creighton? That, dear reader, is a great question. Because let's not kid ourselves--Creighton is nothing. Creighton vs. Drake? On a Saturday? The sound of that does not exactly wake the echoes of greatness, does it? I would rather stay at home and hit myself in the balls with a rubber mallet than watch a glorified high school game like that.But I do care. I have to care. I live in Omaha. I'm surrounded by it. And it is sickening. For several reasons:

1. Creighton fans are frauds. Yeah, I said it. Total frauds. Creighton fan is the guy who lives in Omaha and says things like "they play the game right," "Dana Altman is so much like Tom Osborne--he resonates with people in Nebraska," and "I really think Creighton can make some noise in the Big Dance."

First of all, don't say "the Big Dance," ever. Second of all, Dana Altman is nothing like Tom Osborne, other than the fact that he speaks in monotone during interviews--last I checked, he did not win two National Championships and is not considered one of the greatest college coaches of all time. All this aside, the biggest reason Creighton fan is a total fraud? Because every fall, they break out the red shirt and drive down to Lincoln every Saturday...because they're the biggest damned Husker fan in the world. Pick a side, asshole. Now, I am a member of a similar conundrum: I am a Husker fan through and through, but similarly, I am one of the biggest Kentucky basketball fans in the world. Big difference, though: I have always been extremely open about this fact (probably too open for most people around here), and I, as much as I make fun of Husker basketball, genuinely want them to succeed. Creighton fan inexplicitly hates Nebraska--during basketball season. This is horseshit. Bonus fraud points: Creighton fan similarly hates Nebraska baseball. However, as soon as the Huskers make their way to Omaha to play in the College World Series (yes, Creighton, it's true--playing your joke baseball team is not Nebraska's biggest game of the year like it is for you. It is a speed bump, at best.), there's 20,000 Husker fans running around Rosenblatt. Where do all these people come from? You guessed it: Omaha.

2. Creighton basketball games are a "place to be seen" here in Omaha. *gag* Ugg, I just puked in my mouth. For anyone who has been to a Creighton game, you know exactly what I am talking about. It is where the lawyers and doctors parade their happy ass little family around and drink $30 beers while the kiddies eat Thai food or whatever the fuck they serve at the Qwest Center. Get over yourself! These games are unbearable. There's 15,000+ people there, and you can hear a fucking pin drop. Because everyone is too busy glad-handing and talking about the kick-ass options they have on their new Lexus. Here's a thought: put down your Dippin' Dots, sit down in your cushy seat, put away your Kyle Korver Barbie-inspired bobble head that you paid $200 for on eBay, and watch the goddamned game. Yeah, the game! Remember--the reason all these people are at the arena? That's right! Yes, you absolutely can clap your hands! Feel free to get involved with the game!

3. Nate Funk and Kyle Korver. Sweet Jesus. Get these frat guys out of here. "Those guys are gutsy leaders who are just great shooters." Translation: we like it when pretty white boys are our best players. All you (still!) hear about is how great Nate Funk is and how unbelievable it is that they're still winning without him. "It's Dana's best coaching job yet!" Yet you don't hear Creighton fan talk about the fact that ol' Johnny Mathies is carrying the team this year, and is a better player than Nate Funk (and, weird--the guy is from Kentucky). I guess those cornrows scare the Omaha crowd a bit too much to acknowledge how good this guy is.

There are many, many more reasons to hate Creighton. And even though it is Friday, I do have to get back to work at some point, so I will leave it at three. Please, feel free to add to the madness in the comments!

Ah, memories. Anyways, enjoy. And add more if you feel like (and I really don't want to hear anything about my graduate studies status, by the way).

And in order for us to maintain our lofty #59 standing, I'm going to need a Nebraska Basketball season preview out of ezt or sambuca.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Big Time

Wow....59th. Kind of brings a tear to my eye and makes me wonder if it could've been 58th if I still posted. Makes me nostalgic for a simpler time when I didn't work so much and blogged the day away.

And as long as I'm feeling sentimental, here is a link I saw on fark. Apparently the owners of the Log Cabin moved their business out west. Once selling beer at the NP city line on Sundays was no longer a novelty item (because you could buy it in town), they had to do the next best thing. Sell beer in Utah on Sundays.


I Told You Guys This Blog Would Be Sweet!

This is completely insane, friends: we are apparently considered the 59th most influential sports blog on the internet. I kid you not. This is according to Juiced Sports Blog.

Here's the criteria from the page:

"Juiced Sports has decided to profile and rank the big names in sports blogging. Who gets the most hits? Who gets the most attention? Whose opinion matters most? We rank the top 100."

Number 1 is Deadspin. Number 59 is Heavy Soul. We are awesome.

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Join The Revolution!

Ron Paul Collecting Fans, Big Money


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I double-dog dare you...

While I have very little room to speak on physical beauty, I dare you to go to huskers.com and take a look at the bios for the men's basketball team. Holy shit. Those young men fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. I predict three wins based solely on the other team simply becoming tired of looking them in the face. Don't get me wrong, I want athletes to look a little worse for the wear, but I usually want them on the gridiron or wrestling mat. Hoofta. EZT, Sambuca, any word on where these guys came from?

I Didn't Know Herbie Husker Was A Real Dude

This is from a photo essay on Time.com called "Tailgate Nation":

Also, I thought this photo pretty much sums up college. Photo taken in Madison, WI:

I like this one, because it is always entertaining when someone's parents get into the pre-game debauchery. Also, I love the dude (er, well, I think its a dude) to the right of the picture, hoisting up his bottle of Big Red Vodka like its a trophy.

They have MASS on campus before games???? How did I not know this? (Actually, I'm guessing it has to do with Husker Punch)

Lastly, call me crazy, but I thought tailgate parties were a thing to do before a football game. Apparently it is something you do before a sorority formal at Ole Miss. Am I the only person who finds this really, really weird? Who the hell dresses up before football games?

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A Thank You To Sgt. Hales

Click The Link, Sgt. Celebrity.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hindsight is 20/20

"So Joe Ganz would be a Heisman candidate if he would have been the starter at the beginning of the season, right? Bill Callahan really made a mistake starting Sam Keller at the beginning of the year." I've heard both of these statements on Eastern Iowa sports radio today, and between that and a text conversation I had with GA last night, it made me wonder how much different the season would have been if Ganz would have started the entire year. It seems like a lock that Nebraska would have won at least two more games and stayed close in the others. Ganz is able to avoid the pass rush, forces the defense to consider his rushing ability, and is an accurate enough passer that he can rack up 510 yds passing and seven touchdowns against a decent, middle-of-the-road defense.

Why in the world was he not the starter this year? Obviously, Sam Keller had the big name and the Husker faithful wanted him as the starter. Doesn't the coaching staff have to see that he gives us the best chance to win? Granted, as I even included as the title, hindsight is 20/20 and people are going to bitch either way because Nebraska has at least four losses with or without Ganz. You can't even be sure that their record would be any different, but isn't it scary to think that Callahan is probably still the coach at the end of the season if Sam Keller had never transferred to Nebraska?

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Guy Who Gets It vs. One That Doesn't

A lot of people wonder what this team can be like with a new coach, what is going to be that different when we do get one, who could possibly unify a fanbase (someone who embraces tradition but who also happens to be a really good coach), etc.

Then there are those in the media who try to say that no one can win at Nebraska--both in the sense that we can never be as good as we were in the past, meaning that that coach can never win with the fans.

I have always contended that all Nebraska people ask for is a coach who "gets it" and always puts a competitive team on the field.

Now, here is an example of a guy who just doesn't get it:

"Our guys coach to the best of their ability, and they did the best they could." - Bill Callahan

"This is why we did what we did!" - Steve Pederson, after Nebraska beat a pretty average Colorado team

What does that say to you? "Hey, Husker fan, what do you expect? The coaches did the best job they could! What do you expect? Not to mention it's not like we can go out and play for these guys."

OK, now a quote from someone who gets his fanbase and the game he is coaching:

"I want to honor this tradition, this state and this university better than we have so far," - Billy Gillispie, after Kentucky won their season opener by 27 points and held the Central Arkansas Scottie Pippens to 20% shooting from the field (!!!!!!!)

So not only does Coach Billy Clyde not go out of his way to pat himself on the back, he speaks directly to the fans and the tradition of his school and talks about how they all need to get better. After having a great night!

I know, there is a collective eye roll by people reading this because of the seeming Kentucky propaganda. But I really thought it really illustrated the difference between a guy who is a winner and a guy who gets it and...well, sadly, our head football coach.

2 games and counting to the thrills of a coach search!

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Jim Rose Steps Down As Voice of Huskers

That is all

Jim Rose Steps Down As Voice of Huskers

That is all

Sunday, November 04, 2007


The Italian Runza is back for a limited time! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Odd Pairing?

So there I sat, scouring the interwebs for some kickin' new music. Nothing was blowing my skirt up. Then I see this little blurb about Robert Plant mixing it up with bluegrasser Alison Kraus. While I like Plant's work with a previous band of his, and was familiar with Kraus from her work on the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack, I didn't own anything from either artist's solo catalogs. That being said, their collaboration, Raising Sand is my nominee for Most Successful Unpredicted Pairing Award. I suppose I'm used to Plant's banshee wail and not hearing it on this record is what surprised me the most. Kraus' voice is quite pleasing and the combo works in ways I never could have predicted. If you're in the mood for some good old fashioned roots music, give this one a listen.

ESPN.com, You Liar

It is incredible to me to read the following top story headline on ESPN.com (referring to the College GameDay article):


How the mighty have fallen. USC's Trojans have been knocked off their horse, replaced at the top of the Pac-10 with Devils and Ducks. Surprised? Not us.

Yes you are too fucking surprised, ESPN! You fucking liars!

I mean, I am just speechless reading that. How in the hell can you have this on the front page of your website when you spent the entire pre-season talking about how this year's USC team will be the best of them all, they are the concensus #1, blah blah blah.

The arrogance of that company is mind-blowing sometimes.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

It's Basketball Time!

Finally, something to get my mind off this TERRIBLE football season! The NBA tipped off this week, and college basketball is getting underway with exhibitions (Kentucky came out on fire, as they'll be all season, the beginning of the Billy Clyde Era).

The most interesting thing going on right now? Probably has to be the Kobe-to-Chicago trade. What would you give up to get him? From ESPN.com, here are the possible scenarios:

1. "As ESPN.com reported on Saturday, the Lakers have asked for [Luol] Deng, [Tyrus] Thomas, guard Ben Gordon and rookie Joakim Noah as the core parts of any trade for Bryant."


2. "The Bulls, according to ESPN.com's source, are willing to offer an alternative package of Gordon, Noah and Thomas."

What would you do? Obviously, Kobe is one of the best players in the history of basketball. But do you really want to mess with your young core of players that many publications is picking to get to the NBA Finals as is, this year?

Personally, Option 1 is crazy. There's no way I do that trade. Option 2 is certainly plausable. I love Thomas, but who knows if he'll ever become anything more than a guy who can block anyone's shot and dunk hard. I love Gordon, but obviously Kobe is an upgrade times 100. Then there's Joke Noah. I'd trade him for a bag of nickles, just because he is a giant douche bag, and I'm not convinced he will ever amount to much.

So, in my humble opinion, if they could talk the Lakers into Option #2, that would be awesome. I love Tyrus, but Kobe brings just a bit more to the table overall.

Thoughts? Opinions?

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