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Monday, November 26, 2007

Is Bo A Smoke-Screen? Or Is Turner?

God, this is fun.

So there have been people saying for a while now that Bo Pelini was in line to take over for the Nebraska Cornhuskers and lead us back to the Promised Land, 15-yard personal foul penalty by penalty.

But then there are those who say Turner Gill will be the man. How could Tom Osborne not hire one of his best friends?

Well, here are some interesting updates that I am coming across this evening. Who knows...

--It has been well publicized that Buffalo received an official request for permission for Tom Osborne to talk to Gill officially about the Nebraska job. Now, apparently Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported this morning that Monte Kiffen will come in as the Head Coach, with Turner Gill as Associate Head Coach and take over when Monte hangs it up in 4 or 5 years. Sounded suspicious to me, but now the University of Buffalo has said that Gill's end of the year press conference--scheduled for Tuesday--had been moved back to Wednesday. Now it is being reported that this press conference has been postponed indefinately.

I know there are contributors to this blog that either do not think this will not happen or hope it does not happen--or both. I don't have any idea as to what to think at this point. But it certainly is interesting. Between this coaching search and Kentucky's earlier this year, I don't know that my modem nor my marriage can take much more. The good news is that the Omaha World-Herald thinks this could be wrapped up by Wednesday, meaning I am sure that we'll all know who will be named sometime tomorrow.

So what's everybody think is going to happen? Put your rep on the line in the comments...I'll offer mine. Despite having very good information that says the opposite, I for some reason think that Turner Gill is going to be heavily involved in this process. Or Bo Pelini.

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Everything i hear points to Bo and Bo only. I will be shocked at this point if Bo Pelini hasn't been named head coach of this sunken ship by next monday at the latest.
All I am hearing is Pelini as well, although the Kiffin-Gill theory is one I heard yesterday and an interesting one, to say the least.

I am going just going to post odds on what I think will happen:

Bo Pelini: 2/1
Turner Gill: 4/1
Jim Grobe: 6/1
Kiffin/Gill: 10/1
Brian Kelly: 12/1
Other: 15/1
I'm for a Bo - Coach w/ Turner as OC situation. If anything ever happens to Bo, then it's Turner's gig forever. If anyone could pull this off, it would be TO. Plus TG would get a pay raise from his $180K salary he's currently receiving, as well as coming back to the good life...that's worth 100K if it's worth a dollar.
Thought I would pilfer this bit of ingenuity off http://a-peterson.blogspot.com:

"My top candidates to replace Bill Callahan are mostly fictional characters except for Sgt. Slaughter and Bruce Springsteen."
my percentages would be closer to this...

Bo 1/20
Gill 20/1
Kelley 40/1
Grobe 60/1
Field 80/1
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