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Thursday, March 30, 2006

A picture is worth a 1000 words

Just in case ya'll didn't make it out to Deadspin today I thought I would include this.


So Long Heavy Soul....

...we barely knew thee.

How long until this blog dries up and blows away on the wind now that GA can't access it from work?

UPDATE: No. No. No. This blog is not going to blow up. We have worked too hard! We have come too far! Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no! We didn't give up then, and we're not going to give up now!

In all seriousness, just because I cannot post during the day does not mean I am just going to stop posting. Will it put a serious hamper on it? Uh, yeah. Yeah it will. That just means that if everyone else steps it up, the content of this blog should be exponentially better.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I can rest better...

Well the season has finally started. I am so glad that Prior and Wood will be sitting the bench come opening day, it is also nice to hear all the sports writers give the Cubs the axe before the first pitch. This just goes to show you that all 98 Mph fastballs don't mean shit if you don't have the mechanincs to last more than two seasons. Get 'em outta here they are both dead to me.

They always cancel the good ones...

Apparently Conde Nast, who owns GQ, decided to cancel publication of the best men's magazine available in the world, Cargo. Apparently the greedy fucks there decided that a quarter of a million subscribers just wasn't good enough. Piss on them.

This sucks, that was a great magazine.

Glaucoma My Ass!

( Insert Joke Here!)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dart Update

Just to keep you guys in the know, the MIB and I the greatest dart duo in Dort's league history. Not only did we beat the second place team and reigning champions (Charlie and Karl), we beat them eleven to NOTHING. They didn't win a single game. And this is the duo who talks more shit at the bar than anybody. I don't think that there is even a mathematical possibility that we can lose this thing now.

Monday, March 27, 2006

News Flash

There is a bar in Doniphan, NE, called Katie's and it's about 3 miles south of Exit 312 on I-80. It has 2 dollar longnecks of Coors Original and Shuffleboard.

That is all.

Damien Rice

It maybe hard to follow up on a Russle Crow sighting on Leno, but over the weekend I caught Damien Rice on Austin City Limits that was pretty damn good. Much better than the rerun of of Steve Martin on SNL. . .and yes I did stay home on Saturday night.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Quick thoughts on thte Sweet 16

1. Was the UConn/Washington game officiated poorly?
2. Do white guys always cry?
3. Why do I have an 8 a.m. flight in the morning?

Friday, March 24, 2006

Duke Sucks

end of post.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


I caught Russel Crowe's band on Leno last night, and granted I was pretty trashed but it seemed to me that it was almost comically bad. Does anyone have any thoughts/comments on this?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Who's The Weenie?

You guys be the judge: who is the weenie out of the two situations?

A) One Heavy Souler goes out of his way to a local record shop to purchase the new Ben Harper album, "Both Sides Of The Gun," and uses his entire lunch break to do so.

B) One Heavy Souler orders the same album off a mega shopping website from his desk. A website run by a heavy contributor to a political party that he does not like. Waits a week to receive the album.

Let's hear what you think!

Dorts Dart Update

So my dartner MIB and I are currently cruising in first place of the Dorts dart league. We're 5-0 in matches and currently 5 games up on the new second place team (Charlie and Carl) who we play next week. I say "new" second place team because the former second place team (GA Hill and my cousin) was utterly destroyed by the hetero-lifemate duo this week. The score was a whopping 10-1, and you can all imagine the flames that were coming out of GA's ears. If Denephew hadn't consistently told him to calm down, I think we would all be visiting him in the hospital after an aneurism took him down. The best part about the win was that neither MIB nor I was throwing well; Mr. and Mrs. Passmore just couldn't close the door when they had a lead. It was fun coming from behind in almost every game and watching the disbelief and anger spread across GA's face. To quote the man himself: "How much fun is a game if you don't win?"

P.S. Anyone who wants to come watch the biggest match of the season should come down to Dorts next monday.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Relative Cost Of Drinking; or The Death Of A Salesman

There's something to be said about relative vs. real costs of things. For example, what is the relative vs. real cost of drinking? Let's examine Saturday, March 11th for GA Hill:

Real cost of alcohol: $25.00 (approx.)

Relative cost of alcohol: Reputation + $25.00 + $298.00

As I am sure most that read this blog have heard, I was supposed to be on a Frontier flight Sunday morning at 7:00 AM. This was a company-financed flight. However, due to the drinking I decided to indulge in Saturday night, along with somehow knocking my cell phone (which is used as an alarm clock) underneath my bed, I awoke from my slumber at 7:02 AM.

This brings us to the relative cost. Because of drinking, it cost me the original ("real") cost of around $25 for beer, plus my reputation as being somewhat reliable and timely (at work; not socially, of course), plus the cost of a one-way airline ticket to San Francisco which was $298.

News Flash: I am an idiot.

Did hell freeze over?

No. I just went to the gym today.....before work.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Husker Nation

I apologize if you got this in an E-mail but sometimes they don’t go through. I think this is a great Husker video that needs to be passed along.

Reflections from the Perfect Storm

My thoughts from a full day of drinking and hoops watching on Friday.

1. St. Patrick's Day should not be during round 1 of the NCAA tourney...ever.

2. Why can't they stagger the start time of games. Say, start one game every 30 minutes so I can just watch the 2nd half of different games all day.

3. If the tourney committee thinks they need to have a play in game, it should be between the last two at-larges selected. I hate that a team wins their conference tourney, then still gets shut out.

4. The dinner break totally sucks. However, I was able to help pass the time by playing a couple of hours of Canadian blackjack in the bar. I picked up a quick $50 and a lot of funny looks at our table that was covered in money.

5. Green beer is delicious.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

This is a ridiculous sentence

Disorderly House

mmmm...thankfully these weren't the same penalties given when we were in college. 30 fricking days in the slammer for a party?????

Saturday, March 18, 2006

My Lenten Sacrifice

Some give up meat on Fridays. Others, soda or some other vice. Not me. Apparently I've given up moderation for lent. I have sacrificed my liver. Unbeknownst to me at the time, but Ash Wednesday marked the beginning of a bender the likes of which have not been seen by my poor insides since early in the decade.

It didn't begin as a goal of mine to drink for 40 days and 40 nights. It just happens that Mondays I have a dart league at a bar. Tuesdays are usually the best nights to go to the Moon for Pint Night. Wednesdays are normally reserved for Lost. Forget about Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. There's no point in feeling bad for drinking on those days. And Sundays are becoming the new Thursday.

I'm frightened because at no point during these past 18 days have I had much difficulty finding an occasion to drink. And there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. I don't think I'll make it to 40 days, because like most of my good ideas, I lack the follow through necessary of greatness. Thank God.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Jesus Christo

Well day one of the of the NCAA tournament is over and here are the official stats.

1. Drinking tip off 1130 A.M.

2. Hours of drinking: 13

3. Hours spent with the hiccups: 4

4. Times I yelled at the television, both bad and good: 3,000

5. Time I posted this: 209 A.M.

The scary thing is that I have to do this all again tomorrow, plus it is St. Patty's Day to boot. Betty Ford here I come!!!

Jesus Christo

Well day one of the of the NCAA tournament is over and here are the official stats.

1. Drinking tip off 1130 A.M.

2. Hours of drinking: 13

3. Hours spent with the hiccups: 4

4. Times I yelled at the television, both bad and good: 3,000

5. Time I posted this: 209 A.M.

The scary thing is that I have to do this all again tomorrow, plus it is St. Patty's Day to boot. Betty Ford here I come!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006


GA Hill your Insider account is messed up. I can not get the Insider RealTime window to work

I Salute You...

1. Russ Feingold
2. March Madness
3. The Daily Show for having a reference to the Contra code for 30 guys last night.
4. Myself for actually posting this week. Apparently with GA out of town we're all just going to mail this thing in.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What has two thumbs....

and is tired of Prior being such a pussy?

This guy.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I'm still going to Join Bode.

Here is the link for an article Klosterman had on page 2 about Bode Miller today. It says things in a slightly different way than I have been since the Olympics, but still very interesting.


The long and the short of it is that Bode Miller is more like everyone who writes for this blog than potentially any other athlete in professional sports, with the exception of Sydney Ponson. But most of us get drunk and don't bother fighting.

I can't make this shit up...


Monday, March 13, 2006

Our own movie!

So I was searching for the trailer to a movie called Brick which did really well at Sundance last year and I came across the trailers for a movie named HEAVY SOUL! I couldn't really figure out what it was about, but its in black and white, has somewhat of a fifties theme, and has drugs and sex from what I could deduce. It seems fairly low budget so we'll probably never get a chance to see it, but here's the website with the trailers anyway:

Friday, March 10, 2006

heads up

Just wanted to let all of ya'll know that I will be in Omaha April 1-3 for the sole purpose of hanging out. No family, no wife, no commitment. We are going out and we are going to get drunk; and on Monday we are going to go out, get drunk and watch opening day baseball. If any of you have a free couch for that weekend I will be needing a place to crash. I would also like to get a Barrett's philly beef at some point.

That is all

Thursday, March 09, 2006

When it's ok to drink before 10a.m.

After reading a great mailbag from the sports guy and being at the boats until 5 am with Big Boi, Hales, and Benson on Wednesday I think we should all talk about when it's ok to drink before 10am. This was inspired by Bill Simmons of course.

I'll start it off with a few that weren't mentioned in the mailbag.
-If people mention the words, "the bar will be open again in an hour" and you are awake.
-Your hungover and your number fantasy draft has a knee injury during the first game.

Congratulations, Pete.

That's right suckas. This is my first post as a Husker football season ticket holder.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What a great friggin month

Things that will make me a very happy man over the next month:
-March Madness...enough said, top that off with I am actually going to the Final 4...i might not be able to contain myself if Duke actually makes it.
-State Basketball this weekend...i'm like a kid in a candy store
-15 home Husker baseball games in a span of 20 days, including for the first time ever an SEC team coming to Lincoln...that's a ton of beer to drink in the parking lot and chinese horseshoes to be tossed.
-Creighton being left out of the NCAA tourney...i look forward to all of the tears flowing out of omaha next Sunday...my guess is that alone will create the Ashland lake
-My bachelor party in Denver: booze-yes, boobs-please, Nuggets game-sounds good, Partying with the Nuggets dance team-two please....For anyone interested in attending this spectacle let me or my brother know...weekend of April 8th
-the beginning of golf season

March is always an outstanding month but it's going to be tough to keep the smile off my face...oh did i mention i took a new job with 80% less BS???

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Funny Thing Happened....

on Sunday night. Down in Palm Springs, BigBoi and I went to see the movie Block Party. As we were waiting for the movie to start, I mentioned I would probably have a blog post that looked something like this.

Title: You owe me $4.25...
Body: Because I paid $9.25 to see Block Party and it was maybe worth $5.

Then I would've ranted for a while about how it was disappointing, etc. However, I actually really enjoyed it. I thought it had a good positive vibe throughout, and I thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative nature of the music.

So, as difficult as this is to say, thanks GA for getting me to go see the movie.

On a slightly more shocking note. On a 3 day vacation, BigBoi and I only drank a combined 24 beers. As someone with a guitar once said: "Times, they are a changing."

UPDATE: Glad you enjoyed it, gage. I was going to finally write my review on it tonight, but instead of burying this post and being redundant, I am going to piggyback this one.

I say redundant because that is exactly what I thought of it. It was a very happy film. Mrs. GA Hill and I left the theater with smiles on our faces. A great day of positivity. The music was (predictably) fantastic. But I really enjoyed the behind-the-scenes aspect of it. And the labor of love that Chappelle puts into this entire deal really shines through--it suprisingly lacked a lot of jackass moments, but had an abundance of feel-good moments. Don't get me wrong: it definately has hilarious moments. But it was inspirational, as well. In particular, one of the final scenes where Wycleff is talking to this college marching band and asking them what would they do if they were president. And I tell you what: I turned into a Democrat at that moment in the theater (don't worry, I went back to hating small children and exploiting poor people a couple of hours later).

All boiled down, it was a fantastic movie. A+ in my book. And it was very different than what I expected.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Not to get political....

..but this is hilarious. Barbara Streisand--one of our foremost authorities on political happenings here in America--wrote a scathing essay on George W. Bush, presumably on her website (I cannot look at it because here at work, all "entertainment" sites are blocked). She mocks him for being a "C student" and generally being dumb.

The beauty of this is that her essay contains 11 spelling errors, including four in one sentence:

"In the 1970’s, during the Nixon Adminstration, serious political curruption arose and the Republican leadership stepped up and took responsibilty by holding hearings and subpoening administration officials"

She also spells Iraq "Irag," corruption "curruption," and so on.

Again, I don't care about the content or who it is about. I just find it hilarious that you write an essay calling someone dumb, then proceed to look like you have an sixth-grade level education.

I love Hollywood!

Block Party

It has been three days since the release of the best movie of our generation, and I am dumbfounded at the fact that GA has yet to give us a review.

Friday, March 03, 2006

The door is open...

For the old switch-a-roo.


So we call up Duquesne: "Hey Duquey-pie, how'd you like to have a mid-major coach? We've got one we don't need anymore, and in exchange, we'll absorb Danny-boy's contract so he can finish his career in Red!!!"

Maybe Nee could re-unite with his old bag man he used to assemble that 90-91 team and bring us back to the tourney!

One for the Good Guys

Published FridayMarch 3, 2006
Jays falter in MVC opener

Bradley upends Creighton 54-47 this afternoon in the first round of the Missouri Valley Conference tourney in St. Louis.

The only thing I like more than watching my teams win, is watching all others fail.

A's 7, Cubs 8

Cubs rule, A's drool.

That is all.

Dave Chappelle's Block Party!!!!

Son! It's here, bitches!

I have been getting (undeserved; expected) shit about my excitement for this film. So, just to help validate my excitement:

"A kick-ass block party! Blissful perfection!" -- GQ Magazine

"You will wish you'd been invited to Dave Chappelle's Block Party, but watching the documentary...is the next best thing. Besides being filled with Chappelle's hilarious sense of humor, the movie features life-affirming messages and great music by serious rap artists with political, socio-cultural and spiritual themes." -- USA Today

"A house band (Ed. Note: It is The Roots, you dumb ass) provides a great blues/funk backbone for a mix of hip-hop, rap, and soul. All are having so much fun, I'm not even a big fan of hip-hop but I had a great time too." -- Hollywood Report Card

"'This is the best single day of my career,' Chappelle says at the film's end, sitting down for a quite moment after the music and laughter have stopped. And you absolutely believe him." -- Associated Press

"A state of the hip-hop nation address that should be seen by everyone who dismisses rap music as violent, misogynistic and sociopathic." -- Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"This is a concert film with real soul, message and emotion. Its coin is all too rare these days." -- Dallas Morning News

"The most important film of our generation." -- Heavy Soul

All jokes and reviews aside, I will be attending two to three viewings of this movie today at AMC out at Oak View, depending on what time I get off work. If anyone wants to go--which I am guessing is no one except for poor Denise, who will be forced to at least two showings--let me know. I cannot be more excited.

If time permits, I will also be attending 16 Blocks, starring Mos Def and Bruce Willis. This is also supposed to be a very good movie. But only if time permits.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Tourney Time!

Next weekend its boys state basketball tourney weekend. As most of you know, it's my happy time. This year's tourney is looking to be wide open, i think that there are at least 3 teams in every class with a legit shot at a state title this year. Here is a link to his year's brackets.

Class A: Bellevue West will be trying to 3-peat. They have a sophomore guard (Antoine Young) who is the second best player in the state behind Lincoln SE's (or should i say Texas') Matt Hill. Lincoln NE has been rated #1 most of the year and looks to win their first title since the mid-90's when they won a buttload. They have the best shooter in the state (Andrew Bridger) and might be the team to dethrone BWest. LSE and Omaha Central both could contend as well.
My Pick: Bell. West
Sleeper: Omaha Bryan

Class B: What a cluster F*&% this turned out to be come district time. The top 4 in Wild Card points going into districts all lost...meaning Beatrice and Gretna both are left out of state. Aurora is the clear cut favorite here...2 losses on the season but both to a sneaky Crete team. Ralston has been hot lately and plays great D but struggles on the offensive end. Omaha Skutt enters as the #2 seed and might be Aurora's biggest hurdle. Blair could contend as they have 2 of the best players in the whole class but not much around them.
My Pick: Aurora
Sleeper: Crete

Class C-1: Wahoo Neumann will win this class, they are GOOD...and i'm not only saying that because they beat us by 40 the first time we played them. They face off with Boys Town in the first round who they beat 3 times this year but was the only team other than Class B Blair to ever really challenge Neumann. Pierce looks to be the top contender and had a great year. The Wild Cards in this class (Norfolk Catholic and Adams Central) should be a great first round game. The #3 seed is Louisville...I saw them play Neumann at the end of the year and it looked like Mid-Plains playing Duke.
My Pick: Neumann
Sleeper: Boys Town

Class C-2: Ravenna and David City Aquinas....that's all you need to know. These 2 teams are both good and would contend for larger class titles. Ravenna only lost to BWest by 10ish in their showdown...Aquinas lost twice to Neumann but kicked the crap out of good teams in larger classes all year. At the end of the year they beat 2 ranked class B teams and 3 ranked C-1 teams. If these 2 teams don't get upset it will set up as the most anticipated game of the whole tournament. Most people know how good Ravenna is because of their BWest game and all the times they scored 90 or 100 this year...but i'm here to tell you, they will have their hands full with Aquinas.
My Pick: Aquinas
Sleeper: Ponca

D-1 Pick: Humphrey St. Francis
Sleeper: Wauneta-Palisade

D-2 Pick: Spencer-Naper
Sleeper: Wallace


Wow i'm a nerd...OC when you coming down?

My New Favorite Picture

Big Boi, Save me a seat on the train directly to hell.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Polar update

Not sure if any of you care, but I thought I would update you all on the progress of that polar expedition I mentioned a while ago.

40 days in and they have reached the halfway point. They suspect they have another 30 or so days, but their food is getting lower. In the begining they fought a lot of drift so they actually went backwards dispite walking all day. Since then they have made good progress but stuff keeps breaking due to cold and they have had a few probelms with frost bite. They have had to swim gaps in the ice as large as 300 meters and one of the guys even fell in the water without his special suit on. It is still dark but they are getting some light/color in the sky - enough to turn off their headlights at times. (It actually sounds really beautiful from a scenic photography standpoint.) They are optimistic that they will succeed in their end goal.

Anyway, don't know if anyone cares, but I am terribly intersted. It amazes me how some poeple live their lives and how they push themselves. It makes me look at my life and wonder if there is more I should be pusing myself to do.

Again the link is http://www.mikehornnorthpole.com if anyone is interested as much as I am.

What's with Zach Greinke?

I actually meant to post this yesterday, but was on the road the whole day.

Greinke left Spring Training unexpectedly the other day, and did not say when he was going to be back.

What's the latest, Delusional?

Just for ezt and big boi:

Two days, bitches!

April 3

I just marked April 3 for a vacation day. . .whose celebrating the holiday with me?

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