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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Thom Yorke- The Eraser

This was accidentally leaked yesterday. Get it while you can.


Like Brett Favre.....

without the soul.

I would like to be the first to tell Roger Clemens to go piss off. I thought the whole Favre retire/play discussion was agitating and drawn out, but it pales in comparison to Clemens. At least with Favre, he was always going to be a Packer and money wasn't a question. Clemens just seems to be trying to extract every last dime from the Astros. At some point in time it might just be nice to see the Astros tell him to take that big old ass down the road.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New Logo

Vote on whether or not to use this logo (or any other logo ideas anyone might have), or to keep the old one. This came strictly out of the "bored-the-day-after-Memorial-Day-and-cannot-get-motivated" blues, and some doodling. So my feelings will not be hurt in the slightest if people don't like it...I'm not even sure I'm thrilled with it. Just thought we'd change it up today. Wheeee!

Anyways, share your thoughts in the comments. And harry, anymore obscene comments out of you, and you're getting a suspension! Only I get to make crass remarks about the super girlfriend.

Things you hate to hear

Over the weekend Dr D-Bags girlfriend was nice enough to invite Laura and myself to her cabin, just south of Omaha. About a hour after arrival we decided to take the boat out for a tour of the lake. So we drop the boat down and I climbed into the bow ready to enjoy a slow trip around the lake. All of a sudden I feel the boat jump forward a bit, and the first words that I hear from our captain on this trip "I always forget how to make this thing go backwards" I damn near crapped myself.

Things you hate to hear

Over the weekend Dr D-Bags girlfriend was nice enough to invite Laura and myself to her cabin, just south of Omaha. About a hour after arrival we decided to take the boat out for a tour of the lake. So we drop the boat down and I climbed into the bow ready to enjoy a slow trip around the lake. All of a sudden I feel the boat jump forward a bit, and the first words that I hear from our captain on this trip "I always forget how to make this thing go backwards" I damn near crapped myself.

The field of 64 is set

Yesterday the NCAA announced the field for the NCAA baseball tourney so GA asked me to put together a post about the 16 regionals. Boys we are only 3 weeks away from hearing the "Back Home to Omaha" tune that I love so much....Get your drinking shoes on boys, the CWS is almost here. We all know we will be there, but what 8 teams will be joining us??? Here's my breakdown:

Clemson Regional - Clemson (#1), Elon, Miss. St., and UNC-Ashville
Pick: Clemson
Sleeper: none
Analysis: Not much to say here...Clemson has been the most consistent team in the country and drew the easiest region. It's a joke that Miss. St. even made the tourney considering they didn't even make their own conference tourney....guess it helps that their AD was the head of the committee

Arkansas Regional: Okie St, Princeton, Oral Roberts, Arkansas
Pick: toss up between Arkansas and OSU
Sleeper: ORU...they beat both OSU and Arkansas during the year in midweek games
Analysis: Okie St. is a great ball club that is terribly inconsistent. They went 0-3 in OKC including getting waxed 21-6 in their last game...but still if their bats show up they should win this region even though they are the only traveling #1 seed. Arkansas having home field advantage greatly helps their chances to advance. This is a tough regional but if I had to pick right now I'd go with Arkansas at home.

Kentucky Regional: UK, Ball St., Notre Dame, Col. of Charleston
Pick: UK
Sleeper: Domers
Analysis: Tough regional with 3 teams with 42+ wins...but no real tourney mainstays. Kentucky has been incredible this year in the SEC and is the biggest surprise team in the country going from the bottom of the league to the top in one season....but they don't have much postseason experience. CoC has been good this year finishing 1 game behind Elon in the Southern Conference but have a pretty week SoS. Ditto for the Domers....the Big East is horrible in baseball. They do have a couple solid arms so they could be the spoiler for UK.

Georgia Tech Regional: GT (#8), Stetson, Michigan, Vandy
Pick: GT
Sleeper: Vandy
Georgia Tech is the best club in this region....but the best pitcher is Vandy's David Price. He's a 6'6 lefty that touches mid 90's and has one of the nastiest breaking pitches i've seen...very Randy Johnson-ish. So if Vandy holds him for a sat. matchup against GT they might have a chance.

Fullerton Regional: CSF (#5), ST. Louis, San Diego, Fresno St.
Pick: CSF
Sleeper: San Diego
Analysis: I won't lie, i don't follow the west coast teams like I should but CSF is always touney tested and has been red hot at the end of the year. San Diego has been a "buzz" team all year so i'll take them as my sleeper.

Pepperdine Regional: Pepperdine, Mizzou, UC Irvine, UCLA
Pick: toss up for all 4 teams...i'll take Mizzou
Sleeper: UC-I
Mizzou a #4 seed? are you kidding me? That has to just suck for Pepperdine who gets to host their first regional ever and your draw....Max Scherzer and a peaking Mizzou team. Than throw in UCLA and Irvine and you've got a fun, very competitive regional. I'll go with the Tigers because of Scherzer and Culp at the front of their rotation. They have the talent to make a post season run and I would expect the winner of the opening Mizzou/Pepperdine game to come out of this regional.

N. Carolina Regional: UNC, Maine, UNC-Wilmington, Winthrop
Pick: UNC
Sleeper: Winthrop
UNC comes in with a great pitching staff and if they can get back to their mid season form after a mini-slump (2 and Q in the ACC tourney) to end the seson, they will win this regional. Winthrop won 44 games this season and actually beat the Tar Heels in their one meeting this year.

Alabama Regional: Bama (#4), Jacksonville St., S. Miss, Troy
Pick: Bama
Sleeper: Troy
Analysis: Bama is one of the best pitching teams in the nation and I think they handle this regional pretty easily. S. Miss finished 4th in a very tough C-USA but struggled against the really good teams in their conference (Rice, Tulane, and Houston). Troy won 45 games this year including beating Bama 8-5 during a March midweek game....they could be the spoiler here, but none of these teams have the talent to match up with the tide.

Rice Regional: Rice (#2), prairie View, Baylor, Arizona St.
Pick: Rice
Sleeper: Baylor, ASU could both pull this one off
Analysis: Rice is tough...as usual they have great pitching and are very well coached. Degerman is their ace and hasn't hardly been touched all year (11-1 1.80 ERA). Than they bring in the Savery kid who was a stud last year but was injured until the midway point. They also have one of the best closers in the nation in St. Clair....this team can just shut any offense down and is exactly the reason I am picking them to win the whole thing this year...but making it out of the regional won't be cake. Baylor struggled early but return
s most of their CWS team from last year. ASU took 2-3 from Baylor in Waco early in the year and beat Rice in a tourney so they have the ability to win this regional....but struggled on the road all year. In the end Rice wins a bunch of low scoring games and moves on.

Sooner Regional: OU, TCU, Wichita St., Houston
Pick: Houston
Sleeper: TCU
This is the second toughest regional this year...TCU as a 4 seed is brutally tough, I have no idea what the committee was doing but that sucks as a draw for the poor Sooners. OU got redhot during the middle of the year but struggled at the end of the year but is a very balanced club. Houston was great this year and arguably should have been a #1 seed. They were runner up to Rice in C-USA and have Brad Lincoln at the front of their rotation who could end up being the #1 draft pick. He went 12-1, 1.64 ERA and had 147 SO in 121 innings pitched this year...the kid is money and he will own Wichita St. in round 1.

Virginia Regional: UVA, Lehigh, Evansville, S. Carolina
Pick: UVA toss up
Sleeper: Cocks
Analysis: Virginia led the field in wins this year and gets a home regional which gives them the slight nod over tourney tested USC. Virginia finished 3rd in the ACC but never lost a series at home. USC was good at the beginning of the year but faded to 15-15 in the SEC....UVA should advance.

Georgia Regional: UGA (#7), Sacred Heart, Jacksonville, Florida St.
Pick: Georgia
Sleeper: Jacksonville
Analysis: Georgia should win this series fairly easily. Florida St. has been your typical Seminole team this year but played better at the end of the year and lost in the ACC title game. Josh Morris from UGA hit 20 HR and had 60 RBI's this year...he's actually one of 3 dawgs with double digit dongs.

Husker Invitational: NU (#6), the Jaspers, the Dons, and the Canes
Pick: NU
I'll spend some more time on this regional in a separate post. This all comes down to which NU team shows up...if its the team in of April and early May than forget about the canes go home happy....Otherwise we are good to go. One suprising note is that we will be facing a great ace from Manhattan on friday which scares me a little. Joba could K about 26 in that game though.

Ole Miss regional: Ole miss, B-Cookman, S. Alabama, Tulane
Pick: Miss.
Sleeper: Tulane
Analysis: Tulane is tough and finished right behind Rice in C-USA. Ole Miss got red hot at the end of the year winning 10 of their last 11...including sweeping ARkansas and than marching through the SEC tourney to the title. If Ole Miss plays as well as they have been they win easily...if the team of the beginning of the year shows up we will see the Green Wave in Lincoln in 2 weeks.

Beaver Regional: Oregon ST., Wright ST., Hawaii, and KU
Pick: KU/Beavs
Analysis: This region is simple to me, if OSU throws their ace (Dallas Buck...been a college stud for the last 2 years...11-2,2.92 ERA) against Wright St. than the redhot Jayhawks win this regional. KU can flat out swing the bats, they are a great hitting team and the Price kid who got in a brawl during their Mizzou tourney game will be back after missing the title game will be back from his suspension. If they hold buck back look for OSU to hold home court.

Austin Regional: Whorns (#3), UT-Arlington, Stanford, NC St.
Pick: Whorns
Analysis is simple its UT, Soggie Burrito, and the postseason which unfortunately always equals wins.

Super Regional Picks
Clemson over Arkansas
GT over Kentucky
Cal St.-Fullerton over Mizzou and we all rejoice because Kevin Costner will be in Omaha
UNC over Bama
Rice over Houston
Neb over Ole Miss
UT over KU

further I'll take Rice over Fullerton in the final series.

Post predictions here so i can laugh at all of you.

Was There Really No Room For An "A?"

Driving to work today, I found myself at a stoplight behind a truck with vanity plates that said:


Now, I eventually figured out it was saying "Can't Pull," referring to the truck being sweet...or something. But I'll tell you one thing: "Can't" was not the first word I thought of when I saw "CNT." And with that followed by "PULL," well, that just sounds a bit dominatrix, doesn't it?

Friday, May 26, 2006

4-18 in their last 22....

your 2006 Chicago Cubs.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

As you may or may not know....

along with my triumphant return to the mound in slowpitch softball this year, I've also gone deep this season. I feel this article sums up what it's like to be me.


...the worst possible time.

So last night I was watching the season finale of Lost, and at 9:05 halfway into the episode, during the commercial that followed Eko blasting the hatch my cable went out. I was pissed. Our cable is transmitted from a main reciever in the building, it is always kind of sketchy, and wouldn't you know it gave out at one of the most important nights on television. I was even recording it, but all the recording got was static as well. Where are the rabbit ears when you need them. I was left hanging until this morning when I was able to read the synopsis online, but it wasn't the same. I guess I will have to wait for the rebroadcast or hope someone else Tivo'd

Of all the times to lose cable, I think I said "shit" 40 times after it went out.

Thank you iPod Shuffle

I just had my iPod on Shuffle this morning as I worked away and it hit a great song I'd never heard before. Now, 3 consecutive listenings to the album, I'm giving it very high marks. I think I was given the cd a while back, threw it on my iPod and forgot about it. Anyways, it's great.

The Honorary Title - Anything Else But the Truth

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Big Snub


I don't know if any of you watched or heard about the White Sox/As game on Monday, but it was Frank Thomas' big return to Chicago. The Chicago fans, having a reputation for being degenerates showed a lot of class by giving the big hurt a standing ovation before his first at bat. In that same at bat he cranked a homerun. Showing more class and respect than really neccessary, the Sox fans actually cheered for the homerun and applauded as he rounded the bases. It was pretty cool.

More background:

I work in downtown Chicago across the street from the Westin hotel. The Westin is where most of the sports teams stay when they come to town. Everyday a group of about eight guys wait across the street with notebooks, basballs, hats, programs, or whatever to get autographs as the player leave the hotel en route to the games. Its the same eight guys everyday and it is kind of pathetic, but I don't judge.


As I watched the autograph hounds from my window, a huge black Bentley pulls up at the Westin and the Big Hurt steps out. The hounds proceed to jump to their feet and excited walk across the street to get his autograph. Now I can't hear what goes down but Frank acknowledges the group, but doesn't sign any autographs. He then proceeded to get luggage out of his trunk, walk it up to the valet, turned around, walked back to his car, and drive off without giving any signatures. He was there a total of 30 seconds. The autograph hounds had to walk back across the street empty handed.

Now I don't feel that athletes should get hounded everywhere they go (I saw Barry Zito in our store yesterday and I didn't say anything to him) however I thought this action was very shady considering that when he played here, Chicago fans had nothing but love for Frank. Then you add the outstanding welcome the fans at the Cell gave him on Monday and it seems like he could have taken 30 extra seconds to sign eight autographs in the city that holds the guy in such hig regard. Maybe what Ken Williams said about the guy is right, maybe he is a big jerk.

Berman Comes Alive!

If you don't already know the background, better ask someone.


I has taken me quite a while but I have finally found a KC Royals blog that honestly make me enjoy being a fan http://www.royalsreview.com/ For example here is a excerp from todays entry:

As Royals Review reader Benjamin McCarthy pointed out over email, a game like last nights amazingly makes you long for the days of Kerry Robinson in centerfield. Instead, we saw Guiel patrolling center, following in the grand tradtion of horrible Royal OF defense. Actually, I'm not wholly against the move by Bell -- which surely will be retracted tonight for no real reason -- as an attempt to get more offense into the lineup/give Costa more rest. Bottom line: I think we're all ready for the return of David, whenever that may be. So here we are, 10-33 after blowing a game in which the Royals blasted 4 homers, including two from Grudz and held a 4-0 lead, then a 5-3 one in the 8th. Ouch.

Here's the Win Probability Chart of the game:

Amazing . . .

Operation Clean Sweep

So Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) is currently in its final phases. The Deuce has carried out a one-man operation the likes of which the world has not seen for quite a while. Still, the toughest enemy has yet to be faced - Osama Bin Refrigerator. This monstrosity has been avoiding detection for some time. Its time has come. As God is my witness this Shithole will be CLEAN. I'm not going to lie to you, OCS has taken more manpower than lawschool. I feel like I've accomplished more in the last three days than the last three years. So feel free to come over and destroy all my hard work tonight as we celebrate the complete destruction of the Others, Hurley losing his virginity with Charlie, and Locke and Mr. Echo forming their own B.A.D.A.S.S. society. Doors open at 7 PM.

Even though no one on this blog exercises

I've got to say this new Nike/iPod thing seems pretty cool. It seems like the kind of thing that I'll buy hoping that it incents me to start jogging. Then I'll remember no matter how cool my stuff is, jogging is still jogging.

There are a number of stories on the internet about it. I read several and the best was on ESPN Insider. So if you still have GAHill's password, I'm recommending that article.


Don't Feel Right!

I do not know how I have not posted this yet: The Roots' new single, "Don't Feel Right," is out now. This is in advance of their new album, "Game Theory," out August 29th! I love the song--it is a bit of a different direction for The Roots. I particularly like how the song changes in a totally different direction at the end, going on some "Jungle Boogie" type ish.

So take a listen and comment on it below.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I'm new at this....

but I think it feels kind of demeaning to ask someone to be my friend on myspace. i'm going to have to really swallow my pride to get going on this one.

Can Someone Please Explain This To Me?

Over the weekend, the FBI raided the office of Representative William J. Jefferson (D) of Louisiana. The reason for the raid was because of video- and audiotaped conversations of Rep. Jefferson referring to several bribes he has taken, specifically a recent $100,000 bribe. This is also the same Rep. Jefferson who used the National Guard--while there were thousands and thousands of stranded people in New Orleans--to take him to his huge house on a Humvee so he could rescue personal belongings from his home during the worst of Katrina.

The FBI found $90,000 (the other $10,000 is unknown) wrapped in tin foil and in Tupperwear in his freezer at his home.

In summary, what we have is a Congressman who--on VIDEO--admitted to taking bribes, and even bragged about writing in code to throw off any kind of Federal investigators on said video.

So why is it, exactly, that members of the Legislative branch (Republican and Democrat alike) are up in arms about this raid? They have referred to it as extending the power of the Executive Branch much too far.

I know that Democrats certainly believe that the Bush Administration has flexed the Executive Branch's muscles far too often during these first 5.5 years. But how does this constitute in an abuse of Executive Power? The FBI had proof of the bribe, video of Rep. Jefferson taking the bribe, a warrant to go into his office and home...what the hell is the problem here?

I do not believe that this is a partisan argument whatsoever--I see this as the Legislative Branch stupidly standing up for "one of their own," in fear that the same could happen to them. There has been an unprecedented level of corruption (on BOTH sides of the isle) in Congress over the past 10 years, and this is a blantant and hole-proof case of it. So why are so many Congressmen up in arms about it?

I think it is because most of those bastards probably have used the same form of "influence" for their personal business ventures.


Does This Constitute As A Problem?

Does what constitute a problem, you ask? Well, I received my new Esquire magazine in the mail a week ago, but took a while to get to it. Featured on the cover: "The Best Bars In America."

Do I have a problem because I:

A) Was visibly angry there were no bars in Nebraska featured (but several from New Mexico, Montana, etc.), and
B) Even more angry that I had never been to any of the bars featured (that I could remember)?

I would lean towards yes, in fact, I have a problem.

Make me feel better about myself in the comments. Please?

Possible worst day ever

This morning I couldn't adjust my fantasy baseball team at work. While I am genuinely concerned about this specifically, I'm terrified that it could be part of a larger problem....I just hope it doesn't continue.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Uh, does this look unfazed?

Congrulations to Soprano's

I think it reached a new low last night. The Carmella in Paris story line was one of the most boring and weird I've ever seen (since the Tony coma dream sequence). I really can't even decide if I like the show anymore. I mean seriously, if I want to deal with crazy middle age women, I'll just call my mom instead.

Michelle Barrett

After watching the Chicago brawl numerous times here is what I saw from Michael Barrett.

A play at the plate where both Barrett and Pierzynski know there is going to be a collision.
Result-Barrett attempts to block the plate but is left laying on his back 4 feet behind it.

Barrett sucker punches Pierzynski.
Result- Pierzynski takes the punch unfazed, infact he doesn’t even get mad.

And then finally Barrett is put on his back by the White Sox leadoff man Scott Podsednik.

What a pussy.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Beer City

You guys need to check this bar out. It’s located on the corner of 42nd and L and it is fantastic.

Alcohol prices: B+
Pitchers were 6 bucks when we were there but on every Saturday between 6-9pm they have an all you can drink of Busch Light for $5.00. That is pretty tough to beat for a weekend. (The only beer they have on tap is Busch Light & Michelob Golden)

Bartender: A
I’m pretty sure I drank with the bartender during the CWS. Good guy, he almost crapped his pants when I gave him a $5.00 tip. He was so excited about the tip he offered Timmy and I free shots.

Food: A++
Every Monday they have free tacos, and every Thursday they have free Omaha steak burgers. Never had one of their burgers but their tacos were delicious…and free.

Beer Garden: A+
Their beer garden is a putting green that’s right a putting green. They have 3 holes and even a small chipping area. I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty sweet. They even have a flat screen TV out there as well.

Bathroom: B-
Pretty dirty but they make up for it with Nudie Pictures and flavored Condom machines.

This might be the only bar that I would actually root for the Cubs to win. During all Cubs games they have beer specials but during day games after every inning the Cubs are leading they give out free shots.

Overall Beer City gets a solid A and is definitely a top 5 bar in my books.

We will not be silenced.

Check this out if you're down with the peace movement. If not, check it out because it has a sweet Oakenfold sample.


This Weeks Soundtrack

Download [mp3]: Danger Doom- Korn Dogs
Download [mp3]: Jurassic 5- Long Road to Glory
Download [mp3]: Mos Def- Umi Says (Zero 7 Mix)
Download [mp3]: My Morning Jacket- Suspicious Minds (Elvis Presley Cover)
Download [mp3]: The Raconteurs- Steady, As She Goes (Acoustic)
Download [mp3]: Silverspun Pickups- Dream at Tempo
Download [mpeg-4]: Lupe Fiasco- Kick Push (Video)

Bonus: Radiohead KROQ Breakfast (Acoustic Set 9.21.2003)

Download [mp3]: There There
Download [mp3]: A Punchup at a Wedding
Download [mp3]: Lucky
Download [mp3]: I Might Be Wrong
Download [mp3]: Sail to the Moon
Download [mp3]: Knives Out
Download [mp3]: Go to Sleep
Listen LastFM : Pyramid Song
Listen LastFM : Everything in Its Right Place
Download [mp3]: No Surprises
Download [mp3]: Scatterbrain
Download [mp3]: Follow Me Around

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Deuce Gets Random

Ok, first of all, go check out this video of outtakes from Bobby Knight's golf video. They should have put this on ESPN as opposed to Knight School.


Second, turns out TLC's Clean Sweep randomly picked our place to film their show next Monday and Tuesday. Evidently our place has reached national recognition for being a trash dump and they offered their services to clean the place even though neither of us applied for the show. Goes to show what word of mouth can get you in this day and age. In honor of our place being clean for the first time in three years and the fact that the show Lost has been nice enough to accomodate us with a season finale, we're throwing a get together next Wednesday for anyone who wants to come drink beer, eat a twelve foot sub, and get giddy over this last episode of Lost. Lets see how fast we can make this place a pit again.

The Double Collar

T Minus...

The end is nigh for EZT's virginity. Just over 24 hours away from the beginning of the end. In 24 hours we begin the death march, one hole at a time. Some will golf, others will drive the hearses. I will get drunk.

We'll try on tuxedos. We'll flirt with the inseam girl. EZT may shed tears.

We'll go to rehearsal. We'll embarrass him in front of his in-laws.

We'll go to Misty's and get drunk. We'll all buy the Mangler some Michelobs. We'll relive college days and try to find Gage a skank. Or perhaps he'll find one first. We'll wake up drunk, probably scattered across the capitol city.

We'll be late for pictures. I won't keep my eyes open. Most of us will smell awful or at least have that capability. Once at the church, one person is guaranteed to have a case of the beer shits. We will pick out which bridesmaid Vetter is going to rail. The processional will start and EZT will cry. Over/under on how many notes until it happens? "It is an honor for me to introduce to you for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. EZT," says the priest. We'll pay him for it.

We'll get into limos or buses or frat vans and have a little booze cruise. We'll show up to the reception in a manner slightly less than appropriate.

My mom will scold me for picking my ass during the ceremony. I'll giggle and buy her a shot. She'll politely refuse and slam the rest of her Michelob. The dance will start and a soul train will ensue. During Gage's turn, he will rip his pants. It must happen. Preferably during "Celebrate," by Kool and The Gang. Or "Everybody Have Fun," by Wang Chung. Yeah, I like that one better.

GA Hill and I will probably relive the ham incident when he steals some of my cake. Unbelievably, none of us will be thrown out. Partially because we have the good fortune of making it to the men's room before hurling.

Here's to EZT. We barely knew thee.

Dylan On Drinking

Divided into 5 mp3's

"Ain't Got The Money to Pay for this Drink" - George Zimmerman & The Thrills
"Wine, Wine, Wine" – The Electric Flag
"Don't Come Home A Drinkin' (With Lovin' On Your Mind)" - Loretta Lynn
"Daddy and the Wine" - Porter Wagoner

"I Drink" - Mary Gauthier
"Sloppy Drunk" - Jimmy Rogers
"I Ain't Drunk" - Lonnie The Cat

"It Ain't Far to the Bar" - Johnny Tyler & His Riders of the Rio Grande
"Rum and Coca-Cola" - Andrew Sisters

"One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer" - John Lee Hooker
"Bad Bad Whiskey" - Amos Milburn
"Who Will Buy the Wine" - Charlie Walker

"Buddy Stay off the Wine" - Betty Hall Jones
"Whiskey, You're the Devil" - Clancy Bros and Tommy Makem

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Italian Combo

I just had an Old Style and an Italian Combo Sandwich. Now, this isn't your Subway Italian combo--oh no. This is an Italian Combo which features about 2 pounds of Italian beef and a giant Italian sausage on top of it.

Needless to say, I love Chicago.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

On Second thought...

It turns out that you guys were right, and I was wrong. The new Pearl Jam album is quite good. I spent the weekend on the road which gave me ample time to listen to the disc a good six or seven times. During those listenings I really took to the new tracks. Although, I still say that I enjoyed the quieter sounds that came from Riot Act. This new CD rocks. The quitars are rockin as ever and Eddies voice has a certain grit that I haven't heard before and the quitars are awesome. As I said in my previous post I typically enjoy live PJ more than the studio versions. I think when they mix these rocking new tunes with their old stuff the set will be fantastic. I bet they are blowing the roof off the United Center tonight, I wish I had bought tickets.

Anyway, sorry to have jumped to conclusions about the quality of this new album. You guys were right.

By the way, track #3 - Comatose reminds me a lot of "Spin the black circle" The chorus has a similar guitar and vocal structure.

Farewell Joey

We barely knew thee.

NBC just announced it's fall lineup, and Joey has been cancelled. Take a moment of silence and pour a little liquor out for our long lost tv show friend.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Holy shit.

Toffer mentioned it in the comments below, but needless to say, this needed it's own post.

As featured on Deadspin, there was a guy yesterday (that's as in MOTHER'S DAY) that was here in Omaha on the Dodge Street pedestrian bridge midtown with two signs:

"Jail the Durham whore"


"Duke Lacross Power"

I mean, wow. Wow, wow, wow.

ezt, I thought you always called when you came to Omaha! (*rimshot* Tip your waitress, good night!)


The New MIB

I was watching the Cavs/Pistons game tonight and I was struck that Lebron has become the new MIB. I sat in college for years and listened to MIB talk about the neck beard. Now one of the most significant athletes of our time has taken the advice that none of us that was even plausible. He grew a neck beard.

And after the game I watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomay. Whew, what an emotional roller coaster.

The New Crotchless Panties

chicks reading the Economist.

I was working downtown this afternoon and therefore took the 'L' home from work, as opposed to my standard one hour car ride. I saw two chicks reading the Economist. Both were not particularly attractive, but I was into them b/c of their reading material.

a) old
b) a douchebag
c) feel free to add c yourselves in the comments
d) all of the above

Sweet Home, Chicago!

To the Chicago Heavy Soulers and TS Dealers: GA Hill is making his triumphant return to the greatest city in the world on Wednesday. I am going with co-workers, but definatly would like to meet up with as many people that would want to as possible. I'm sitting in the Bleachers (notice the picture does NOT have that hideous "Bud Light Bleachers" sign) Wednesday and Thursday, so if anyone is going and/or gets a wild hair up their ass to go, you mos def should.

Anyways, hope to see some of you this week.


Hope none of you guys are on here...


This is old but funny too... "Dougie's Going Deep"


Saturday, May 13, 2006

What Could Be Worse?

Yesterday (Friday) at the Cubs game, my roommate botched an amazingly easy foul ball. We were about 15 rows behind home plate and it was just a big pop up that came down right on top of him. As a fan, we only get these opportunities to make plays every few years. Now, he has to deal with the shame of missig the play.

Conan in Chicago

npgage, how in the hell did you miss out on this? Completely insane. I recorded Thursday nights show because Chappelle and Common were on, not knowing he was in Chicago. There are an unbelievable amount of just rowdy people in the Chicago Theatre. It looks like the best time anyone has ever had with a late night show. How awesome.

Common's performance was, as you can imagine, incredible. La Bamba is dressed up as a Bud guy at a Cubs game, he's made Cubs and Sox jokes, and even threw in a Old Style joke. I am also looking forward to seeing last night's episode with Wilco.

npgage, I am sorry to tell you, but you missed out.

Friday, May 12, 2006

NBA Playoffs: Who You Got?

(Alternate title to this post: NBA Playoffs: Who Gives A Shit?)

This is one of the more blatant "I am posting because I can, and I really don't have any good ideas as to what to post," but whatever.

So, who do you have in the NBA Playoffs? Here's mine:

Miami vs. New Jersey (Tied 1-1)--Miami is old, and seemingly does not have much resembling chemistry. Shaq is currently not only going down hill, but going downhill with his breaks out. That said, New Jersey isn't exaclty heads-and-shoulders above them. But they do have Vince "I play when it is convienient" Carter, who suddenly "found" his game after being traded to NJ. I've got the Nets in 7.

Phoenix vs. LA Clippers (Tied 1-1)
-There is no team more fun to watch than the Suns. That said, I don't think their limp-wristed Eruo-style play is going to keep up with LA the whole series. The Clippers (The Clippers!) take it in 6. The Bulls are reminded as to how great of an idea it was to trade Elton Brand while sitting at home watching The Clippers (The Clippers!) make it to the conference finals.

Detroit vs. Cleveland (Pistons lead 2-0)
-Uh, yeah. Detroit is really good. They have this Tayshaun guy that really kicks ass...Detroit in the sweep.

San Antonio vs. Dallas (Tied 1-1)
-Avery Johnson really has this Dallas team playing defense...Dirk seems like he is poised to truly make the leap...blah blah blah. San Antonio--with Tim Duncan finally coming on strong and healthy--will predictably win again against Dallas, who may never be good enough to make it to an NBA Final. Spurs win in 6.

Conference Finals

Eastern Conference: Detroit vs. New Jersey
-Again, Detroit is just too damn strong. The closest thing resembling a college basketball team in the NBA in years. Strength at every position, incredible team chemistry, focus on a *team* goal...versus Vince Carter. Yeah, I'll take the Pistons in 6.

Western Conference: San Antonio vs. Los Angeles (The Clippers!)
-The Clippers (The Clippers!) make it to heights unseen by their franchise, just to be completely bitch-slapped by the class of the West, San Antonio. Tony Parker then points out that he dates the hottest girl in LA, further adding insult to injury. Spurs in 5.

NBA Finals: San Antonio vs. Detroit
-Ahh, a NBA ad salesman's wet dream. Two teams that everyone hates except the citizens of San Antonio and Detroit (along with the 20 people left in America that appreciate fundamental basketball). You can hear David Stern jumping for joy in his giant office in New York City (jumping so much, in fact, he accidentally jumped out the window). Well, this blogger happens to be very excited for this series. It will be a knock-down, drag-out fight to the end. This time, Detroit comes out on top, with Tayshaun Prince as the Finals MVP, finally getting the credit he is due.

Pistons in 7.

Is it suprising that Rick Sutcliffe is a Cub fan favorite?

I am sure everyone and their dog has already heard this. That said, if there were ever an audio clip that belonged on this blog, this is it.

Ol' Rick Sutcliffe had a little golf outing the other day with die-hard Cub fan Bill Murray. Presumably, they served a cocktail or thirty at the golf course. Big Red made his way to the broadcast booth of the Padres game, and let's just say...well, "incoherence" comes to mind.

The best, however, isn't on the audio. Apparently Murray and Sutcliffe went down to the clubhouse before the game. After stumbling in, Murray spots Mark "The HORN!" Bellhorn getting ready for his game. After saying "former Cubby!", Murray promptly ran over and TACKLED The Horn. This image is intensly enhanced when you imagine Bill Murray as the groundskeeper in "Caddyshack."

Anyways, it is about a three-minute clip from a sports talk show in Whale's Vagina, and it is more than worth the time.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Good to see...

I was watching the Cubs game today and obviously I was grinding my teeth but J. Jones did something that I wasn't ready for. I was watching him bat and noticed that the bat he was using was a funny color. Later I realized that his bat was pink! Curious I did some research on espn.com and found out that for mother's day some MLB players are going to use pink bats this weekend to promote breast cancer awareness. Being that my mother is a breast cancer survivor I was extremely pleased to see baseball taking an active role towards this subject.

Hey, look at me!

I'm posting at work! I will use this quick opportunity to, yet again, pimp Gnarles Barkley. This album is incredible. Run out and get it--best headphone album of the year. It is wonderfully psychedelic, mind-bending, creepy, and funky. Pretty hard to put a label on this album. For starters: "Crazy." One of the best singles put out by anyone in a long time.

Also, I must say: drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon out of Mason jars for a buck a pop, in a word, rules.

This Weeks Soundtrack

Download [MP3]: Beirut- After the Curtain
Download [MP3]: Arpeggi- Radiohead (New Song)
Download [MP3]: Bodysnatchers- Radiohead (New Song)
Download [MP3]: Cymbal Rush- Radiohead (New Song)
Download [MP3]: What's Your Fantasy (Ludacris Cover)- Travis Morrison
Download [MP3]: Futures- Zero 7 w/ José González
Download [MP3]: Left Behind- Zero 7 w/ José González

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

First impressions

I finally picked up the new Pearl Jam album and here are my first thoughts. I was not blown away by it. As you all probably know I have been a huge PJ fan all along, but this recent album didn't leave any big impressions on me. It seems to me that they were definately trying to revert back to some of their original sound to try and recapture some of the magic. A few of the songs almost had a Vitalogy sound to them. Eddie's vocals are intense and the guitars seem heavier. And don't get me wrong there is nothing better than old PJ but I actually like how they have evolved over the years. I was actually a huge fan of Riot Act. I liked the more subdued vocals and thought the instrumentation was fabulous; I would go so far as to say Riot Act might be my number one or two favorite PJ album. That said I was very excited about this new album and maybe that was the problem, maybe I was too excited and I got my hopes up too much. It might also be that PJ has almost become a strictly "live" band for me. It seems lately that I like just about evey one of their songs better live than I do the studio version. In fact the couple of live performance I have seen from the new album I have liked pretty well, whereas the studio version seemed to fall a little flat.

We will have to see if my feelings change. It seems that typically the more time I spend with PJ albums the more they grow on me. I may actually end up liking this album quite a bit once I give it some more time. For now however, it has not jumped out of the jewel case and into my heart.

Anyone else have any thoughts.

Matt Costa

In the spirit of attempting to review every concert attended by Heavy Soul contributors, I went and saw Matt Costa last night. I was relatively indifferent to the concert, cool venue with about 400 people, but nothing real crazy happened. The highlights were probably them passing noisemakers out to the crowd for one song, the cool t-shirt I got, and $3 pints of Sam Adams Summertime.

I am however floored by his ability to sound like Nick Drake at times.

Primary Colors

First of all, LB1024 was signed simply so that OPS would begin negotiating, a brilliant political move by Raikes and Chambers if their ever was one. It worked.

I think it actually makes sense, but apparently thinking that makes me a racist.

Second of all, Heineman's victory shows that you can actually win a political race with solid ideals and a proven track record. This guy, by and large, has done a pretty good job since being put in charge. Even my hippy ass would rate it as about a 7/10.

Third, Pete Ricketts is going to get smoked by Ben Nelson, he made his first gaffe by comparing him to Ted Kennedy yesterday after winning the nomination. No one is going to take him seriously after people have had time to fully process his messages. This guy is possibly more conservative then Stenberg.

I think that you are going to see a huge pasting of the Religious Right during the next couple of months leading up to the election, and I expect to see Nelson win his seat again. And he should, in my opinion. I'm actually surprised that Hagel already hopped on the Ricketts bandwagon, he's probably more politically aligned with Nelson.

Fourth, a question for Lincolnites: Can this broad actually beat Fortenberry? That guys is so worthless.

Fifth, I'm all over the Jim Esch bandwagon, check out his website www.jimesch.org.

Sixth, enough politics, I'm going to Vegas! Later bitches.


Yes, we all know that Janitor from Scrubs is a cop in "The Fugitive." But can anyone else name another major role Janitor has played?

Got it yet?


That's right! He is one of the groundskeepers in "Major League"--the one that says "They're shitty."

What a resume that man has!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Whoa, Nellie! What an upset!

Maybe I haven't been paying enough attention to the polls, but good Lord--Dave Heineman beat Tom Osborne in the primaries by 16,000 votes??? This has to be the biggest political upset I have ever seen.

It is interesting, because I was a Heineman backer through this whole election...until he signed that ridiculous Omaha Public Schools bill into law. That, to go along with really thinking about the race and realizing the types of contacts Osborne had made in his years in Washington, and what Osborne's Beltway experiences could mean to our great state, it slowly became a no-brainer to vote Osborne.

Anyways, maybe this isn't too suprising to others, but I am floored right now.

Another slight shocker was that Pete Ricketts beat out Don Stenberg so soundly. Now, granted, I always thought of Stenberg as a whiny, way too socially conservative for my liking, and felt that others thought he was a bit much, too. But at the very least, I thought that:

1. Name recognition,
2. The ability of Nebraskans to know a phony when they see one

would lead him to if not win the primary, but at least keep it close with that "blantant pandering" d-bag Ricketts and his "Nebraska Values" rhetoric. I mean, the guy's family is mega-rich, yet he goes on these commercials wearing Carhartt gear trying to pass as a "real" Nebraskan. And far be it from me to say who should be able to say who is a real Nebraskan, but come on! This guy is a fake, and a in-your-face example as to why McCain-Fiengold has made it near-impossible for people who are not from mega-rich families to have a legitimate shot at any elected office that is remotely important (let alone a national Senator).

I don't know, it just bothers me that being able to buy endless commercials that say:

--I have "Nebraska values."
--I am a conservative.
--I am pro-choice.

all of a sudden qualifies you to hold a spot in the United States Senate (not that I think he'll beat Nelson, but he certainly has a shot) in the eyes of Nebraska voters. An old saying in politics tells candidates "never underestimate the intellegence of the American people, nor their access to information." (Probably should not have put that in quotations, as that is not the direct quote, but whatever) Yet Nebraska voters seem, tonight, seem to not deserve that benefit of the doubt.

Politics suck anymore.

UPDATE: Well, turns out that I, in fact, do not follow polls. Right on the front page of ESPN.com, Ivan Maisel shows that he is more in tune with Nebraska state politics than I am. And Maisel is an idiot. What a depressing revelation.

Anyways, here is a link if anyone cares:


So--who else hates Gatorade?

Pete's comment under npgage's post reminded me of the most gut-wrenching commecial...ever.

This fucking Gatorade commercial that uses "TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME" in a FUCKING SOCCER COMMERCIAL.

Somewhere, Harry Caray is spinning in his grave like a top. All I know is that I am officially a Powerade drinker, and I believe that MLB should seriously consider the same. What a slap in the face.

Since When?

So when did it become acceptable for kids to wear bicycle helmets? I was driving to work a bit later than usual today, and in a couple of neighborhoods with schools, all the kids with bikes were wearing helmets. I was shocked. Even if my parents would've purchased me a helmet and "made" me wear one, I would've taken it off as soon as I rounded the corner.

I mean, was it wrong for us to mercilessly make fun of our friends that wore bicycle helmets?

Monday, May 08, 2006

This weeks good idea/bad idea

Good Idea: On Saturday, I did my first Power Hour in a while. I forgot how much fun they can be. There were about 10 of us doing it and a good time was had by all. We did the Power Hour on the heels of Wrigley Field Neighbor Appreciation Day (more on this in a later post) which included complimentary Budweiser, and about four hours of playing bags while hammering back Miller Lites. Suffice it to say, we were relatively loaded.

Bad Idea: Attempting a second power hour after enjoying a drunken dinner at a Thai restaurant. There was no vomiting, but there was some extreme drunkenness. Enough that two of our friends that came down from Milwaukee didn't even make it to the bar, and my roommate George ended up at a cover band after hours party, followed by making out with some chick at McDonalds at 6 a.m.

What the deuce is currently listening to

1) Wolfmother - Wolfmother (fantastic cd, Love Train is quickly becoming my song for the summer)
2) Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere (really good collaboration between Cee-lo of Goodie Mob fame and Danger Mouse, the cover of Gone Daddy Gone is pretty damn fantastic and there's a reason why Crazy has been the #1 song in England since the single came out)
3) Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam (while I'm not as high on this as the MIB, its still a pretty solid cd considering Eddie Veder just applied for his AARP card)
4) The Raconteurs - Steady, As She Goes (This is a single available on iTunes, Jack White is the lead vocalist and while I don't regularly like the White Stripes, this song is pretty damn good)
5) Ghostface Killah - Fishscale (as has already been mentioned on here, this is probably the best rap album since Common's Be)

Other random stuff I'm still listening too: Panic! at the Disco, the Flaming Lips, and for some reason I've been listening to old Nine Inch Nails.

Well, keep poppin' those collars kids.

Friday, May 05, 2006

I'm an Alphabetist

Looking at HarryHusker's listing posted below made me realize that I haven't listened to Wolf Parade in weeks. It's a great cd so I thought I would check it out, but as I scrolled to it on my iPod, I realized there are a bunch of bands that I never listen to because I never get that for on my iPod. Basically anytime I want to listen to one of these bands, my ADD addled mind sees something I want to listen to as I go on the long scroll to the bottom.

And if you're the Zutons, forget about it. You're currently the last band listend on my iPod, and it'll be a cold day by the time I actually get to the bottom of the list.

Soundtrack For The Week

Download [MP3]: Andrew Bird- Skin is, my
Download [MP3]: Coachella Smash Mix- Indie 103.1 (DJ Paul V)
In Order: * Massive Attack - Teardrop* My Morning Jacket - Off The Record* Matisyahu - King Without A Crown* Lyrics Born - Calling Out* Coldcut feat. Roots Manuva - Tru Skool* Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out* Phoenix - Everything Is Everything* Scissor Sisters vs. Madonna - Comfortable Holiday* The Dears - Lost In The Plot* Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch* Giant Drag - Wicked Game* The Walkmen - Little House Of Savages* Paul Oakenfold - Faster Pussycat Kill* Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (Playfel & Rarematthew remix)* The Infadels - Cant Get Enough (Mekon remix)* Depeche Mode Minimix -/ Never Let Me Down / John The Revelator / Suffer Well / Personal Jesus* The Editors - Munich (Cicada remix)* White Rose Movement - Girls In The Back* Wolfmother - Joker & The Thief* Sleater-Kinney - Entertain* She Wants Revenge - Tear Your Apart* The Rakes - Retreat* Bloc Party - The Price Of Gas (Automato remix)
Download [MP3]: Regina Spektor- Fidelity
Download [MP3]: Soul Position- Hand Me Downs
Download [MP3]: Soul Position- Unlimited (Live on KEXP)
Download [MP3]: Soul Position- The Extra Mile (Live on KEXP)
Download [MP3]: Soul Position- I Need My Minutes (Live on KEXP) FOR RICK
Download [MP3]: Soul Position- Priceless (Live on KEXP)
Download [MP3]: Sufjan Stevens- The First Full Moon (B-Sides and Demos)
Download [MP3]: Tokyo Police Club- Cheer It On
Download [MP3]: Tokyo Police Club- Nature Of The Experiment

Download [MPEG-4]: Wolf Parade- Modern
Download [MPEG-4]: Arcade Fire- Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
Download [MPEG-4]: John Vanderslice- Trance Manual

Only a republican....

would draft a bill like this.


And only I would keep with the theme of posting articles instead of original comments. Maybe I'll write later about how bad the Cubs are, but then again that isn't so original either.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I thought this was kind of interesting. My cousin, Mark Gage is one of the architects teaching a class focused on weird new age stage design stuff. It's all pretty cool, except for the part when he references Bjork, but I guess to each his own.


On a side note, I'd like to congratulate myself for making the 600th posting on Heavy Soul. We're just knocking down the milestones.

I'm Thinking About Doing It Too

Maryland man auctions off 25 years of loyalty to the Royals

In case you haven't seen this yet

Here is a story about Alex Gordon's rookie baseball card which wasn't supposed to be made and is now worth $2,000+


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Rick, according to Wikipedia.

Sadly, I attempted to enter in a page in Wikipedia filed under "Hoesing" and "The Rick." It was deleted in a shorter amount of time than it took to write it. So I guess it will be relegated to Heavy Soul. Here is what I had intelligently copied, but obviously doesn't have everything I wrote. So, in the spirit of the Wikipedia, add on to what it is "The Rick" is and symbolizes. (Damn it, it really cut off a lot. I spent a lot of got damned time writing this, for apparently almost-nothing)


Hoesing, Rick. Also known as "The Rick," and "Therick."

"The Rick" is a famous nickname for a living legend of the Omaha (NE) bar and music scene. The Rick is known for things such as, but not limited to:

-"Jewish Speed Round." Drinking game where participants sit in a circle and, in a pressure-packed setting, are required to name famous Jews when it is their turn. Not being able to name a famous Jewish person (or an answer deemed acceptable by The Rick) results in taking a drink. There are several variations to "Jewish Speed Round," such as "Jam Band Speed Round" (where participants attempt to come up with fictional names for would-be jam bands, such as "Mike's Brown Sweater").

-"Inappropriate Threesomes." As one could imagine, this game is pretty self-explainitory. Similar to Jewish Speed Round, participants sit in a circle. Because this game was invented in the past year or so, the circle is mainly because this game has been played almost exclusively at bars (and recently reincarnated in a MySpace comment game). Also, unlike Speed Round, it is not so much a drinking game as it is a humorous way to pass the virtually endless hours away spent at bars, and is more focused on the general amusement of The Rick and the guests of his table. Sample answer: George W. Bush, Helen Thomas, and

Therapeutic or Disgusting

I choose the latter.


A Free Hot Dog isn't a Food Special? Bitch!

Before the Cubs game last night, we went out to one of my favorite bars to grab some food and drink. So we're ordering dinner and my bro asks the waitress if they have any food specials. She says no, not on game days. Then about five minutes later the other waitresses start taking their tables free hot dogs. Through some menu research, I was able to determine that you get a free hot dog with drink purchases an hour before the game. Well, we had ordered our 24 oz. cans approximately 70 minutes before the game and she never felt compelled to tell us about the special. I felt betrayed annoyed.

And on that subject, I think beer tastes better out of a 24 oz can. I think the aluminum is a bit thicker to help the can maintain it's structural integrity, thereby keeping the beer colder.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Hey, Applebees:

Stop it.

These Barenaked Ladies-wannabes are slowing taking away my will to live and desire for fairly-priced steak and shrimp dinners.

OH MY GOD: While Google Image-searching for these clowns, I found a picture of these people sitting around a huge table at Applebees. The caption:

3 Doors Down Concert and Dinner at Applebees!

Please, please, PLEASE follow the link. Just priceless:


Happy May Day

Does anyone else remember May Day baskets?

You would leave candy on someone's porch and if they saw you they would chase after you and try to pinch you. Well, looking back on it that was kind of gay.

Help with Vegas

Here's the deal: I'm going to Vegas in 9 days, leaving on Wed and coming back Saturday. I haven't been in about 4 years so I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. Let me explain.

I know that there will be some marathon drinking and gambling sessions, however I'm really overloaded with the limitless possibilities for this. When you are from North Platte, you can be entertained with a case of beer and the back of a pick up truck parked alongside a bridge on a dirt road overlooking a drainage canal. In short, Vegas is the antithesis of this. Hence, the struggling.

Any ideas on where I should gamble and drink at, where I should eat and any other tidbits would be appreciated.

A New High, Followed by a New Low

The New High

I went to what is easily my new favorite late night bar in Chicago on Saturday night. A complete hole in the wall country bar. It was hilarious, and when I left at 4, there was still a line to get in. The place was insane. The country cover band even played Hank Jr. A perfect way to top off 14 hours of boozing.

Also, when I was waiting in line a random guy showed up with a case of beer and about 20 of us just stood on the sidewalk and drank. Until the bouncer (wearing a confederate flag t-shirt) came out and yelled at us, it was one of the more amusing things I've done in a while.

The New Low

So after a full day and night of partying, we decided to enjoy a nice burrito to finish things off. Some how or other, it became decided that the random girl at the table next to us was going to call my mom. So Luke, the boss phone caller from last week gave my mom a jingle and had a convo with her. You might wonder how he had my mother's phone number, well I gave it to him. I didn't think there was any possibility he would actually call. I lost that game of chicken.

So after we are done having burrito's, we decide it's only fair for me to call Luke's mom. So I give her a call on the cab ride home and have a nice little chat. I probably talked to her for five minutes or so. Then, George decides we should also call his mom. So Luke handles the call and gets one of the funniest mom lines of all time.

Luke: So George met a new girl tonight.
George's mom: Well is he going to tell me about her at dinner on Tuesday?

Proving that yes, mom's are crazy. Even in the middle of the night they just want to hear if their son has a girlfriend.

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