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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dropping Dimes

Some tidbits for you:

-It's past Memorial Day, which means your local QT is celebrating Cheap Drink Summer by offering 49-cent fountain drinks from now until September. Great times!

-Federer beats Nadal in the French Open this year, finally. Gambling on tennis? I say yes. Discuss.

-The $20 trick really does work in Vegas. I had a room at Caesar's Palce that was so big it had a doorbell and two climate-control systems. And did I mention the view?

-Joe Mauer must have found some HGH or something but it's a hell of a ride.

-Would you get even money on Zack Greinke's ERA being over 2 at the end of the year?

-Thanks Mayfield!

-Kenny Fucking Powers' twitter site is good for one or two laughs a week.

-I've been talking the last few days about how segregated Omaha is, but I've got a new issue to complain about: Let's rid the world of Mr. Pibb. Seriously. It serves no purpose other than rewarding tight asses for not stocking Dr. Pepper. They don't make a diet, it tastes exactly the same except shittier and its marketing and packaging are godawful. It doesn't need to exist, and goddamn it, I'm going to do something about it.

-I would also listen to the 5/23 podcast of our radio show to learn the vague plans behind my splendid idea to make Nebraska's license plates viral and take them underground. I'm not getting off this soapbox either. License plates and Mr. Pibb: Fuck you.

-Also, there is a new sunflower seed brand you need to become aware of, if you are not already. Giant. It's basically what the sunflower seed world has needed since I've been alive. Family-owned for a hell of a long time and headquartered in Wahpeton, ND, they offer a delicious original flavor and a shitton of well-executed, creative flavors like Salt and Pepper, Dakota Ranch, KC BBQ, Spicy Garlic, and Dill. These seeds are fucking perfect. And they are the official seed of the Minnesota Twins. But don't take my word for it!

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Weekend Boners

Just got my copies of the Athlon and Phil Steele National preview magazines. Just in time to have them memorized for the July 10th release of NCAA 10.

And I'm eating a BLT from produce I got at the local Farmer's Market WHILE my steaks marinate. Mantastic!


The blog seems to enjoy these, and since I still am the only person I know who reads Joe Posnanski's blog, here's some good baseball stuff to kill a half hour or so at work on Monday.

And by the way, if anyone tries is still trying to defend pitchers' wins and losses are important, you're wrong.

Also, I'm using the Bucky's Gas Stations label because I endorse what they do and I have no idea why this label exists but it made my day.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

License to Kill--The State of Nebraska

In a completely amazing turn in what is becoming our favorite in-state saga since trial of Chief Standing Bear, today Commander Heineman acknowledged that the results of the license plate voting were rigged and threw out the plain, mostly crappy grey plate in favor of one thousand times worse bird and flower plate. Below is our analysis:


What a riveting twist! This is absolutely the one thing that could have made the situation even more of a PR disaster. To recap the events so far, here is what has happened:

plates were put up for a vote->choices were all slightly poor but not offensive->snarky college website decides to rig election to get worst plate voted in->plate gets voted in->state denies results were rigged->state admits results were rigged->state disregards vote and commandeers for new, uglier plate

The governor could rescue a baby otter from a burning building while planting a Husker flag on Mizzou's 50 yard line while raising corn prices $20 a bushel and not be looked upon favorably after this. Rightly or (mostly) wrongly, the State of Nebraska does not like getting fucked up license plates. Recognize, or this will be an issue during reelection. I'm getting giddy shivers in anticipation of some ridiculous statewide political controversy.


Not much to add, other than my neighbors think the bird plates look "pretty faggy."


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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dear College Basketball:

Hope this blog post finds you well.

Just wanted to pass along a note letting you know that things are going to get a bit rough for you now that John Calapari is at Kentucky. Sure, there are plenty of great basketball players out there for all of you teams to fight over.

But as far as those Top 25-type players go, you might just want to wait for Coach Cal to decide who he wants, THEN you can start recruiting the leftovers.

But I suppose you already knew that after you saw today that PG John Wall committed to Kentucky. Wall is Rivals.com's #1 player in America for 2009, and many NBA scouts have said that if he was able to enter the draft, he would be the consensus #2 pick in the draft (behind Griffin).

What's crazy about Wall signing, however, is that Kentucky got him despite the fact that they signed PG Eric Bledsoe just two weeks ago. Bledsoe is only Rivals' #3 PG in the country, and himself a 5-Star recruit.

THEN you have to consider the teams UK was recruiting Wall against. Duke, Florida (who also recruited Bledsoe), and Miami. Duke and Florida desperately need a point guard, and Miami...well, they could use an upgrade at every spot, let alone point guard.

So throw in the #1 and #3 point guards in the land along with the #2 player in the country in DeMarcus Cousins, 5-Star center Daniel Orton, 4-Star wing Jon Hood, and 4-Star G/F JUCO Darnell Dodson and you have--on paper--a recruiting class as good as the Fab 5.

Did I mention that Calapari has been at Kentucky for 6 weeks?

Lastly, when you take into consideration Patrick Patterson withdrew his name from the draft and Jodie Meeks will likely follow suit, then you have to start thinking for next year...well, I will let Andy Katz take it away:

Like Katz says: I didn't think Coach Cal would have Kentucky competing for a National Championship in his first year. But John Wall--especially when combined with Patterson, Darius Miller, and this recruiting class--is such a game-changer that they should be a Top 5 team all season and absolutely be a Final Four-caliber team.

So, college basketball: hope you enjoyed the landscape while Kentucky was down. Have fun with the leftovers.

Warmest Regards,

GA Hill

P.S.: In case you were wondering, for 6 recruits, that is a 4.66-Star average per player.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Planet is still revolving

Nobody shot his dog.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Know the New Mayor Sucks... But at Least You Don't Live Here

So here are four articles related to a continuous series of fights that have broken out in Iowa City.





And here's where I live in comparison to these problems.

View Larger Map

"A" is where the original fight occurred, "B" and "C" are other locations that play a part in this story. "D" is where Mrs. Deuce and I live.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Congrats, Omaha

You just elected this guy as your mayor. The same man that literally--LITERALLY!--did not produce one plan of action for one single issue.

What a f-bombing embarrassment.
I am completely and totally stunned. And disappointed. 37,000 people voted for this clown.
What in the hell did he say or do during this campaign to make ANYONE want to vote for him?
This is the same guy who said his idea of economic development was to build a random-ass bridge in a nowhere part of town that goes into Iowa.
He had no economic development plans. His plan for fighting crime was to "increase graduation rates." His plan to grow Omaha was to "create 1,000 new jobs."
These were his PLANS. As in, "hey, how does he plan on doing these things? Oh. You mean those empty, ridiculous sentences ARE his plans?"
Yes. Yes they were.
I try to be an open-minded person. And I try my best to at least respect the other side of opinion.
That said: how anyone could in good conscience vote for Jim Suttle--other than the fact he is a Democrat--should not be allowed to vote in a general election again.
This man had no business being allowed to run for Mayor, let alone win the damn thing.

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Monday, May 04, 2009

Listen up, Nebraskans!

Do the state a favor on behalf of its 144th birthday in 2011 and vote for the new license plate design here.

Overall, none of the choices are absolutely vomit-inducing (like the abhorrent orange and yellow number of the early 2000s), so that's a plus.

I like the 2nd and the 3rd choices the best, leaning towards the 3rd overall. If they all featured "The Good Life" like the 4th one, this would be a lot easier. The MIB likes #2.

Make your presence known, and god bless!

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