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Monday, May 04, 2009

Listen up, Nebraskans!

Do the state a favor on behalf of its 144th birthday in 2011 and vote for the new license plate design here.

Overall, none of the choices are absolutely vomit-inducing (like the abhorrent orange and yellow number of the early 2000s), so that's a plus.

I like the 2nd and the 3rd choices the best, leaning towards the 3rd overall. If they all featured "The Good Life" like the 4th one, this would be a lot easier. The MIB likes #2.

Make your presence known, and god bless!

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The Western Meadowlark is a nancy-boy bird. Flat out sissy.
I think the mock up shows a distinct bias towards omaha and lincoln with the 2 three digit sets (000 000). I don't feel I can make an informed choice without seeing how the rest of the state might look. Can we get some mock ups with the county and number set (00-0000)
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