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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dropping Dimes

Some tidbits for you:

-It's past Memorial Day, which means your local QT is celebrating Cheap Drink Summer by offering 49-cent fountain drinks from now until September. Great times!

-Federer beats Nadal in the French Open this year, finally. Gambling on tennis? I say yes. Discuss.

-The $20 trick really does work in Vegas. I had a room at Caesar's Palce that was so big it had a doorbell and two climate-control systems. And did I mention the view?

-Joe Mauer must have found some HGH or something but it's a hell of a ride.

-Would you get even money on Zack Greinke's ERA being over 2 at the end of the year?

-Thanks Mayfield!

-Kenny Fucking Powers' twitter site is good for one or two laughs a week.

-I've been talking the last few days about how segregated Omaha is, but I've got a new issue to complain about: Let's rid the world of Mr. Pibb. Seriously. It serves no purpose other than rewarding tight asses for not stocking Dr. Pepper. They don't make a diet, it tastes exactly the same except shittier and its marketing and packaging are godawful. It doesn't need to exist, and goddamn it, I'm going to do something about it.

-I would also listen to the 5/23 podcast of our radio show to learn the vague plans behind my splendid idea to make Nebraska's license plates viral and take them underground. I'm not getting off this soapbox either. License plates and Mr. Pibb: Fuck you.

-Also, there is a new sunflower seed brand you need to become aware of, if you are not already. Giant. It's basically what the sunflower seed world has needed since I've been alive. Family-owned for a hell of a long time and headquartered in Wahpeton, ND, they offer a delicious original flavor and a shitton of well-executed, creative flavors like Salt and Pepper, Dakota Ranch, KC BBQ, Spicy Garlic, and Dill. These seeds are fucking perfect. And they are the official seed of the Minnesota Twins. But don't take my word for it!

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Giants come strong. Salt and Pepper are spicier than you'd think. The KC BBQ is the best BBQ seed out there...and I love BBQ seeds more than regular.
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