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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dear College Basketball:

Hope this blog post finds you well.

Just wanted to pass along a note letting you know that things are going to get a bit rough for you now that John Calapari is at Kentucky. Sure, there are plenty of great basketball players out there for all of you teams to fight over.

But as far as those Top 25-type players go, you might just want to wait for Coach Cal to decide who he wants, THEN you can start recruiting the leftovers.

But I suppose you already knew that after you saw today that PG John Wall committed to Kentucky. Wall is Rivals.com's #1 player in America for 2009, and many NBA scouts have said that if he was able to enter the draft, he would be the consensus #2 pick in the draft (behind Griffin).

What's crazy about Wall signing, however, is that Kentucky got him despite the fact that they signed PG Eric Bledsoe just two weeks ago. Bledsoe is only Rivals' #3 PG in the country, and himself a 5-Star recruit.

THEN you have to consider the teams UK was recruiting Wall against. Duke, Florida (who also recruited Bledsoe), and Miami. Duke and Florida desperately need a point guard, and Miami...well, they could use an upgrade at every spot, let alone point guard.

So throw in the #1 and #3 point guards in the land along with the #2 player in the country in DeMarcus Cousins, 5-Star center Daniel Orton, 4-Star wing Jon Hood, and 4-Star G/F JUCO Darnell Dodson and you have--on paper--a recruiting class as good as the Fab 5.

Did I mention that Calapari has been at Kentucky for 6 weeks?

Lastly, when you take into consideration Patrick Patterson withdrew his name from the draft and Jodie Meeks will likely follow suit, then you have to start thinking for next year...well, I will let Andy Katz take it away:

Like Katz says: I didn't think Coach Cal would have Kentucky competing for a National Championship in his first year. But John Wall--especially when combined with Patterson, Darius Miller, and this recruiting class--is such a game-changer that they should be a Top 5 team all season and absolutely be a Final Four-caliber team.

So, college basketball: hope you enjoyed the landscape while Kentucky was down. Have fun with the leftovers.

Warmest Regards,

GA Hill

P.S.: In case you were wondering, for 6 recruits, that is a 4.66-Star average per player.

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Well, it was fun to watch your misery while the 'Cats where pitiful but I guess the Sports Gods owe you one since you are a Cubs fan!! Suck it 'Cats.
Ah yes, things are starting to come together. Nebraska likely has the long-term answer in Bo, the Cats have Cal, the Bulls have a franchise PG and a good core group, and the Bears finally have a quarterback.

And the Cubs should still win the Central.

Hopefully it's good times the next few years for ol' GA!
Oh, and yes, I was waiting intentionally to see what Cal could do with this recruiting season before I posted about him extensively on here. Putting together the consensus #1 class in America in 6 weeks seemed like good enough reason to be excited.
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