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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Congrats, Omaha

You just elected this guy as your mayor. The same man that literally--LITERALLY!--did not produce one plan of action for one single issue.

What a f-bombing embarrassment.
I am completely and totally stunned. And disappointed. 37,000 people voted for this clown.
What in the hell did he say or do during this campaign to make ANYONE want to vote for him?
This is the same guy who said his idea of economic development was to build a random-ass bridge in a nowhere part of town that goes into Iowa.
He had no economic development plans. His plan for fighting crime was to "increase graduation rates." His plan to grow Omaha was to "create 1,000 new jobs."
These were his PLANS. As in, "hey, how does he plan on doing these things? Oh. You mean those empty, ridiculous sentences ARE his plans?"
Yes. Yes they were.
I try to be an open-minded person. And I try my best to at least respect the other side of opinion.
That said: how anyone could in good conscience vote for Jim Suttle--other than the fact he is a Democrat--should not be allowed to vote in a general election again.
This man had no business being allowed to run for Mayor, let alone win the damn thing.

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Not to mention all he'll do to help out the illegal immigrants.

Oh, right, that's a nonsense fucking argument and reason enough for Hal Daub to lose (in this Lincolnite's opinion).

Why you seems so offended by vaguely articulated plans yet so unconcerned with overtly racist strawman arguments is beyond me.

Plans, no plans, only one candidate ran a bad campaign and it wasn't Suttle.

It is possible that for all his policy positions that Hal Daub is completely reprehensible human being who is incapable of carrying out said policies, right? And that he ran a highly partisan campaign that reinforced the impressions his previous stint as mayor (and subsequent runs for every office in the state) left? I only offer that as an alternative to everyone but you being an idiot.

I'm kidding, mostly. I really just wanted to say that The Weekly Grind was great in covering this election. I found myself oddly interested. Well done.
You just illustrated exactly the problem with what happened in Omaha tonight. You go totally partisan, regardless what the facts laid out in front of you (and the voters) say.

Daub had a plan for everything, and ever two of the most liberal people I know--your brother and B--couldn't bring themselves to even consider voting for this clown.

So partisan it up if that helps you justify what happened. The fact remains that Jim Suttle ran a negative campaign and did not offer ONE SINGLE SOLUTION to speak of.

And just because someone is against amnisty does not make him a "racist."

You're way too intelligent a person to allow yourself to make such shallow arguments, a.

But I guess that is kind of the point...there is no argument that you could possibly make to justify voting for Suttle other than:

A) He's a Democrat.
B) You don't like the fact that the opposing candidate pointed out that Suttle overtly came out and supported granting aministy.

Well, you've got one thing going for you: Karl Rove would be impressed with your arguments (that is if you replaced the "D" with an "R").
And yes, I know I spelled "amnesty" wrong.
Well, I don't know who I would have voted for as I don't live in Omaha and don't really have to live the issues. I thought Daub seemed perfectly reasonable on your guys' show and I respect all three of your opinions so I'd say it's likely I would have voted for him up until the immigration stuff. I probably wouldn't have voted after that.

And, yes, I have no problem calling bringing up bullshit immigration arguments racist (or at least racially motivated, if it's less inflammatory). Immigration had no role to play in this election and so for all your talk about what's "Rovian," it seems like only one side brought in a traditionally partisan wedge issue so far outside the jurisdiction of the office as to be laughable. Race baiting fear tactics have no place in a non-partisan election.

Frankly, Suttle can run the city in the ground and Hal Daub can still go to hell for all I care.

He thought bashing Mexicans would get him votes. It didn't. On some level, I hope you feel proud of your city.

And we can all agree that there is more to governance than having a plan, right? He wasn't running for king for god's sake.

In the end Suttle made the election about Daub being an asshole and Daub acted like an asshole. Frankly, both guys probably deserved the low turnout. But to say one side was being partisan and the other wasn't...I mean, look in the mirror here.

I completely understand why you preferred Daub. I hope you also understand why another Daub term might have seemed untenable to a lot of people.

Good god, why am I posting this crap at midnight? I need to delete my google reader.
From the looks of his photo, I would say Omahans be weary once the Hale-Bopp comet flies near earth again. In other words, don't drink this guy's Kool-aid. (or wear black Nike's) (or castrate yourselves)
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