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Monday, November 19, 2007

Things About Nebraska That Kick Ass

So on Unsportsmanlike Conduct today, they challenged their listeners to come up with a simple list: what in Nebraska is bigger than our football team?

(Thanks for the shoutout from Unsportsmanlike Conduct today! If you want to hear it for yourself, click here. It is towards the middle of the page on the far right. The one you want to download is "Nov. 19th Seg 10: Kevin and Mike'l Go to the Phones." It is about 10:15 into the segment.)

1. One coach can quit and come back to the delight of many, and another refuses to quit to the anger of all.
2. Three words: jacked-up trucks. (This is more for Western Nebraska)
3. Warren Buffett is more powerful than Scott Boras.
4. Speaking of gangsters, the Sandhills makes it very easy to make someone "disappear."
5. Same guy can leave congress seat, lose the governorship, and be appointed athletic director within 5 years.
6. We're not Iowa.
7. We are the only state to inspire a Springsteen album ("Nebraska") and a hit Kanye West song ("The Good Life").
8. Thanksgiving is officially known as "The Week after Deer Season."


By the way, proper credit is due: pete contributed heavily to this post. I just happened to be the one who was logged in and posted it.
now if you could only give him a heavysoul link that actually worked, you would have even got more of a shoutout.
It did work, jackass. That's how he mentioned it after he read the list.
We are soooo getting number 58 now!Next stop the world!!!
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