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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Didn't Know Herbie Husker Was A Real Dude

This is from a photo essay on Time.com called "Tailgate Nation":

Also, I thought this photo pretty much sums up college. Photo taken in Madison, WI:

I like this one, because it is always entertaining when someone's parents get into the pre-game debauchery. Also, I love the dude (er, well, I think its a dude) to the right of the picture, hoisting up his bottle of Big Red Vodka like its a trophy.

They have MASS on campus before games???? How did I not know this? (Actually, I'm guessing it has to do with Husker Punch)

Lastly, call me crazy, but I thought tailgate parties were a thing to do before a football game. Apparently it is something you do before a sorority formal at Ole Miss. Am I the only person who finds this really, really weird? Who the hell dresses up before football games?

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I love how the "real" Herbie Husker drinks Foster's king cans.
That's it, no more of you guys going to spring training, next year we are going to an SEC game. I'm think the "cocktail party" and we are all going to wear suits while tailgating.
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