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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Short Update...And A Bit More Of The Same

EDIT: From ESPN.com:

According to a source with knowledge of the search, Nebraska has whittled its candidate pool to two people and is close to announcing a new coach. Speculation centers on Buffalo coach Turner Gill as the leading candidate to replace Bill Callahan. A source close to Wake Forest indicated that coach Jim Grobe interviewed with Nebraska in Atlanta on Nov. 26. The source thinks Grobe has a good shot at the job. Apparently, LSU defensive coordinator Bo Pelini didn't knock A.D. Tom Osborne's socks off during the interview and doesn't feel good about it. The school will also interview Brian Kelly from Cincinnati and perhaps TCU's Gary Patterson.

This is not vibing with what we're hearing, obviously. We trust our contact quite a bit, so it means (obviously) one of two things: our contact is being misled, which we doubt, or ESPN is purposely being misled. Although I have personally always thought Turner Gill would get the nod, Heavy Soul is sticking with our source on this one.

Got an update today...sounds like nothing really has changed, although it is within the realm of possibility things could:

"Unless there are contractual snags Pelini will be hired. Therefore I won't say it's 100% because that could happen (although I believe that's already been taken care of and we will know Sunday or Monday once the SEC game is over and Bo can hop on a plane to Lincoln)."

"I will say this...TO is keeping quiet on any final decision he has made...even to those who have helped him in big ways with this search."

So there you have it. We're sticking with our source, although there is still a slight--SLIGHT--chance things could change between today and next week.

Stay tuned to Heavy Soul for the latest, and most up-to-date Husker info ANYWHERE!

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No new news on the coaching search from the adult site sector. I'll keep checking.
What are you "Sources" saying now? Everyone is waiting for the Heavy Soul update.
There was nothing ever to update--it's been the same story for almost 2 weeks now.

Um, sorry for no "update", I guess.
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