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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

West Virginia; Do Your Job...

Other than any Nebraska Football Game day, my favorite time of year, hands down, is March Madness.

So many teams, so many stories, so much fun. Seriously, is there a better time to sit in front of a TV for 4 straight days than this weekend?

I'm getting excited just typing this nonsense. This leads me to the subject of this post, which might have confused you. OK, here it is:

Dear Mountaineers,

My name is Sambuca84Proof, I am a 25 year old male, and a HUGE Nebraska fan. Over the years I've been fortunate enough to attend countless college sporting events at Nebraska. Let me repeat that for you WVU fans, I meant Nebraska, NOT Creighton. Please don't confuse. Nebraska has the football team that the whole state talks about year 'round, not Creighton. Red is the color that Creighton fans wear during the fall, not blue.

Growing up in Lincoln, I became a die hard NU fan in every sport. Most specifically in football and basketball. Over the years I took advantage of the poundings that the NU MBB team would lay upon Creighton. Year after year, Danny Nee and his group of athletes would wreak havoc on those slow honkies down I-80. It was beautiful. Then I went to college. Danny Nee got fired. Barry Collier took over, started recruiting average (not good) mid-major athletes, and Creighton started winning. Since then, my college basketball life has been at the satisfaction level of a below average mid-major school. (See Creighton: Tony Beroni Years.)

As you can probably guess, WVU fans, Creighton lives in a dream world. In Omaha, the MVC is greater than the ACC, Big East, Big 12 and SEC, COMBINED. Now that's hard to imagine. But if you live in Omaha, read the OWH everyday, live by the words of Dom Shittell, and praise former Big 8 failure, and current Mid-Major Savior - Dana Altman, imagining becomes easy.

So please West Virginia, I beg you. If you only win 1 more NCAA Tourney game the rest of your school history, just make it on Thursday night. Show the world what you're made of. A big east school, playing top notch teams all year long. You crazy Mountaineers can single handedly shut the door on the hypocrisy of Creighton fans. Well, at least until next season starts.

Thanks & Sincerely,

Proud NU Basketball Fan

Thank You Sambuca....standing O for that post. As some of you know Sambuca and I are proud NU basketball season ticket holders together and nothing could make us happier than seeing Creighton get waxed tomorrow night. Last year I was able to witness Barry and the Boys march into the Qwest Center during the first round of the NIT and finish Creighton's year...it took 2 weeks to wipe the smile off my face that it created. I hate Creighton and I hate people who tell me I should root for them becuase it is an institution that resides in my home state...that is the dumbest argument ever...do you think UNC fans EVER cheer for that little school 13 miles down Tobacco Road from them??? I think not. So I'll say it again..I hate Creighton...thank god I get to see us wax them in baseball 3 times this year. Speaking of...2 Roseblatte tailgates are in the works. Dana Altman, lick my sack (is that ok to say on this blog?)
Yeah. And Creighton football licks ass. And another thing, how scary is a bluejay. Okay, it's blue. And...? By nature cornhuskers, i.e. farmers, shoot bluejays.
You people are really idiots. Get a life.

By the way - you can put Creighton basketball down when NU FINALLY wins an NCAA basketball game. Of course that won't be happening any time soon. That is so funny begging another school to do the work your team can't. LMAO

You people are totally pathetic. You make me laugh. Don't bother posting a response, I'll never be back at this site again.
It must be true: Those who can, do, and those who can't have to plead for someone else to do it for them. It's hilarious that you need to beg some proxy to do what your "school" can't: beat Creighton. Did you have to bribe other kids to stick up for you and beat up all the bullies who picked on you when you were little, too?

And I'm not sure exactly what you were celebrating (maybe getting a D+ in Journalism) during the last years of the Nee regime, but it sure wasn't nebraska victories over Creighton. Twice in Nee's last three years, Creighton tuned up for some real competition later in the season by drilling nebraska, and clearing their bench in the process.

Delude youself all you want, by the way, most Creighton fans have no use for nebraska, any season, any sport, any time. It's a glorified community college with a football team. Sorry, but we're not impressed.

And, my god, work on your writing skills. Did you actually study writing at nebraska? On second thought, given nebraska's academic standing, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you're the Chairman of their Journalism Department.
And to "ezt" above: Why you think anyone would be interested in how long it takes to wipe things off of you is beyond me, but I have to say, I enjoyed your comparison of Creighton to Duke. Pretty apt,in many ways. I'm not going to get too conceited about it, though. I'm guessing that to a nebraska grad, Metro Tech seemslike Duke
Thanks for coming to our blog and defending Creighton, makes it entertaing which is the purpose of a blog in the first place, i've enjoyed your rebuttals.
Here's the deal, you think we're dumb/unitelligent (as most will tell you on here, i am the worst freaking writer alive and greatly contribute to this stereotype) and in some cases you are completely right (christ i am pretty sure Rodney Buford could have even graduated from UNL) because it wasn't that tough.

Middle of post note: one of this blog's finest is currently a Creighton law student after graduating from UNL-we hate him for that and I would like to think its becuase he was denied admission to UNL's law school...

On the other hand, us dumb UNLites think the you preppy brats from Creighton suck on your mom's left breast for a little to long in life...but hey that's just our opinion....

Bottom line...let a rivalry form. You have owned us in basketball lately, we've dominated you in baseball. Let's continue to dislike each other, it gives me something to look forward to each winter and spring.

And with that I say...Go Mountaineers...wax Cleveland State's floor with Nate Funk's ugly grill.
Fuck UNL. You idiots suck at everything, what the fuck is a husker, at least a bluejay is something, go suck on fat cocks UNL.
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