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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Just as a quick note to all of the people coming over from different message boards. If you just want to skip down to the good stuff, scroll down to the two posts directly below this one.

First of all, Heavy Soul is a blog written by a bunch of native Nebraskans, living in and out of state, discussing sports, music, pop culture, politics, etc. It's usually all for entertainment.

However, in the case of the coaching search, we do indeed have legit sources, and have been posted about it. We're excited to see so many people check out Heavy Soul--feel free to check out the archives and see just how many man hours that have been wasted by the several contributers to this site for (usually) each other's entertainment (and sometimes the readers of Deadspin and other sports sites, as well). We've been doing it since January 2005, so you've got some reading to do.

Thanks again for stopping by, and keep checking back--we'll update the second we get anything new to pass along.

--Heavy Soul

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For you visitors, things not to poop on while you're here:

Kentucky Basketball
Andre Dawson
Danny Nee
Tony Baroney
Lance Lewis
I'll poop on Kentucky all i want! Their obsession with trying to match Duke is annoying.

PS Gerald Henerson is the sickest Duke athlete since Grant Hill
and i can't even spell Henderson. I'll also poop on my typing skills.
That's funny. Tell you what--when Duke has half as many National Championships as Kentucky, you let me know.
Oh yes, I was waiting for my favorite Husker/Duke fan (out of the thousands I know) to come out. Ridiculous.
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