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Thursday, November 15, 2007

I Told You Guys This Blog Would Be Sweet!

This is completely insane, friends: we are apparently considered the 59th most influential sports blog on the internet. I kid you not. This is according to Juiced Sports Blog.

Here's the criteria from the page:

"Juiced Sports has decided to profile and rank the big names in sports blogging. Who gets the most hits? Who gets the most attention? Whose opinion matters most? We rank the top 100."

Number 1 is Deadspin. Number 59 is Heavy Soul. We are awesome.

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Congrats GA! and to think that i forgot to write up a preseason Husker Bball post, i'm sure that would have got us into the top 50.

My suggestion to move up, get rid of the music and politics crap posts that i don't care about.
Is this out of 60? Awesome!
No, smart ass. It's out of 100! Which is out of probably 1,000,000!
It pleases me that firejoemorgan.com is #20. That is awesome and yet he still has a job...damn this cruel world.

-Tha Brotha
Hey Free Market Sports....Suck it.

*They're ranked 60th
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