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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Doc Sadler - Realist, Comedic Genius...or Both?

This was taken from Tom Shatel's column today, in reference to Dana Altman and Creighton wanting to play Nebraska twice a year:

"...Told about Altman's idea on Monday, Sadler said, 'I have no problem considering it, but we have to do what's best for both programs."

"...Sadler said on Monday, '[The Creighton game] is the 17th most important game, as far as I'm concerned.' Ouch. In other words, the 16 Big 12 games (including Colorado and Baylor) are more important to Sadler than CU. I understand his thinking. I'm not sure that Creigtonians will appreciate it..."

Well, tough shit, Creightonians. Because I'm pretty sure that Doc doesn't appreciate you trading your red shirts in for blue v-neck cardigans in the winter time.

I thought this line was hilarious, mainly because of this: what Sadler said is true. He's paid to win conference championships and make runs in the tourney (er, get to the tourney). So really, the Creighton game doesn't matter in a lot of ways. Preseason/early season games just don't matter in college basketball that much anymore. However, he could have said it in this way.

Instead, he took a nice little jab at Creighton. And I think that was absoultely intentional. Dana Altman, who is the basketball "god" in the media around here, is trying to push his weight around a bit here. Getting a chance to play a Big XII team twice a year does nothing but pad Creighton's tourney resume.

Playing Creighton twice a year--particularly at this juncture--does nothing great for Nebraska. They get to play a well-coached team twice a year, and could be looking at an additional loss or two for the first year or two of this. But does playing Creighton really get Nebraska ready for the Big XII? Does it really get them ready for the athletes and speed of their opponents they'll face the majority of the season? Does it help their tourney resume enough to play them twice?

Yes, I'm sure it does to an extent. But I don't think there is any way that it helps Nebraska as much as it does Creighton. So stick to your guns, Doc! Do what's best for Nebraska, not the Omaha World-Herald and Dana Altman.

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I love Doc for reasons like this...i think it would have been hilarious if he actually would have said it's the 18th most important game noting that the "home game" at the Qwest against Oregon was also more important. That would have pretty much made my day. And definately would have said "Suck it Creighton"
I agree with Shatel that we should be playing two games with Creighton a year. At this point, we could use the RPI wins that would undoubtedly come from beating the crap out of Creighton. Also, it would make people actually care about basketball twice a year, as opposed to once.

Let's face it, NU basketball could use the exposure. It practically guarantees a sellout in the Bob as well, which doesn't happen often.
Oh yeah, and Suck it Creighton.
I don't see any problems nor huge benefits with playing the Jays twice a year...except for affording me another chance to scream, "Suck it, Creighton!"
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