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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Last 10 Keywords:

The last 10 search engine keywords that directed people to Heavy Soul:

"David Caruso Calendars" (Google)

"Coach Callahan dippin dots" (Google) - was that you, Deuce?

"The Homy Inn 1510 North Saddle Creek Road" (Google)

"Beatles Brothers" (Google)

"Joey Ganz" (Google)

"creighton sucks" (Google)

"Heavy Soul blog" (Yahoo)

"Andre Woolridge picture" (Google)

"Why nebraska can't play creighton home and home" (Google)

"Nebraska Volleyball asses" (Google)

I would say that sums up the blog pretty well. Creighton sucks, asses, and David Caruso.

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Thank you for the list.
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