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Saturday, November 24, 2007

It's Official...

...Billy C is gone and Pelini has been contacted.

What a weird year in the sports fandom world of GA Hill. Two coaching searches from my favorite teams in one year?? I don't know my modem can take it.

So T.O. interviewed Bo Pelini yesterday, presumably Turner Gill today. "Insiders" on message boards claiming that Bo is a done deal, and has been for a week or two. Some are saying Jim Grobe from Wake Forest is in the mix.

But the main thing here is that the Parker Executive Search firm is in the mix. I am absolutely sure that they have given Coach Osborne some names of people that are interested that no one has thought of at all. Is there any chance any of these people get looks?

What does everybody think?
I like the idea of Patterson from TCU and Grobe from Wake Forest.
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