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Friday, November 16, 2007

Reason 1,503,718 why I love North Platte

I give you North Platte native Katy Byrne (make sure the kids are not around). Also motor boat therapy is the next evolution.

Also props to Mr. Ruiz for finding this. Enjoy.

Damn it, I knew i recognized that girl. I got this sent to me earlier in the week and could not figure out who it was.
There it is. I knew I recognized a few people on this...I know one of the dudes went to Lincoln the same time we did.
I have had second-hand confirmation that Hales is right on this one (I was saying otherwise last night...my apologies).

Also, "the dude" is indeed who I thought he was--he's an old SigEp.
The guy who in the beginning of the video is Greg Peters. He is also one of the motor boat guys. He was a year older than me at UNL and was an ag major. I talked to him last week and apparently the motor boat girl performs every week at the Nebraska bar in California.
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