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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Guy Who Gets It vs. One That Doesn't

A lot of people wonder what this team can be like with a new coach, what is going to be that different when we do get one, who could possibly unify a fanbase (someone who embraces tradition but who also happens to be a really good coach), etc.

Then there are those in the media who try to say that no one can win at Nebraska--both in the sense that we can never be as good as we were in the past, meaning that that coach can never win with the fans.

I have always contended that all Nebraska people ask for is a coach who "gets it" and always puts a competitive team on the field.

Now, here is an example of a guy who just doesn't get it:

"Our guys coach to the best of their ability, and they did the best they could." - Bill Callahan

"This is why we did what we did!" - Steve Pederson, after Nebraska beat a pretty average Colorado team

What does that say to you? "Hey, Husker fan, what do you expect? The coaches did the best job they could! What do you expect? Not to mention it's not like we can go out and play for these guys."

OK, now a quote from someone who gets his fanbase and the game he is coaching:

"I want to honor this tradition, this state and this university better than we have so far," - Billy Gillispie, after Kentucky won their season opener by 27 points and held the Central Arkansas Scottie Pippens to 20% shooting from the field (!!!!!!!)

So not only does Coach Billy Clyde not go out of his way to pat himself on the back, he speaks directly to the fans and the tradition of his school and talks about how they all need to get better. After having a great night!

I know, there is a collective eye roll by people reading this because of the seeming Kentucky propaganda. But I really thought it really illustrated the difference between a guy who is a winner and a guy who gets it and...well, sadly, our head football coach.

2 games and counting to the thrills of a coach search!

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Gardner-Webb: 84
Kentucky Wildcats: 68

Well, at least he gets it.
A home game to boot.

The timing of this post could not be any better.
He does get it. He said they weren't playing well enough, and apparently wasn't lying.

You guys are douche bags. My point was that Callahan, in the same situation, would've talked about "how the gameplan worked, the kids played great, by the way, the gameplan really was perfect." It really had nothing to do with Kentucky.

That said, second game of the season. Big deal. There's going to be some growing pains.
See... You link Gillespie's name to Callahan's and that's what happens.

Bill Callahan: It's contagious!!!
^LOL...but frightening.
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