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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Same song and dance???

Rumors have now started flying that Lane Kiffin is going to be one and done with the Raiders. The talk is he could be looking at the Arkansas job because of his father's history however, I think Nebraska has to be somewhere in this mix. The question is can we be walking down this path again?!?! Obviously there what ifs like is Al Davis going to let him opt out of his 3 year deal or does Kiffin feel Arkansas has to happen because of family history. All I know is it has to be another name in the pile.

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Although I think there is a 0% chance we get Kiffin, he has made the top of my wish list.
And doesn't his Dad have more history with Nebraska? Monte was a coach and played both sides of the ball for NU.
Where is the update G.A. Hill. You brought everyone over from HuskersIllustrated claiming you have "Sources". Why have we not heard from you again. Can't you get T.O. on his cell again.
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