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Friday, November 23, 2007

Let the speculations begin!

Well, Nebraska's defense is looser than this one Houston Rockets Power Dancer I know. And the feeling in Billy C.'s gut must be the same as the one you get awaiting your STD test results--not very hopeful.

So let's get the ball rolling on who will be the next Captain Beefheart on the Big Red Express:

Joe Glenn, Head Coach, University of Wyoming

It's no secret that the Lincoln native and Pius X graduate has wanted the job since T.O. left. Glenn led the University of Montana to a I-AA championship and the University of Northern Colorado to back to back D-II crowns in 96 and 97, so he is no stranger to running a successful pass heavy offense in a cold weather environment. His first gig, AT AGE 27, was head coach of Doane College. Seems like he might have a bit of familiarity with the outlying states as well. From all reports, the guy is as likable as they come. They guy has been coaching for 31 years and is just 58.

Bo Pelini, Defensive Coordinator, Louisiana State University

After suffering through a defensive campaign in '07 the likes of which have never been seen, many want to see a defensive oriented coach come to Lincoln. Despite giving up 500+ yards today to Arkansas, Pelini has the pedigree to fill the role. Insiders say he would be interested in the job if offered. Says his family enjoyed their brief stay in Lincoln. And if fire and intensity was what was lacking from this year's squad, ol' Bo has heaps of both. Funny thing is, that may hold him back from being handed the reins of a major college program. Not the CEO type that many major programs are looking for. Has worked with national championship caliber teams in addition to working on the pro level. One other thing that is biting him in the ass is the fact that he's never been a head coach at any level except for an interim stint at Nebraska for the 2003 Alamo Bowl. Then again, he had never been a coordinator before coming to Nebraska. That worked out ok.

Turner Gill, Head Coach, University at Buffalo

Gill is in the second year of a five year contract at Buffalo. Despite it being his first head coaching stint, Gill has a developed a pretty impressive coaching resume. Served as Player Development Director and Offensive Assistant for the Green Bay Packers in 2005. Spent 1992-2004, or the Glory Days, coaching quarterbacks and receivers at Nebraska. He did spend a year at SMU in 1991, but we won't fault him for that, their logo is too damn sweet. The guy is a proven winner--undefeated as a starter in college, coached three national championship teams, coached a Heisman winner and a runner-up. Hell, he's led Buffalo to a winning conference record, which is more than can be said for a certain team currently hailing from the state capitol of the Cornhusker state. Obviously, Turner would be a fan, and more importantly, an Osbourne favorite. He's exactly the type of person that could assuage the bloodthirsty boosters and fans. Has NFL experience, albeit brief, that seems to lure big time recruits. Still has ties to Lincoln (a board member of the Lincoln Children's Museum).

Craig Bohl, Head Coach, North Dakota State University

I'll be somewhat fair and give this guy kudos for the only time I met him. August 1998, GA Hill and I are walking back to the frat house after buying some smokes. Some bald dude runs by and nearly makes me drop my cigarette. Before I can make fun of him, the dude stops at the crosswalk and starts doing pushups until the light says walk! I greet him with a "Coach Bohl." and he returns the favor, "Gentlemen." while glaring at the cigarette in my mouth. That was cool. But does anyone remember how badly we all wanted that guy out as defensive coordinator? He was like Julch, or Erwin Swinney, but he was the coach! Now what he's done with a school that just moved up to I-AA or FCS (defeated Minnesota, Ball St.) is impressive, but come on. This is the guy who started Pat Ricketts, Scott Shanle, and Erwin Swinney--three of my favorite harrassees of all time. He has a lot of the right characteristics (Lincoln native, coached here, has met me) that I'm looking for in a coach, but I would be severely disappointed if this is what Dr. Tom has in mind for the turnaround.

Tom Rathman, Running Backs Coach, Oakland Raiders

This admittedly would be a stretch, but T.O. has always referred to Rathman as one of his favorite players. Nebraska boy in his 9th year as an NFL assistant. Would definitely bring a dose of hardnosed mentality back to a program in desperate need of some. Won some Super Bowls with the Niners. Defined the big back role in the West Coast Offense. Was offensive coordinator for Tom Brady's high school team in San Mateo, California. Once a had a starring role in a Diet Coke commercial in the early 90's in which NFL players had to chug a 2 liter bottle in order to stop from melting. Would play strongly with the traditionalists, but may be too much of an NFL guy to smoothly transition back to the college game. Also, coaches for the Raiders. See Callahan, Bill.

Brian Kelly, Head Coach, University of Cincinnati

It seems like this guy is the It Coach right now. Rumored for the vacant Michigan position, Kelly is in just his fourth year as a FBS head coach. Spent three years at Central Michigan, turning around a program that few can locate on a map. Prior to leading the Chippewas, dude led Grand Valley State to back to back D-II championships. Is an offensive guy with a pass first mentality. Who cares.

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The LJS is reporting Bo Pelini has been contacted.

Lets hear it for Joe Glenn.

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