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Monday, October 22, 2007

You're stupid, Husker Fan

Quote from the Big XII coaches' teleconference today:

Question: "What kind of adjustments could you have made?"

Callahan: "Oh, I think it's probably too technical for you, but I think in the broad spectrum of adjustments, just playing the quarterback a little bit better on the zone read in terms of the front assignments... I don't want to get into coachspeak, but there were a lot of things in terms of front adjustments that you have to deal with. I think our coaches were dealing with that to the best of their ability."

What is too technical about playing your safeties up, get more people on the line, and get some God damned penetration beyond the line of scrimmage, you asshole! Jesus H. Christ, anyone that played even just at the high school level in Nebraska knows how to defend the option, not to mention anyone else who grew up watching Nebraska football! Christ, most women over the age of 40 in this state could draw up a decent defensive game plan against the option.

He is just such an arrogant fuck; I feel like he is now openly mocking us, running around with his tongue out at everyone in this state: "Na, na, na na na, I've got a contract!"

Please, Sweet Baby Jesus, let this season end.

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By the way, I whole-heartedly admit that I was a big Callahan guy there for a minute.

I am embarrassed about this.
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