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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Go Cub Go

Alright, quick preview of tonight's game:

-Arizona's starting lineup has faced Carlos Zambrano for a grand total of 8 at-bats. That's crazy. And their collective BA is .174, and have 3 RBI's against him. And that's good news.

-Geovany Soto is starting at catcher. Again, good news.

-Brandon Webb is starting for Arizona. Bad news. Derrek Lee has a career .500 OBP against him. The rest of the Cubs...eh, not too good, but whatever. D-Lee will carry them. Good news.

-I really don't have time to go much further in-depth on this. Cubs win 5-3.


Other notes:

Z is 12-4 on the road... Good

Webb is 4-1 lifetime vs. the Cubs... Bad

D-Bags took the series 4-2 this year... Bad

Cubs have the good juju because of the fight to make the playoffs

Arizona is very young with good starting pitching that go deep in games, where the Cubs are full of seasoned vets with playoff experience and good starting pitching and a better bullpen.

I'm a very nervous but honestly feel the Cubs will make this happen.

Cub win 3-2

Hales six pack of Old Style tallboys.
Welp, my prediction was wrong. Oh well. I guess my prediction did not include "Z would be taken out 2 innings too early," "Carlos Marmol would give up his 4th home run of the entire season," and "the Cubs would leave 30 people in scoring position."

This was the Cubs' game to take, and they just didn't do it. Very impatient at the plate, and it was very frustrating.

That said, unlike last night, the pitching matchup is WAY in the Cubs favor tonight and Saturday. They should right the ship, and be happy to get out of Arizona with a split.

Cubs 6, D-Bags 2
Alright, let's see if we can get things turned around here:

I predict the Cubs are getting swept tomorrow. 3-1, D-Backs.
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