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Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Donald Says... You're Fired!

- We suck!

See Ya Bitches!

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Unreal. I just heard ESPN call us the fightless Callahans.

I didn't watch the game, I just listened, but I did catch a highlight showing Cory McKeon having an angle to kill a receiver around the 4 yard line after a long pass only to see him slow up, put two hands on the receiver and let him run into the endzone. He gave up. Sure, OSU would have probably scored on the next play or two but has anyone ever seen a linebacker shy away from hitting someone? Aren't middle linebackers the crazy ones? Aren't they the bad ass motherfuckers whose main mission is to kill and destroy? Ya know, "let the paramedics sort'em out!" Wouldn't being embarrased on your home field on homecoming make him want to go out and take out some frustration? I guess not. It's amazing and stupid how pist this makes me. Anyone know when the basketball season starts?
Anyone else watch the Bill Callahan show? Yikes. My roomates and I figured the game was to brutal to watch sober so we decided to make a drinking game out of it. Anytime Nebraska did something stupid, drink. Anytime we gave up a play over 5 yards, drink. Anytime we had a penalty, drink. Anytime someone gave up on a play, drink. Pretty safe to say that it was the fastest I drank beer without either A. Shotgunning it or B. Bonging it.

On another note, our running backs suck. During the game I only counted 3 times any of our running backs made someone miss or broke a tackle. That number could be off because well, I was basically double fisting during the entire game but jesus, there were DB's arm tackling our guys in the open field.
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