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Monday, October 01, 2007

Bill Murray and GA Hill...lost at birth?

OK, not really, although I wish it were true. Thanksgiving dinners and the subsequent drinking with Bill, Brian Doyle, and the rest of his brothers would be fantastic.

No, the reason being is because I saw this interview with him, re: the Cubs' chances in the playoffs. I couldn't agree more, Bill. Keep fighting the good fight.

By the way, I see the Cubs beating the Diamondbacks in four games. Also, here is how I see the playoffs playing out:

Indians over Yankees
Angels over Red Sox

Phillies over Colorado
Cubs over D-Bags

Indians over Angels
Cubs over Phillies

CUBS OVER INDIANS (Ed.: Thanks for the heads up that I am an idiot.)

Write it down, people! Unless it's wrong! Then don't write it down! Or, at least write it down in pencil!

On to the impromptu press session with Bill Murray...

Is this the year for the Cubs?

Murray: Yes it is.

How can you tell?

(Speaking in an accent ...) When you are a man, you will know. (The questioner was a woman.) You are not yet man. You are still young man. When you are a man, you will know. It's time.

Bill, there's a theory out there that the Cubs wouldn't be the Cubs if they win the World Series.

That's like saying you wouldn't be you if you were asleep. Isn't that exactly what it's like? I don't accept that (theory), because the Cubs have already won five World Series, and they are the Cubs. Would the Cubs be the Cubs if they lost the World Series? That's sick thinking. You've got to watch out for people like that. I should be watching you. Maybe you want to talk to me later about what's going on in your life.

Do you have a sense that this is the year?

Oh yeah, I think this is going to happen. I think the Marlins have been very brave and noble, and when they lose today, they're going to die with respect. They will be humiliated today, but they'll have earned everlasting honor for what they've done these last two days, and the previous three games. I feel very good about this thing, and I have all year. (GA Hill: Of course, the Marlins completed the sweep on Thursday, I just thought this was funny enough to leave in there.)

Do you let yourself out on the limb? Are you cautiously optimistic, or you on the edge saying "We're going to win?"

No, I'm very confident. There is no time for being cautiously optimistic. That's for losers. I don't buy that. I'm very, very optimistic. This is Game 159? Why would I be cautious now? Look at how I'm dressed. Do I look cautious? OK, that's it. I've got to go get a kosher hot dog. I'm sorry. And besides, these players may want to use this dugout.

I'm gonna go ahead and not write down your prediction for one reason. That reason being that somehow you have the Angels losing to the Indians and then the Angels going to the World Series.

-Tha Brotha

So would it be safe to assume deductively that the only thing holding the Cubbies back all these years was Pete's fanship as they certainly came alive the year he renounced it?

Just curious of your thoughts on that.


GA Hill
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