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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Black Saturday

Wow. That was--easily--the worst sports day ever. The Cubs and Huskers coming out with their backs to the wall, and...laying two giant turds.

It was one thing they both lost on the same day--in the biggest day in the Cubs' season, and second-biggest for the Huskers--and they both did so in the most stomach-turning fashion possible.

Both teams looked like they wanted off the field as soon as possible. In particularly Nebraska. Nice game plan yet again, Coz--giving up 606 yards to flipping Mizzou??? And from "offensive genius" Callahan--not even getting 300 yards NOR a touchdown against a team that has given up an average of 400 yards a game to total crap teams?

Wow, wow, wow. Just truly pathetic performances from both.

That's it, I'm done with sports. Until Kentucky starts playing basketball, anyway.

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