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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Great Danny Woodhead Interview

Here is an interview with Danny Woodhead from CSTV. Great stuff, and nice to see the "NP" get some national pub. And speaking of uniforms:

1. North Platte's new uni's are, in a word, awful.

2. When the hell did New Balance start making team football gear? Is this awesome or not? I honestly cannot decide, though I am certainly leaning towards "awesome."

**UPDATE** ESPN College Gameday is doing a story on Danny this Saturday. Great stuff!

Anyways, on with the interview:

*EDIT* I was sick of this playing whenever you opened the window. I'm guessing you were too, dear reader.

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I wasn't on the bandwagon till about this time of year last year. The kid is pretty amazing, and I have to agree he would probably be an amazing runner at the D1 level.

Too bad schools don't have 115 scholarships like they did back in the 80's.

GA Hill and Pete can attest it took me about 3 solid years to join in on the bandwagon with D. Woodhead.

The only question left about Danny Woodhead: Which would be cooler, having a replica of his Chadron State jersey or his Bulldogs' jersey?

Oh, and where can I get either?
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