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Monday, January 31, 2005


I wanted to start with some different sports stories that have been particularly important to me as of late. However, it is impossible to overlook a major world event from yesterday--the Iraqi Elections. The turnout was stunning: it is being estimated that 60 percent of registered voters in Iraq voted. This would come out to be 8,400,000 voters in Iraq! And while there were threats of the streets being run in "voters' blood" by terrorist groups, only 27 are believed to be dead. Sure, there is a lot of work ahead, one thing is to be certain: they were dancing in the streets. Grown men openly wept. Yesterday was truely a glorious day for the Iraqi people.

However, what is not stunning is what John "I'm still mad!" Kerry said:

"...no one in the United States...should try to over-hype this election...What the administration does in these next few days will decide the outcome of Iraq. And this is...the last chance for the president to get it right."

Really? I want to know what hasn't been "gotten right" in regards to this election. All the way leading up to the election, Kerry and other Dems were going on and on about how Iraq was nowhere near ready for elections, turnout would be terrible, thousands would die, etc etc etc.

No one, even the most optimistic supporter of the effort in Iraq, imagined that turnout would be this amazingly high. Yet for John Kerry to even give the Bush Administration even a sliver of credit due to them is simply too much to ask. Pretty sad.

I also wanted to mention this--the people who will be writing for this blog have very diverse viewpoints. If you find this post off-base or totally wrong, don't worry--there's at least two people who will be writing that feel the same as you. And I am sure you'll be hearing from them soon...

Here's the deal. In my opinion the great fear is the Bush PR Machine running with this too far. It is undeniable that it was a historic day in Iraq, but at least the fear from my side is that this will be twisted into "Iraq is great."

While the election is a step, it doesn't change the fact Iraq is a quagmire, and we'll still be there for quite some time....and the reasons we are there are rooted in lies.
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