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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Canada Speaks: “No Hockey, No Biggie.”

After months of speculation of what the hell they’re going to do, Canada finally decides to take action. This week, Canadian Basketball announced their 2005 class of Hall of Fame Inductees. Now you’re probably thinking: “Canada…Basketball…What?” Oh yes, those hosers play basketball too, just ask the Phoenix Suns (Steve Nash – Future Canadian HOF inductee.)

So you’re probably asking yourself: “After Steve Nash, name another basketball player from Canada” Well I can name two, now anyway: Gerald Kazanowski and Bill Wennington, two of the greatest Canuck Ballers of all time. Kazonowski, a 6’9” center, or centre (Canadian) was a 7th round draft pick in by the Utah Jazz in 1983, but never made it in the association. Instead, G-Money (Gerald) became an international journeymen player, with duties in Spain, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Argentina and Mexico. Does this merit HOF status? Apparently in Canada.

Though you’ve probably never heard of Kazonowski, Wennington on the other hand, you might remember, not as being Canadian, but as being one of the slow white guys on the Chicago Bulls Dynasty from 1996-98. Most of us didn’t know he was Canadian though, how would we? Not like many of us remember the credentials of a guy that played back up to Luc Longley (1st Ballot Inductee, Australia HOF). Wennington will be remembered most for the two times he successfully threw down dunks after missed shots, what an animal he was. I’m not exactly sure what the credentials are to become a member of the Canadian B-Ball HOF, but it looks as though a career average of 4.6 Points & 3 Rebounds per game makes you a lock.

So Canada, nice try, but it looks as though you should go back to Curling.

Wennington’s Career Stat line:

Career 720 13.5 .459 3.00 .6 .34 .61 2.3 4.6


UPDATE: Sambuca, you know as well as I know that stats don't tell the whole story. The guy was a defensive hound--that guy had six fouls to use each game, and by God, he used them. Also, your stat line failed to include the most important one: THREE NBA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS! To read what Bill has been up to lately, plus some totally rad pictures of him dunking on fools, go to:


GA Hill

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