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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Fried turkey legs and gravy

My buddy Pete and I have this really great idea. And I swear to the ever-loving God above that if anyone capitalizes on this idea, I will track you down and take a bite out of your trachea.

A fast food joint that sells only fried turkey legs and designer gravies. We will also serve fountain drinks, and assorted side dishes.

Now I've kind of taken the role as lead gravy designer. I truly believe that there is a gravy for every occasion. Barbecue gravy is really just Manwich mix. We would have Italian gravy that would probably just be some Ragu or something. Also Alfredo gravy. But don't forget dessert gravies though. Cherry pie filling minus the cherries. Chocolate gravy.

Oh yeah, we would also serve biscuits and other baked pastry items with which you could dip into the delicious gravies, or perhaps, even have the pastries filled with them.

I purposely played down this idea, so that none of you would really think it rules. But if you do, and you should, just remember the part at the top of this post about all of the trachea biting.

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