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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Gambling Rules

The lack of gambling opportunities in my life right now (except the lovely ponies, of course) , have forced me once again to focus on how I'm going to make my millions. Which brings me to option #63, The Gambling Network.

Actually this idea came up during the Super Bowl pregame show, when I realized that all I could think about was over/unders and MVP odds, and all I was seeing on TV was Bradshaw's bald mug. I envisioned what a glorious sight the Gambling Network Super Bowl Pregame Extravaganza would be like, and how it would trump every other pregame show, past and future, known to man-kind. I knew that there were many people like me who would rather get updates on lines plus handicapping tips from experts. Instead of Howie Long, we would have four real bookies/pro gamblers discussing all of the angles on every game.

Other than knocking College Gameday off the air, I see no real downside to this channel. The rest of the programming would consist of poker shows, movies involving gambling like Casino or Rounders, and original programming encompassing all aspects of the trillion-dollar gambling industry. Which reminds me, is there any "boutique" (i.e. History Channel, Home and Garden, etc.) cable channel with a bigger audience then gambling? I don't think so, and these channels obviously make money.

The lesson, as always, I'm a genius.

npgage comment: We could also show reruns of Tilt. Other features that I feel would be good would be rankings of on-line sites for both poker and sports gambling.

Sorry, Pete but someone came up with this idea already. There was an article in the OWH about a year ago about a guy that has already set this idea in motion.
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