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Friday, February 11, 2005

The guys love their juice

Who really cares that Sosa and McGwire loved syringes filled with juice. They're the ones with the pimply faces and really small testicles. They put on a good show.

I also don't think that McGwire needs to announce that he used or didn't use juicy-juice. It's like a cop pulling you over for drunken driving after you get home. You didn't see him do it. You didn't catch him in the act.

I will go as far to say that I think steroids in baseball is not only a good thing, but possibly a necessary thing. Imagine baseball circa 1994. Expos were good. Griff and Matty Williams were chasing Maris. Bud Selig vs. Donald Fehr in a death match where everyone loses. Insert steroids here. People don't like baseball, but they love the home run. Steroids equal more home runs. And small testicles. Anyone with a graduate degree in deductive reasoning can tell you that it only makes sense to hand out 'roids along with towels in the showers. Hell, I would hold clinics on how to properly inject them.

Question: Would you rather see the national pasttime crumble into the ranks of the NHL and the PBA or would you rather see baseball become a fun to watch arcade game?

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