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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Mmmm Doughnut

Ok, so last week I had the privilege of doing some traveling for work. I was required to take a short trip to Atlanta for a frivolous meeting. Having been forced to spend time in a few airports along the way has led me to a few observations, one of which has been troubling me. The most striking and troubling of these observations was that there are a lot of women out there that are of the plus size variety, and they all wear pointy toe shoes! I'm not joking either; the farther I got from the Mason-Dixon Line the tighter the pants and the pointier the shoes. Is there a logical explanation to this? Is it the new style; that much like a major motion picture, it takes many weeks to reach the beloved Midwest? I don't understand it. I kept hoping I was going witness an Al Bundy like person trying to cram a foot into a woman's shoe that was painfully too small. Not only were most of these women proud to embrace what they were, but they had "sas." They were not afraid to take down the Denny's Grand Slam with extra toast while standing at the door to the jet way. They wanted you to know they were hungry, they could project fear into you if you looked too long. It truly was a fascinating talent. The confusion and irony of this observation came full tilt when I was on my final connection back to the promise land and was seated next to a larger woman. Like a father reaching out to his young son to show him the way to manhood she reached into the seatback in front of her and pulled out a fitness magazine. She immediately began taking the self-evaluation tests in the magazine to find the best way for her to begin her new weight loss plan. Why was this stranger doing this test right in front of my eyes? Was a greater power playing a trick on me after making me look deeper into my observations from the previous days?
What is the purpose of caring about things so trivial? I have honestly lst sleep wondering what this means.

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