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Thursday, February 24, 2005

One more thing....

Sorry to go on about this, but I just cannot get enough of the Republic of Texas. Here is their Preamble to their Constitution:

We, the people of the Republic of Texas by the grace and beneficence of Creator God, do ordain and reestablish our nation's lawful position among the sovereign nations of the earth in accordance with common law and the Law of Nations, and by these articles do reestablish the government of the Republic of Texas in this Interim mode. The action formally dissolves the military rule that has existed over Texas since 1865.

I just want that last sentence to sink in for a bit. I just love this. Oh, that horrible "military rule" that saved our asses from Mexico, and that provides schools, hospitals, roads, military protection, etc etc etc. Damn you oppressors! Power to the people!

Conor Oberst said it best. “I don’t know if you know this, but I hate your fucking state. I’d put a fucking gun to my head before I’d live in your state.”

- Conor Oberst at a Bright Eyes concert in Fort Worth, Texas.
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