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Saturday, February 19, 2005

So much to say.....

I'd like to begin by welcoming myself back. As a new firefox user I must say I'm happy, if for no other reason than it works.

If anyone is in the market for a gas station, I would recommend the 7-11 next to Wrigley Field. I just stopped by after I got tacos for lunch. Not only do they have 8 flavors of Slurpees and approximately 20 flavors of fountain soda.....they just added fountain Gatorade. They even have taquitos!!!!!

Tilt - TVs new hit drama on ESPN. I have a number of friends who keep saying the show is garbage because the poker scenes are not realistic. West Beverly was not like a real high school and I didn't watch the show because I was in high school. I watched it because I wanted to be Dylan. Same story, different verse with Tilt. To my friends I say get over yourself. I don't care if the poker hands are crap. Watch Tilt because the Matador is a cool guy and the its entertaining. . . and if you want to watch a sports show thats realistic. Go buy Arliss on DVD.

Why won't NBC release Scrubs seasons 1 and 2 on dvd?

If I told you the over under on my BAC for tonight (Saturday) was 0.18, where would the smart money be?

Editors Note on Sunday - The overs hit. It was slightly wind aided, more on this to come in an upcoming post entitled "The Fire of 2005."

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