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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Support the "Republic of Texas!" -- UPDATED

Apparently there is a group called the Republic of Texas, and they are a special interest group pushing for the annexation of Texas into their own independent nation (again).

My only question is: Where do I send my check to this glorious organization?

Daniel Miller, the President of the "Republic of Texas Interim Government," has established their capitol in Overton, TX. He claims that an independent Texas would be "an economic powerhouse worldwide," and "there is a trend worldwide toward independence and decontrol, and we think it's high time that trend came to Texas."

You know, I couldn't have said it better, President Miller! It is high time for Texas to get the f out of here!

I feel like I can comment on this, as I used to live in Houston, and Houston/East Texas was part of my territory with my last position. The funny thing is that this loon can not only be "president" of this "interim government," but that this is a major story in Texas. Only Texans are full enough of themselves to honestly think that they could operate as their own country. This ain't the early 1800's, boys.

Whatever. I'll be the first volunteer to help out in this cause (but only if Mack Brown still gets to lose to Oklahoma every year).

UPDATE: You can learn more about the Republic of Texas here. If you're looking for a job, look no further--they have positions open for County Coordinators (whose duties include, among others, "patriation of new citizens in the county"). In fact, they have 318 POSITIONS OPEN. In other words, they need one for every country in Texas.

You can also give to their cause with your major credit card!! I would be donating right now, had I not gotten my taxes done today. Turns out I have to donate WAY TOO MUCH money to my own government--start up governments are going to have to wait a while. GA HILL

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