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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Webber to the 76ers...

From a basketball standpoint, this is just a fantastic move by the 76ers. If I remember correctly, Allen Iverson has never played with an All-Star. NEVER. Even when they got to the Finals. This is not only going to make the Sixers better, but it is a statement by the Sixers organization that really hasn't been made since AI has been there--"we're going to do whatever we can to make this team better." It is also a great move in the sense that they let the "AI supposedly wants to be traded" talk last for 2 weeks, and did the best thing they could do to make him happy (which is a byproduct of the unfortunate ultra-superstar ruling the world attitude of professional sports, but that is another post for another day). And while Webber isn't exactly the ultra-athletic big man he was a few years ago, he can still drop 30 and 10 without really thinking about it. Great move.

Now, all that being said, what are the social ramifications for this team? Is it needless to say that AI and C-Webb become the best friends in the world? Did Philly's club scene just improve to the 50th power? Did the sale of pagers in the neighborhood around the Spectrum just jump 100 percent? Is it possible we can get Jason Williams traded this team to run the point, move AI to the 2 guard, and see how quickly the locker room windows get covered with tin foil? How much faster does this move along the inevitable corruption of Kyle Korver? These are the questions that I need answered!

Update: I have read a number of stories about this Sixers team, and as it turns out Korver is AI boy on the team, AI would help Korver do the Rookie Laundry on road trips.

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