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Saturday, February 05, 2005

You can't say it is suprising...

Street & Smith came out with a special edition: 100 Greatest College Basketball Programs of All Time. Here are the Top 5:

5. Duke
4. Kansas
3. North Carolina

And I'll give you one wild guess who number 1 was. You guessed right! It is...


It is interesting how they did it--they gave values to several different categories--NCAA Tourney Appearances, NCAA Tourney Wins, Final Fours, NCAA Finals, National Championships, NIT Championships, Conference Championships, Conference Tourney Champs, All-Time Winning %, Graduation Rate, NCAA Infractions, and 1st Round NBA Draft Picks. Kentucky's final score was 2024.54. UCLA, number 2, had a score of 1711.20. So, after you guessed UK was the answer to my riddle above, I know that you followed that answer in your head with a phrase somewhere along the lines of "it is Kentucky, and it is not even close." Well, you were right with that part as well, dear reader! Bonus ball for you!

Personally, while it is nice to have it statistically proven, I don't need some score to tell me UK is the greatest program of all time, I already knew this. I do know a lot of people who do not believe this, but now they know.

Speaking of Kentucky, we've got a road game at Vanderbilt today. Despite getting rocked in poker last night, I am still finding the $15 needed to get this game on pay-per-view. UK is starting to look real good--underclassmen dominate the overall minutes played for this team, and they are really starting to come on. Granted the SEC is down this year, but there is just no way that this young a team should only have 2 losses. But that brings us to another non-suprise: Tubby Smith is the coach. Did you expect anything else? OF COURSE they're kicking arse, he's the best coach in the country (now that is debatable, but he is HANDS DOWN the best defensive coach in the country).

Game prediction: Vandy is not an easy place to play. Who cares. UK by 10.

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