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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Your preseason Nat'l Champs go for a sevenpeat

So I was looking at espn.com today, weird because it was a day and all, and lo and behold, the Texas Longhorns were the #2 rated team in the preseason college football Top 25 for 2005. This makes me feel like a Cub fan after the team just traded the Farns. And yes, that's really f-ing mad. Irrationally mad, like how I felt when certain Kentucky fans exercise prior restraint (the most vile form of censorship) and pull down my posts in the spirit of "reasonable debate." Although I truly do apologize for calling them dbags, I meant to take that out, I was worked up, please accept, I'm being sincere, sorry Mike.

Anyway, Texas has now officially been in the national title game six years in a row during the preseason. Let's compare that number, six, with the number of national title games played in, which is zero. Here's what it looks like:

National Championship games (preseason): six
National Championship games (actual): zero

Based on these results, it appears that Texas would be playing in a lot of national championships if not for the football season.

I see no reason why these trends shouldn't continue do to several reasons:

1. The fact that they have been in the Top 5 in recruiting since Burt Reynolds, Doak Walker and Stonewall Jackson's era (thus making them preternaturally overrated) .
2. Mack Brown is still prominently involved in decision making and exercises some control over the program.
3. The loss of their two best players, Ced (My mind is on one thing: winning football games) Benson, and Derrick Johnson.
4. Vince Young will still be asked to throw the ball, being a quarterback and all.
5. They still play Oklahoma.
6. The emergence of Paul's hat.

Texas officials, with the help of a certain political figure from Texas, will try hard to get the football season to end in July, but should come up unsuccessful due to the loss of advertising revenues and mafia ties to gambling. More on this later.

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